Previewing Biden’s ‘soul of the nation’ address in Philadelphia

WPVI reporter Alyana Gomez is in Philadelphia ahead of President Joe Biden’s remarks as all eyes are on Pennsylvania’s key battleground Senate race.

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47 thoughts on “Previewing Biden’s ‘soul of the nation’ address in Philadelphia

  1. Democrats are totalitarian: gun bans, Biden's vaccine mandate or be fired, Big tech/FBI censorship, FBI eliminating political opposition of Democrats, the state/school in charge of parent's children, government-controlled healthcare, and one-party rule. Democrats actively seek to turn the US into the USSR.

  2. It is obvious Joe is doing his best to divide and try and push the Right to do something stupid to take the pressure off he and his incompetent administration. There is no need to do One thing but sit back and watch the show until the midterms.

  3. 🔴The willingness to admit a mistake is the first step in the right path, and America's politicians have not yet admitted the mistake they committed against their nation and the world by their war against Islam and Muslims, and they are certain that Islam possesses the absolute truth and a clear and uncomplicated conception of life and the hereafter…

  4. 🔴The willingness to admit a mistake is the first step in the right path, and America's politicians have not yet admitted the mistake they committed against their nation and the world by their war against Islam and Muslims, and they are certain that Islam possesses the absolute truth and a clear and uncomplicated conception of life and the hereafter…

  5. Mankind has grown large…
    We have to go into space for mining minerals to avoid damage to flora and fauna on earth..
    We have to begin with hydrogen production via electrolysis..
    We need a long term solution for future crises.
    Our next crisis will be about minerals and energy.

  6. Joe Biden deliberately humiliates and provokes Republicans at every opportunity He intentionally humiliates our President Donald Trump He enjoys it We have become women to him…

  7. Sounds like he is setting up a Kristallnacht type thing…..very concerning….either way the democrats have lost their ever living mind…so corrupt they can not see themselves for what they have become….hunter trading favors with china no problem, stealing an election no problem, crashing the economy no problem, using the fbi, irs and doj to harass political opponents no problem…..being patriotic now that is a big problem….

  8. America and the Americans have become humiliated, Mr. President Trump, because of this criminal left-wing party. I would have liked you to return to the presidential seat to hear your neighing as you did. I am tired of hearing Joe’s snoring, which you described as sleepy. You were right in describing him in that description, and we will not forgive the Jews for what they did to you. Always traitors to the free believers, for this China is messing with America's rear in Taiwan, and this Russia is messing with our farm and the part of the lower abdomen of America in Eastern Europe, and France is messing with the part of our farm and the part of the upper abdomen of America in Western Europe and Britain is standing grimly waiting for the zero hour for revenge

  9. Battle for the Soul of a Nation is a lot of BS from Biden. He and his Democratic Communist are destroying this nation every single day. Trumpism, that Biden refers to is a savior to the people. Trump would not let people pour over the border without checks and balances for the American people. Trump had a roaring economy until Biden took over. We are paying more for everything, and if you research it, you will find that this all started way before Putin's war. Biden is working with Globalist which are out to destroy our way of life. They are out to reduce the standard of living for everyone in the middle and lower class, but will enjoy the resources and wealth themselves. You are being brought into poverty and at least half this country still does not understand that, (The Democratic Socialist Voters). You eat what you sow in the fields… goes it with your votes. You are going to be so overwhelmed at what is coming to you if you don't vote Republicans back in office in midterms, and 2024. Wealth creators are being attacked by this administration and the Democratic Socialist. But to bring people in poverty out of poverty a country needs wealth and wealth creators. Democrats are not wealth creators. They are the TAX and SPEND party.

  10. Before you vote this November, know this—Here is what the Democrats stand for (on their website.) opposes Voter ID, is soft on crime (supports early release, no bail, supported de-fund the police.) Democrats support convicts the right to vote from prison, gun control, none opposed Biden's open border policy, and opposed the wall. Democrats support the new liberal class room curriculum for very young children. The indoctrination not education into critical race theory who is a racist, transgender, bisexuality, homosexuality, gender identity. Teachers making the decisions of what parents deserve to know about their own children, school same sex restrooms.. Democrats support the green new deal, Biden's war on oil, taxpayer funds for illegal aliens-including college, welfare for immigrants.

  11. Democrats and Republicans, they both want Wars and Sell weapons and both arming Ukraine I don't like that they interfere with other Continents and other Countries.
    But Democrats help those who need more.
    Best wishes to President Biden.

  12. Biden’s speech tonight had only one purpose, to insight violence from Trump voters. My message to all the patriotic Trump voters out there tonight…….., don’t take the bait. Keep calm and carry-on. Use your vote to get rid of the corrupt Biden family and all their cronies. WE WILL WIN AGAIN!!!

  13. He gone totally insane It hyper inflation food insecurity low wage jobs supply shortages crime That what we face every day of every race as Americans

  14. Joe you are the worst POS ever! You have done nothing for 50 years but lie and now you’re just a senile idiot who reads teleprompters and continues destroying this country!

  15. Replace the word "MAGA" by "Jews" and you'll understand. This Biden guy is becoming the new Hitler. Hitler thought that Jews were a threat to democracy. Hitler though that Jews were dangerous and murderers. Hitler thought that Jews were conspiring to destroy Germany. Pretty soon, he's going to force Republicans to wear stars on their chest and put them in "reeducation facilities", that's literally how it started. He's already got his own gestapo.

  16. So tonight my President SLOPPY JOE said if WE VOTE for a Republican we are fascist and a criminal……..I’m 63 years old worked all my life pay taxes and now if I vote for a republican I’m a fascist…..
    If this Doesn’t show this country is in trouble nothing else will right down for voting now….

  17. 🤔 Biden's speech, not unifying at all as r his policies. Deeds speak louder than words! There is nothing captivating or encouraging bout dog face pony soldier w/hairy legs. Let's go BRANDON 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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