New report shows housing market stall out l GMA

ABC Newsโ€™ Rebecca Jarvis reports on the latest from the National Association of Realtors with sales of existing homes down nearly 6% in July.

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32 thoughts on “New report shows housing market stall out l GMA

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  2. This is just a bulls@@t realtor not considering Wallstreet or 10% of homes overpriced but purchased, builder homes coming on the market, job figures (yeah there are non-Biden real figures), mortgage rates, lenders going under, lending practices tightening, ETC! But thatโ€™s just too much for the pretty for now airhead realtor reporting. Shaddup.

  3. Let me expose the English 1% globalist elite, neo nazi movement, for those who cannot join the dots. The whole world is suffering because of Joe Biden, and his stupid elite globalist woke policies. So Biden,s Bosses have done this in Britain. So for 8 months my electric bill be 400 English Pounds per month. So and….Wait for it !!! ……These elite morons, have offered help to us peasants, who cannot use a laptop, vote, or find a voting booth. These arrogant, condescending, document planting, rigging, murdering nice people, have offered 400 English Pounds towards our heating bill for the year. ALL the Bilderberg press, paints a different story, in fact detract from this to promote adverts for mixed marriages !!!

  4. Isn't this what happens right before a market crash? Builders aren't building, cause private home owners probably financially cannot afford to pay the inflation price of building materials… big corporations idk why they wouldn't build unless the rent price is set so high renters aren't renting their already built homes so no need to build more, so secondary impact will be soon foreclosures will be on the rise cause inflation is so high that many who used to be middle class are now struggling to make ends meet and still have food gas. Etc..

  5. It will crash more the price of houses are unreasonable for the average family and greed will fail. All the people that can afford to out bid have already bought houses and anyone with common sense won't buy now which drives the price down

  6. Seriously how can these people actually afford those expensive houses????
    It's like they are cosigning up to thier great-grandchildren to foot the mortgage.

  7. Investors have driven the prices to high. My neighbor put her house up for sale at 300% more than she bought it in 2016.
    It's a correction in prices.

  8. The housing market is falling off a cliff just be patient it is an will get much much worse, the year over year data explains it all if you know how to look at it an interpret it. Don't buy in the next 18 months you will not only be pissed off you will regret it. It will be a great way to cause a Divorce for sure.

  9. housing prices have been out of control for way too long! I don't feel bad at all for all those big private equity firms now stuck with all these depreciating homes they gobbled up!

  10. Lol she is wrong this housing crash will be worst than 2008. Soon as the wall streets real estate investor start dumping all their house and bank foreclosure start. Plus dont forget the massive layoff thats coming soon. Housing price will plummet

  11. Maybe if mortgage companies didn't make it so hard to qualify for a mortgage that would help people? I make 6 figures and have worked at the same company for 10 years but all I hear is "Oh you're credit score". I have paid rent on time every month for 15 years but I guess that is supposed to count for nothing.

  12. Sellers think their homes are worth more than what they actually really are. Just like women on dating apps who want a guy who is 6 feet, 6 figure income, and 6 pack abs. However, they had 2 divorces, 2 kids, and weigh 2 hundred pounds. You can only get what you are worth.

  13. 80% of the public would consider this a potential boon, not a crisis. Wall Street pirates bought out the market at top dollar and hoped to extort higher rents and sales prices out of all of us. If the government tries to bail them out with the money of the very taxpayers that they were trying to screw, now we could call THAT a crisis.

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