Florida governor announces voter fraud charges in ongoing investigation

Ron DeSantis said these were the first 20 cases of voter fraud to be prosecuted by the state and there would be more to come.


Author: Rafael


26 thoughts on “Florida governor announces voter fraud charges in ongoing investigation

  1. Ron desantis should be arrested and charged and prosecuted under title 18 U.S.C. sections 241 conspiracy against rights, title 18 U.S.C. section 242 deprivation of rights under color of law for violating felon citizens 15th amendment constitutional rights (liberties) previous condition of servitude.
    Ron desantis should arrested and charged under 18 U.S.C. 595,and
    18 U.S.C. section 602
    18 U.S.C. section 597
    18 U.S.C. section 594
    104.011 (1)
    S. 775.084

  2. So Ronnie hauls his big fat Disant-ass down to south florida to announce a whopping 20 cases over voter fraud out of 11 million voters!!! Wow, what a great use of money and resources!! He must be so proud of himself!! Creating a big hoopla issue where none exists!! Big fat phony that he is. Let's see , looking at a majority of voter fraud cases accross the nation in 2020 that were exposed we committed by, yup, you guessed it, no surprise here: REPUBLICAN VOTERS!! Disant-ass is just another major right wing hypocrite!!!

  3. Their already at it guys!! Democrat's trying to make illegals eligible to vote!!! Up to 400,000 from what I'm hearing. Dead people even! Ya they gonna try to rig the midterms!! YOU DEMOCRAT'S ARE SICK!! I PRAY FOR A WAR!!

  4. It's Ron's falsetto voice that I just cannot get past. Imagine running into him in a dark alley late at night. "Yoo-hoo… sailor!" Every dudes worst nightmare.

  5. He's a fascist just like that pos dictator in Hungary. Many Americans died for our country fighting against fascism. Heck even his mannerisms are similar to that dictator. DeSantis is anti-freedom across the board. From the right to protest to a woman's right to choose.

    Vote DeSantis out let him go live in Russia or Hungary😉. DeSantis is a far-right extremist. USA and our allies are being threaten by anti-democracy extremist. When Russians commit crime in FL, then they high tail it back to Russia. DeSantis have given free reign for crime and corruption in FL. Just because you surround yourself with Policemen doesn't make you not corrupt. 😉

    Vote douche DeSantis out. If he wants to be a right-wing un-American fascist, then let him gtfo and go live in Russia with Putin. DeSantis worst gov in FL history.

  6. Wow! Good thing DeFascist stopped this voting crime wave. Over 14,000,000 voters in Florida and he managed to arrest 20? Shows how important his voter police are. Nothing but another DeFascist red meat publicity stunt as usual.

  7. Legitise ; signed paper work : legal proper disosure signed agreements & contractual disclose agreement ; illegal finacialbsexual politicalb; Relgious extortion operations: illegal sex tapes & vids: public out magazine: tmz Hollywood california ; nash tn.

  8. Thanks to RepbliKLANs voter id cards

    ALL 20 will not be convicted and can sue Florida for millions

    The state of Florida said they were clear and issued the voter id card.

    Florida intentionally has a disjointed system where individuals let alone the county voter registration office can verify if restitution was paid.

    DeSantis added court fees to thousands of individuals decades after they were convicted.

    That is 100% illegal.

    – Each registered to vote

    – FL APPROVED and sent each one a voter id NUMBER

    – Each person applied for a voter id card.

    The county voter registration office verifed restitution was paid in full

    – FL APPROVED and sent the voter id card

    Therefor the state is at fault The state told these people they were allowed to vote by approving voter registration and issuing a voter id card.

    That means the state of Florida told each person TWICE you are cleared to vote. The lawsuits from the 20 victims will cost the taxpayers millions

  9. Florida always claimed to have no voter fraud, why do we suddenly have it. Maybe the last two elections should be revisited if that is the case. Stop wasting our money on political grandstanding.

  10. What a laughing stock DeSatan is. How can anyone not see through his fake outrage and gaslighting. Twenty people who are convicted criminals who voted is not exactly voter fraud, but maybe voter irregularities, and it makes no impact whatsoever on the total amount of votes.

  11. Yup. 20 votes. How much money did this ding-dong spend on this crap? Did 20 votes change the election?
    Trying to con the public so they can spend more tax money.

  12. I pray GOD send me to hell if I mislead anyone, GOP right wing Fox news, Right social media is trying to destroy America, Now the FACTS Copy Search headings on google image Ron DeSantis attacks tee ns for wearing masks Ron DeSantis covid vaccine lies Florida covid deaths Red states covid deaths vs Blue states covid deaths Fox news covid lies Trump admits to covid lies Tucker Carlson lies legal defence Elite Conservatives role in the Nazis rise to power Nazis extermination camp bodies Whos behind US Europe's riots violence Documents Trump had at Mar A-Lago Trump committed Trump pleads the 5th Trump Espionage Crimes Eric Trump plead the 5th Republican plead the 5th Republicans block documents evidence Republicans block witnesses Republican pleads guilty Republicans fan the flames of January 6th riot Republicans deny January 6th riot January 6th texts e-mails Fox news January 6th committee lies disinformation Trump admits he lied (Right media NEVER reported) Trump reverses reversal (Right media never reported) Trump changes his mind a lot (Right media never reported)

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