When did foldable phones get boring?

In this video we discuss the state of foldable phones, where the market is headed, and whether or not Samsung has failed to capture interest in this up-and-coming technology.

2015 Prediction – https://www.androidauthority.com/report-flexible-displays-foldable-rollable-stretchable-640865/
Samsung Claims – https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-foldable-phones-outlook-3196047/

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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – 2015 Prediction
00:47 – Samsung Claims
01:01 – Market adoption
01:25 – Why Fold is like a race car?
02:03 – Ryan FREAKS OUT!
02:59 – Look at the Samsung Note series
03:28 – The Ultra is really a Note?
04:00 – Fold will be cheaper!
04:34 – Samsung’s massive trade-in value
04:48 – Cheap Screen Repair $$$
05:26 – So Boring, So Fast… So FAIL?!?
05:58 – Our final thoughts

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Author: Rafael


28 thoughts on “When did foldable phones get boring?

  1. people tried to make it seem like foldables would take off years ago, we on z fold 4 and no one is really talking about it…. I still have my note 10+ and over a year using the zfold 3 I can say note 10+ is still my preferred type phone

  2. I think the average person doesn't trust the tech yet.. like it's too fragile. If it doesn't get WAYYYY better in that department, then I don't ever see this trickling down to midrange offerings like many other aspects have over the years. These fancy pieces of technology also probably wouldn't seem so boring if you were out there feeling 100% free to use it to its max potential on a daily basis 🤷 As for me I'm definitely keeping away for a few more years yet. I will never be down for any smartphone that I can leave marks in the screen with my fingernails. Haven't had to deal with THAT kinda b.s. since my Samsung Entro (m350 variant I think) ..in 2010!!! 😬

  3. To be honest the real problem is that the way we use smartphones is dull. Android and iOS have grown in many ways over the years but ultimately it’s the same thing. Set up your phone and install all the apps you already use. A lot of people over complicate things with statistics and theories but the bottom line is for most people phones already did what they needed them to do back in 2016.

  4. Booooooring video and even more booooring host! I have iPhone and Samsung and Samsung is definitely going in the right direction! I think you are a bit or a lot lot lost ! Maybe charging from YouTube vids to sell tacos can be a better option!

  5. Since the time when you needed to open then to get the cool part or to even use them like regular phones …oh wait they were always like that

  6. It's only boring if you buy a foldable every year and expect drastic differences. The market share is still tiny and the tech is still maturing. Everyone's first foldable will no doubt be fun for them.

    Also, don't start a damn video by yelling into the mic. Jesus Christ that hurt my ears.

  7. I think it was inevitable. There's only so many ways to fold a phone as it currently is, so I don't really mind. It's not exactly widely accessible yet.

  8. Also, why would I want a foldable phone? What's the point? More moving parts, it gets thicker (when folded) and lots of other sacrifices, for what? I'd rather spend more on something that is actually useful like a phone with much better battery life.

  9. Maybe because the only successful ones which were the Samsungs look exactly like they did years ago. It's the same freaking phone just improved. The whole phone industry is stagnant.

  10. Its a gimmick, yes it looks cool but for the downsides its not worth it, its just a throw everything at the wall and see what's sticks. The smartphone has matured to the point where its just a slab of glass. Time for companies to move to the next big thing.

  11. Why should I care about a phone that folds? This seems just to be a way to keep phone prices going up as opposed to doing something useful like a faster SoC or camera improvements that would justify a higher price.

  12. This was a very insightful video, and I kinda agree with what you said. Pioneers always have the hardest road to walk, until eventually everyone walks on the same path

  13. i've had Notes since the 3 and Samsung dropping the Note and their customer service, is why i'll be looking elsewhere for my next phone. i dont trust the quality of the folds and flips

  14. I'm seriously thinking of the fold 4 but it still bugs me that there's still a visible crease, I know they'll get there one day so I'll probably hold off until then.

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