Over 1,000 dead due to catastrophic flooding in Pakistan

More than a million homes have been destroyed as Pakistan is experiencing historic rain and flooding, according to officials.

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Author: Rafael


32 thoughts on “Over 1,000 dead due to catastrophic flooding in Pakistan

  1. People of Bhikharistan were making fun of India during pandamic time. Now the same thing has bounced back on Bhikharistan with double magnitude!
    The is real "Allah ka Azab"
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  3. God is angry.
    Pakistan has one of the worst human rights. And it's not just the government, but the culture, the people.
    Paks will club to death a passing by homeless dog for no reason. At night orphans have to hide or else men in cars will stop and exploit them right there on the sidewalk. 9 out of 10 Pak man do this.

    The Pakistan police you ask?
    They keep 8 year old boys in their stations as play objects. What they do to their own wives and daughters are unspeakable.
    2022 and people like this still exists.

  4. Bloody horrible tragedy my heart goes up my heart goes out to the people there's always been climate change since dawn of time there were heat waves and floods back in the 1800s what is making things worse so an escalating things it's a big elephants in the room h a a r p CERN geoengineering terraforming couching the Earth for elements to do the go green batteries lying about CO2 grass needs CO2 Forest needs CO2 we need CO2 lying about overpopulation wasting money going to the Moon with mannequins so many things are going on right now making this world worse taking foreign lands planning on making chemical meat and parasitic containing insects noxious Labs making toxic jobs this is so sad to see these floods are just devastating all these freaking caught in the middle of these proxy wars and Relentless weather modification losing everything so many poor people just getting pounded while the billionaires live on the coastline jetting around and the hypocrisy shut up Greta and Klaus help these people stop all the postulating and virtue signaling and do something stop all the man messing around with the weather it's not over some cow farts or our cars driving around all those factories to build the go green crap and these famines that are going to be coming this is just horrible all of it horrible breaks my heart to see these people suffering like this

  5. Punishment by God for their evil beliefs and export of racist paedophilia to Rochdale, rotherham , Telford etc…an institutionally, and culturally racist and terrorist state

  6. Flood of Noah is far away flood in Pakistan August 2022 to avoid the flood of Noah in Muslim and non-Muslim countries non-Muslims to convert to Islam and Muslims to apply the Quran 100% immediately and to avoid hell if the end of the world September 2022.

  7. We stand with our 🇵🇰 brothers & sisters. May God help 🇵🇰 people effected from flood. Love from 🇧🇭 , I request people support 🇵🇰 . Long Live 🇵🇰. 😇

  8. pakistan pray to allah for destruction of israel and india
    but today there half of the nation destroyed by flood
    personally i feel this whole nation should be destroyed by flood

  9. Where is Pakistans friends China and Russia. I think the collective west should stay well out of it. Most Pakistani people hate the west. So go beg to Russia and china.

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