Uvalde police chief addressed school security issues 15 months prior to shooting

In a March 3, 2021, school board meeting, Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo, raised concerns about security issues in schools.

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26 thoughts on “Uvalde police chief addressed school security issues 15 months prior to shooting

  1. Pete Arredondo and his team should be hell accountable for being a coward for not rescuing a children or a teacher they don't deserve to have guns or badge they deserve to be hell accountable for their cowardness and their own safety

  2. Honestly…. they are just venting because they are hurting and now, they are looking for somebody to tear apart. A sacrificial lamb so to speak. The Police Chief thought he was doing what was best to protect his Officers from running straight into an ambush. He didn't know if there were 12 terrorists in that building with machine guns. And if those Police Officers would have run into that building and got slaughtered, they would be trying to hang him for that as well. He's just in a no-win situation.

    Now if people in this world actually had a brain, then if the mass shooter is under the age of 18 then you go after both biological parents. And you take out your revenge on them. They are responsible the same way as if somebody let out their Pit-Bull that they trained to be vicious and just open their front door and let it out on society. It's the same exact thing, but like I said you would have to have a brain to understand that. …………….GRIM

  3. I'm rather startled by ABC trying to cast him in a good light. I don't think your poor choices will go over well in Uvalde. I am however pleased that he is no longer employeed, bet he gets hillaried or gets a job with the fbi or the armed IRS.

  4. Congratulations to the families to the well deserved justice of the termination of Pete Arrandando! It's about Damn time as Lizzo says! Although the termination will not bring back the lives lost. Arrendando has finally sent out his true colors on that 17 pages of explicit lack of respect and concern to the parents…. comparing it to a "lynching." The kids were the once that suffered not the police chief.

    He should have been fired on May 26th… not 3 months later. The claims of due process was nulled and voided that day… because Arrendando made that decision to do nothing for 77 minutes.

  5. How does this guys still have a job. I wouldn’t work next to him if you paid me a million dollars. No integrity found in this room.

  6. The responding officer literally asked the shooter to take a second to look around the room for anymore living kids … literally steering the murderer towards the children

  7. The 100+ pg preliminary report by the Texas House Investigative Committee confirms several systematic faults. This video of Arredondo year ago means nothing! RIP to all 21 victims and their families 💔

  8. How dare they, they should be attressing those cowardly cops all 398 that showed up at the school, to watch, because they didn't do anything. Cowards all. They want the school to do the job of those cowards. or as cruz figured if you only have 1 door in to school they, kids and teachers could hold anybody off. When will they learn. That was their JOB. not to stand around and watch this 1 person murder the little kids, 1 mother wasn't as much a coward, she went into the school and brought her 2 kids out SAFELY. too bad they're weren't any cops around.

  9. I really don't know how this guy isn't fired already. Guives police, t, training? They had everything to do the job. They don't have balls. And for the haters, I'm not a policeman, with all their resources. 19 policemen against one 18 skinny, punk mother….r.

  10. Lying cowardice cops, who put their ARMED and SHIELDED tails over the lives of children.
    I'm SICK AND TIRED of hearing cops claims, "I'm scared", while wearing 3A body armor, and REAL assault rifles, tear gas, flash bangs, stun guns, political protection, etc.
    COWARDS!!!!!! More fisherman die a year doing their jobs than cops!!!!!

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