Fixing The SKETCHY Parachute Mount On The Mr2 / 13b Sidekick Progress!


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40 thoughts on “Fixing The SKETCHY Parachute Mount On The Mr2 / 13b Sidekick Progress!

  1. In regards to your tie down points Kyle, in your situation you shouldn't really be strapping your car down from those points, the correct way is to strap in over the tyres so it's 100% secure regardless of what's happening with your suspension.

  2. Gonna have to be a Safety Sally here and say that Kyle needs to be wearing safety glasses when using that bench grinder/wire wheel. Getting one of those little wires in your peeper would suck.

  3. The only thing that could potentially be wrong with your manifold is with the way the rotors pulse exhaust from one rotor can get pushed into the other rotor with a manifold like that. It will cause bad vacuum pressure and a few other symptoms. Rob actually had the same issue with his first "ultimate rotary manifold" he ended up going with a full divided manifold and turbo to get the best performance

  4. Hey guys do not put that wiring on the exhaust side of a rotary. It will be stuff after the first burnout. Then you will have to replace it. Always run your wiring on the spark side of a rotary. I build rotary’s every day and you want to keep all wiring away from the exhaust on any rotary.

  5. Can't wait to see the MR2 and Brent's Sho'Nuff as all out full fledged builds and running in the 6s in the 1/4 and maybe one day when both cars are running to their full potential maybe the fans can get a side by side race with both cars are in the 6s

  6. If Cleetus wanted to create something truly massive,….he wouldn't charge PPV for these events. I personally dont pay a dime. I just go to BWW in my town. They offer the whole event while only requiring you to buy a cup of coffee. Pretty cool. Sorry Cleetus. I just hate greed. But if he would merely allow people to watch for free??? The amount of followers and revenue he would generate would be MMMMASSIVE. I hate to break it to him,…..but his fan base ain't got disposable income right now. But,….greed is a helluva a thing. And if you dont think it's all about the Benny's??? Just go check out Cleetus's house. He owns a freakin FULL ON RACETRACK for heaven sake. I'm pretty sure he can afford to let people watch for free. I'll leave it at this. Gas and grocery prices ain't jackin' him up folks. Not one bit.

  7. Can't wait to see this thing rip. I'm actually going to be helping with a world's first rotary swap soon if all goes according to plan, so makes it extra interesting.

  8. I would put a Mini Spool in the Sidekick for now because they give you more drive ability and with them tooth pick axles you're not going to be making 1000hp without one if not both of them breaking apart atleast for now that is what I would go with until you upgrade the rest of the suspension and drive train but I do think it's pretty cool that they put like a mini Ford 9in rear differential in the Sidekick

  9. I think it would be amazingly awesome if you not only have the Rotary in the Sidekick but if you can make it a 4×4 with a set of mud tires on it with a little lift kit I think that would be the cherry on top because I don't think I have ever seen a 4×4 Sidekick on mud tires and lifted with a Rotary engine and just so you know and I think the both of you might not remember this because you might be a little young but the Sidekick's and other little SUV's that size have always reminded me of the little Matchbox car's that you pull back to wind them up and you let them go and they go on their own but if you put a pennie in the back of it they will not only go faster but they will also do a wheelie I forgot the actual name of them right now but I had a bunch of them when I was a kid and I have almost 10 years on both of you as far as my age and I can't remember if they had gotten rid of them by the time you guys were old enough to play with them

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