Jackson mayor speaks out amid water crisis

Up to 180,000 people in the Mississippi capital were impacted by a damaged pump at the main water facility, leaving residents with no reliable running water.

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Author: Rafael


31 thoughts on “Jackson mayor speaks out amid water crisis

  1. This is a local problem the internet activists blaming the governor or anyone else will ensure this problem continues. The city and it's officials have been corrupt to the core for years.

  2. The condition of Jackson isn't the State's fault. Jackson, Mississippi was not like this back in the day. It started declining the year a democratic Mayor was elected and they've voted in democratic Mayor's ever since. The City of Jackson is 100% to blame but Jackson's elected officials are pocketing the tax money so, of course, they will never admit it…Bennie Thompson included. They've had plenty of time to fix these issues but all they do is talk, make false promises, and never take action. They blame everyone else for their mismanagement of the city. New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in America, it's literally a bowl that requires water to be pumped out 24/7 but they get it done and make sure their citizens have clean water. If other cities can do it, so can Jackson. The water was brown when I worked in Jackson 15 years ago, it's nothing new! No excuse whatsoever as to why this hasn't been fixed; the only logical cause is incompetence and corruption. Do you honestly think that 30 years of tax revenue isn't enough money to fix the water infrastructure? Everything the elected officials of Jackson touch turns to garbage. Not only do they have a water crisis that they've had more than enough time and resources to correct, Jackson also has the highest property taxes of any county in the state (the property taxes on large homes in Jackson average $5,000 to $7,000 EVERY year & my Honda car tag was $980 EVERY year I lived in Jackson…for a HONDA!) But the City of Jackson officials claim they don't have funds to fix the issues? Where is the money going??? In Jackson, prisioners literally walk out of the front door of the jails on a regular basis, the schools are the worst in the entire state, the city is full of abandoned drug houses, people are shot everyday, they find dead bodies laying in the streets, they can't get companies to pick up the garbage so it's flowing in the streets, there are pot holes and sink holes so big that a school bus fell in one (not an exaggeration, it was on the news) and, as of 2021, Jackson is the second deadliest city in America. Wake up people, those things don't just happen by accident. Why isn't anyone asking him about the tax money paid by the people of Jackson? Where is it? It certainly wasn't invested in the streets, schools, and water system. When EVERYTHING about a city is awful, it's obvious that the elected officials "running" the city are the ones to blame…PERIOD! For the life of me, I cannot fathom why the people of Jackson keep voting for these "leaders". They take your money and do absolutely nothing and the current condition of the city proves it. Stop voting these people in office just because they are the political party you support. Give someone else a chance to make the city better because you literally have nothing to lose at this point.

  3. This is really bad for Black People. America really needs to immediately start Reparations in the form of Prime Land affordable homes resources and mental health like right now as Decendants of Slavery.
    Like right now it can be allocated through the federal government through a program called no strings attached Reparations for Slave Decendants of America

  4. Imagine if this guy was white how badly the media would be crucifying him for total incompetence… He talks about the plant like it's the person responsible for the collapse of their utilities

  5. Mayor we know this is not your fault. It is unfortunate that People of Color has to be under the thumb of these Melanemic people that continue to rule the South under the Confederate flag in America.

  6. This is my hometown and it is purely Democrat leadership that had brought this on. For the past 2 decades there have been nothing but Democrats being elected consistently. Mayor Lumumba is a huge problem and needs to be removed. The pipes that should have been replaced never happened and it will continue to happen. This is a failure at the local level that has been escalated to the state level.

    Flint 2.0

  7. I can't believe this is happening to people…especially in the U.S.
    With all the rainfall every year, why don't these folks receive water tanks to collect rain water?
    Set up gutters on the roofs to direct the water to their 500, 1000 gallon tanks or whatever sizes…
    We use the water to cook especially but when the water systems are off, we use it for washing, bathing and for the garden if necessary….

  8. President Biden needs to visit Jackson, MS ASAP!! I realize it is not a swing state and the modern democrat party only seems to visit swing states but this is a crisis that demands federal leadership and attention! Biden’s strong point is going to people in times of needs and despair, so Mr President come to MS!!

  9. What happened to the infrastructure monies? This needs to stop. Fix the problem permanently. Get Engineers in there! Professional and licensed ENGINEERS. Taxpayers JM stand up! Know where your money is going.

  10. yea so when cbs did the documentary about crimes not being solved in Jackson the state couldn't wait to make Jackson pay.Stop expecting the state to help you.Use your ace card ask black leaders to help you.The state hates you one case of waters for car are u joking.

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