Legal implications of unsealing Mar-a-Lago affidavit

Attorney Jeff Robbins discusses the latest on the search of Donald Trump’s estate, and when a judge could decide on whether to release the affidavit in the case.

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47 thoughts on “Legal implications of unsealing Mar-a-Lago affidavit

  1. NOTHING BUT PATHETIC EXCUSES FROM A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT‼️ they have no justification for violating President Trump‘s executive privilege and attorney client privilege!

  2. Donald: "My Daughter Is So Beautiful, I Would Have Married Her, If It Weren't For Jared, But She Married A Great Guy, He's The Best Son-In-Law, He Made a 2 Billion Dollar Deal With The Arabs. Why Would He Snitch On Me?"

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  4. It's to ruin any case because they will argue the people want this unsealed and it's only damaged us to point where we can not have a positive outcome of a proceding

  5. The only mistake Trump made was not calling it a “perfect” basement, signaling to his base to just go with it. Oh and keep repeating how perfect his basement is over and over again to let the brainwashing sink in.

  6. We know the Democrats and their deep state are Liars.
    The Treasonous Clinton Russia Collusion Hoax proved that.
    The DOJ/FBI are the Democrat’s Gestapo.
    And the Democrats Woke Cult are Pathological Liars.

  7. Legal implications? You mean like finding out the truth? Kind of like the famous Steele Dossier and Russia collusion case that so far has convicted two FBI agents of lying or withholding evidence. Unseal all of is with no redactions. America has a right to know.

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  9. Trump's lawyers say they want all the evidence released, because they DON'T want it released?
    Great reporting – typical of the modern low/no standards media.

  10. Wouldn't it be a lot easier just to file the charges based on all the evidence they got in the raid and let the judge order the affidavit unsealed and the people who swore to it cross examined in open court? What is the fbi/doj afraid of?

  11. I am not a trump fan, but this is basically the same narrative that was given for not declassifying the Carter Paige fisa application. We then found out that an FBI lawyer lied, agents used the debunked Steele dosier and news stories leaked by the FBI and a DNC lawyer to convince a judge. No one fired, no one prosecuted.

    If this search warrant is only about retained documents that the ARCHIVES say they own and TS issues. Then there needs to be consequences.

  12. Now pay attention because the tyrant regime media is unified on their rhetoric. They like words like election deniers, Qanon (I still dont know that one) Its all about making half the U.S. population look like violent people. The truth is the violence comes from BLM & Antifa you can switch channels & they the say the same think! Can't believe anything!

  13. Trump is the evil leader of a new Cult, and they are all Republicans and especially those that strongly believe in his evil foolish talks and actions. Trump is the human son of Legion. 👿🔥

  14. Biden politics lends itself well to bribery, corruption & big lobby interests. His policies have been welcomed by China & Ukraine as well a others. Hunter is being investigated for over 2 years and not so much as a raid. But Trump, well, "son of a bitch", got a warrant and raid. People need to pay attention to the implications of this rather than the dog & pony show the media is pushing two months before elections.

  15. violent crime , drugs, smash n grabs felons running the streets . But lets raid mar a lago. it seems like the justice system is biased to me and has a political agenda.

  16. U see how life funny if it was a black former President did all of this would he still come out on public TV and talk are he would be in jail like I said I don't understand how this guy walk out of the white house what slaves build with so much secret documents SMH

  17. there is a war between corrupt politicians-thieves and people who just want to live. They spend what they want not their money and do not give anyone an account of how and where they spend. They are like a mafia, they clung to each other and support and protect each other, that is, they give our money to anyone and anywhere and send it where it is beneficial for them so that they can get benefits for themselves and their relatives, and those who say what they want investigation, clean from everywhere. They release criminals, just so that they vote for them and they remain in power, Journalists and program hosts, like dogs on a leash, say what is written, the president is already out of his mind, just like all the old politicians, they cannot even read what is written to them and they all became billionaires. What a shame to our country.

  18. It is with a heavy heart that I have to say this. Every prediction I have made, has unfortunately come true. To get Trump, is to plant documents. This is when the US takes a nasty turn. The stakes are to high, they have to do this.

  19. Affidavit should remain sealed media is not a chamber of law . Find a news worthy story . Leave this to the court system . Hours and hours of unending talking means nothing but filling air time .

  20. WERE they TOTALLY AFRAID OF THE DIRT he HAD ON THEM? Was the plan LETS GO GET HIM AND SEE WHAT HE HAS ON US…thinking the evidence might be there ? Has their fear caused them to create yet another Orchestrated Plan to lesson the heat on themselves? THE SAME THING Happened with the Jan 6 TWIST of ORCHESTRATED AND EDITED BS showing Half Truths and LIES. DID they really think the ENACTments on paper would be THERE so they could try and get rid of the Evidence. DID the very people who enacted the Scenario on Jan 6 cause VIOLENCE and DISCORD to display crimes of VIOLENCE AND MURDER. to instill FEAR. THEN TO possibly cause them to do what has never been done before at a President's Home. So did they again create DRAMA TO DIVIDE our GREAT COUNTRY with an Affidavit that is so broad in specifics ignoring the 4th AMENDMENT to try an obtain whatever they can , to get rid of the EVIDENCE that would expose themselves? DID they really think all the EVIDENCE would be in one place and to try and twist what was there and blame Pres. Trump . Don't engage in the enactments you see that cause you to react with violence, STAY PEACEFUL.. Don't engage in any of it. Have you noticed the age group that has come into our country illegally at the Border 18-35 .. HAVE THEY BEEN PROMISED SUPPORT? Is it going to be given? whats going to happen to them if it's not ? …. We have been given God's STANDARD OF LAWS… that our same LAWS set up boundaries of RIGHT AND WRONG to protect us. Devaluating those laws and ushering in DECEPTION and KAOS is wrong!!! WAIT it out and then cast your vote to reflect your values for a better future. Stay peaceful and don't march or protest. Wail for Nov. and 2024.

  21. SHUT UP IDIOTS! Here we go again with “ oh no , Trumps gonna be president again so let’s start all the fake stories and do everything possible to stop him!” ITS NOT GONNA WORK YOU SCUMBAGS!! TRUMP2024!!!!!

  22. 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 Just wake me up when I can vote for Trump again! 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  23. Thank God for Trump – the light of Trump “I will also make You a light for the nations So that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6

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