Jackson mayor blames water emergency on decades of neglect | ABCNL

ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports from Jackson, Mississippi, as residents wait in line for one pack of water, and Jackson City councilman Aaron Banks speaks to Kyra Phillips about community needs.

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27 thoughts on “Jackson mayor blames water emergency on decades of neglect | ABCNL

  1. City council members are a large part of the problem. They fight like children, take lavish vacations and waste city funds. As a former city employee I watched it daily. No employee pay raises while the city council votes in pay increases for themselves regularly. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The city has brought this on themselves. Why do the residents keep voting for the same idiots. One billion dollars will not fix it when they just piss away the funds.

  2. This what happened the residents continue to Vote for Incompetent Unqualified Officials to lead their City for Yrs. The residents of Jackson Vote based on appearance rather qualifications. They are to blame with the Mayor and Entire City Council and Supervisors who need to Resign ASAP. They don't pressure their City Officials. The roads has stopped being repaved grass and weeds growing everywhere and the Interstates of 55 and 20 are completely dark without adequate lighting. Trash and garbage not being collected in timely manner plus This Mayor turned Jackson into a Sanctuary City for Soliciting Homeless Pan handlers from other Counties in Mississippi. Everyone downtown need to RESIGN

  3. you can always count on the news to capitalize off Black trauma, yet never offer any assistance or solutions. MONEY. it’s not complicated. This country has money for Ukraine, money to fund stadiums, money to bail out failing corporations, but always acts penniless when it comes to helping its own citizens. amerikkka is a joke.

  4. Well unfortunately these people are only known for being antisocial fascist that like Nazis ,and other things that make it where the black church has never fit in!

  5. The city wants the revenue they receive from the water system, but are clearly not capable of maintaining or correcting basic problems with the system. As a former water system operator, changing out a water pump is a very routine thing thats done within a day. The fact that these things have been on going for years means the city/water system themselves haven’t done whats needed, regardless of money. I have been to MANY small, minority owned systems that have no money for upgrades and within 6 months to a year, grants can be made to fix these problems IF AND ONLY IF you ask specifically for money to fix a pump, chlorine system, ext. Sounds to me they don’t know what they’re doing. Period.

  6. Utilities need to be under the control of the government. Privatization of these systems helps the GOP raise dark money. Has helped them price people out. Has helped them accomplish a lot of their underhanded goals. Electrical, Gas & water are too vital for it to be controlled by right leaning entities. If people are going to “wake up”. Then really wake up and realize everything we do . Every aspect of our life funds the GOP in some way.

  7. Totally criminal! Please keep reporting in this until the problem is permanently fixed! FEMA and the national Guard should've been sent out there years ago. You can't tell me they can't find operaters fr another city/state.
    Shame on all officials who allowed this to happen for so long.
    This stuff only happens in American when higher ups want it to happen. We have the money, resources and know how. So no excuses!

  8. if the toilets and bathrooms are not working, people can dig the ground on their properties and build natural toilets for themselves until the problems get fixed… human waste gets decomposed in the earth so there is no worry to flush it down…because this can take a lot of time to fix… we need to get into human survival mode until then.

  9. He's been mayor for five years and knew about the problem for the entire time. What was he waiting for? He sounds like a politician blowing smoke.

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