Study shows ‘zombie ice’ from Greenland raising sea levels

Dr. Richard Alley, professor of geosciences at Penn State, explains the phenomenon called “zombie ice” and how it is expected to raise sea levels.

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40 thoughts on “Study shows ‘zombie ice’ from Greenland raising sea levels

  1. 10 inches,…. plus evaporation… come on people, sun is turning into a supergiant red.. they just don't want us to freak out…its okay.. just part of the lifecyle

  2. "Zombie Ice". What an absolute joke. For something supposedly so sinister he seems giddy about it. One thing that I've observed about "The Science" is that it is forever changing. Remember that dinosaurs once roamed the earth. The Great Lakes were carved out from glaciers during the last "Ice Age". The earth used to be made up of 70% land and 30% water but is quite the opposite now. "Greenland" used to be green and was farmed by the Vikings. All this according to "The Science". And all this happened before us evil humans were driving cars around. So lets keep a cool head and not let a bunch of chicken littles freak us out because ten or twenty years from now "The Science" will no doubt have a different story to tell.

  3. The topple variably rocks, this year, next year, then on & on.
    The equator equalizes, as long as the top and bottom poles are stable everything is alright; yet no equator, means not balance!
    That means that if the topple rocks too far then the sea level will rise to it's fullest potential.

  4. His calculations are off 10 feet not inches . Many other scientists have found this to . Thay also said it wouldnt take hundreds of years. Just a few decades . Now who was right. The earth is also speeding up . Were having shorter days since june . Years will be 347 days not 365 . The orbit is longated . Look at the moon apnd sun thay aren't coming up in same spot the stars are out of line too. Even the compasses have moved . I've lived in same river bottom for 35 years now since 2013. After earth shifted 1 degree off its axis everything is moving . America was under ice 10,000 years ago. 25,000 years ago a rainforest. As a hunter i see sun rise and set many times . I know where it rises and sets throughout the year. Its off bad and no one is noticing it. North is moving to the east . So everything is moving with it.

  5. Climate change is BS. We cannot even accurately predict the weather but we claim we know the future weather for the planet because computer models think this might happen? BS!!

  6. Jesus Christ called people everywhere to repent, therefore, if you confess with your lips the Lord Jesus and believe with all your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life. told other people how good he is, how he saves, heals and liberates and gives eternal life.

  7. News is so fucking alarmist. Not that climate change isn’t SUPER important, I’m just done with YouTube. Reading articles and books is so important.

  8. Newsankers had a really hard time respecting scientists and letting them speak in full because sometimes a concept is too hard to grasp for the layman

  9. "The ocean evaporates as it warms".
    Slow down covid brain.
    24 feet for all of Iceland that's all we get for Iceland comon.
    Remember you take 10 inches we take 2,544 ft.😎
    -god the odd

  10. I think the glass and ice is a bad analogy. if you fill a glass with water and put in an ice cube it will still overflow whether or not its melted

  11. I know this sounds over simplistic but is there a way to get the or part of the “Zombie” iceberg down to Mississippi or California or wherever they are facing a depletion of water?

  12. My astrologer tells me that at precisely 9.32pm ,
    so much ICE will have melted, …….
    Trillions and Trillions of tons,…TRILLIONS,…….
    that rebound will occur at this Exact date,…..

    and when at that Time and on That Date,….
    the explosive earthquake,….
    will TOSS the last Continental sized piece of Ice,…
    several fucking TRILLION tons of it, …..
    into the Air,…
    well over twenty meters high
    creating for the SZe3cond time,….
    a Zombie Tsunami that rolls over the World.


  13. SMBalance just finished a season of 20% above 40 year mean. Oh no, Scary Zombie ice. MORE PREDICTION TO NOT COME TRUE. STOP THE EFFECTS OF THE SUN.

  14. This fun guy Alley looks acts interesting man..Another problem. Is the wild odd weather across the world. All that fresh water going into the Ocean NOT mixing great with salt water. Should cause a slow movement of hot and cold-water flow to act as a colder effect up north and more heating in south. But with extra CO2 cooling may not go on. The planet may get hotter and hotter more rain some places drought in other places. I wondered if weather doesn't move around globe more in future years? We got a very wavy weak jet stream already. Too many heat waves around planet already. We are in trouble in future. More out of wacky weather in future. Nothing we can really do to stop warming this dead in its tracks…. God help us all.

  15. Ask the good Doctor about,….
    ZombieBurg Tsunami's
    after things really get rollin along.
    I'm Alarmed.
    On a brighter note tho,…
    Forest fires are expected to decline after all the tree's have been burnt.

  16. Nobody is talking about the big flu plumes of fire coming fcoming from Russia letting off all that gas and I guess I'm burning it so maybe I don't think about other things as well A lot of disinformation out there Not to mention that the Earth moves off its axis test 2゚ that would make a huge difference difference in where we are getting the heat now instead of other places getting colder There is a lot of factors in this global warming

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