Daughter of key Putin ally killed by suspected car bomb l GMA

The victim was 29-year-old Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a Russian political philosopher and supporter of the war in Ukraine, who is often referred to as “Putin’s brain.”

How the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to impact civilians: https://abcn.ws/3Kadm8s

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48 thoughts on “Daughter of key Putin ally killed by suspected car bomb l GMA

  1. I think I know why they tried to kill him and his daughter in the first place. It's the Neo-Nazi private army who wants to kill him, except they accidentally kill his daughter in the car.

  2. Russia must create combat organization to eliminate/neutralize Ukrainian terrorists who kill Russian civilians.Organization in memory of Daria Dugin. Russian Mossad.Combat organization (Russian agents-assassins) to eliminate Ukrainian terrorists abroad and Natalia Wow

  3. I find it weird how if it was remotely detonated then the person must have seen that the father wasn't inside the car with her. I bet Russia took her out to make her a symbol so Russians join the war effort to get revenge.

  4. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? RAISE PUTIN BOUNTY & STOP THE WAR. Missed! Up the bounty.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why hasn't Trump been charged with treason yet? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why do Americans ignore 1,065,569 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

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  6. I hope this death will unite the Russian people even more in love for the Motherland. This girl and her father are true patriots. Why may you be an American patriot? Why is it easy to justify US military actions around the world with some kind of mystical democracy? but if someone claims to love Russia and wants her greatness…..oh no, that's not allowed.

  7. Pootinz needed to send his War Buddy a message. Don't let your head get too big. Pootinz execution of Ms Dugina gives notice to those who would usurp pootinz. Don't try it. He blew Duginas head right off her neck and it was found a block away. Hilarious really.😅😂😭🤣

  8. Both named in a NATO backed assassination list that also includes the names of Senator Rand Paul and Glen Greenwald. WTF? Never mentioned that…did you?🤬
    P R O P A G A N D A☝️

  9. Irish men and women are welcome to join the new Irish Republican Army. Preparation and coordination of IRA combat cells in real combat conditions of combat contact with the British military and Ukrainian militants trained by them in the Donbas. A wide range of training: sniper, mine blasting, combat swimmers, combat in urban environments, and more. The first groups of the New IRA are already undergoing combat training. Your time has come! Payback time for the British for the centuries-old genocide of the Irish people!

  10. Her evil war mongering father has Putins ear and trust. He will radicalize even more and increase his hatred. It's personal now, this is getting more dangerous for all.

  11. Putinitler o terrorista, o trafulha assassino , fascista, capitalista  e chantagista do Amargedon fez um contrato com o Diabo na ceifa de cabeças principalmente de  Humanos pela fome,  de russos e Ucranianos, ele esconde-se no comunismo e usa os desgraçados dos comunistas. Ele copiou Hitler e juntou todas as forças disponíveis para invadir a Europa , só que surpresa o ser Humano já cada vez menos atura opressores. Viajou pela Europa afora engraxando os nossos políticos na cooperação energética e progresso lucrando cada vez mais , mas afinal juntava meios para destruir e dominar a Europa e não para dar riqueza aos seus compatriotas. Agora como a Europa lhe descobriu a careca fez um Eixo com os presidentes Brochenaro, Chingapingas, Lavrov, Danidog, Brochenaro, Putinitler ele própio, Maslachenco , Ramnotacovid19, CrilRaposa, o Diabo  neste momento todos colaboram para destruir o nosso planeta com vista a serem imortais e dar ganhos imensos ao Besebu….Estaline também  fez um contrato com o diabo várias vezes e só com a fome matou 5 milhões de Ucranianos, juntou-se a Hitler  e foi traído por este  conseguindo ceifar as cabeças de vários milhões de Russos.

    Agora Putinitler tornou-se o extreminador implacavel II irmão do extreminador implacavel I o nazista  e torna todos os Russos em nazis adorando em vez da suástica  a zuástica. Obriga Brochenaro a desflorestar a floresta Amazónia por forma esta substituir a Ucrânia na produção de pão, Cril Raposa irá expulsar todos Africanos pobres de África por forma a inundar a Europa de refugiados, Maslachenco deixará usar o país para base de ataque militar para atacar a Nato e Ucrânia, a china irá ser o novo financiador da guerra permitindo as exportações da Russia e os Outros fornecerão a carne humana para a guerra, com Danidog já o faz..

    Depois Putinitler irá cuspir no prato de todos os que lhe deram comida.

    Portanto para a raça humana a inflação será a menor ameaça a maior é termos pescoço.


  12. Theory, Putin is the one who killed her so he can get all of Russia to agree with him on the war. “They bombed my very close friends daughter oh no we need to go to Ukraine and finish the job” 🤔 Putin seems like the type of guy to say sorry for your loss to your face even though he’s the one to pull the trigger.

  13. It was a Russian Attempt to kill Alexander that accidently killed his Daughter, Or Alex used his own Daughter to make Russia seem better who knows, Any way its a win for Russian's Propaganda Wagon.

  14. To bad it wasn't Zelenskys family. It's war right, and nobody is innocent. That's what all of you pro-Zelensky assholes are saying to justify the bombing.

  15. The obliviousness of this comment section is both disheartening and predictable. Russia will inevitably use this as a catalyst for war, a NUCLEAR war at that. We're all going to burn 🔥

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