Trump vs. Justice Dept. courtroom showdown

Today, a judge will hear arguments over appointing a “special master” to review classified documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago.


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  1. Trump supporters are rallying for a civil war in the U.S. Let’s look at the numbers by revisiting the Battle of Shiloh (6-7Apr 1862) and the Battle of Antietam (16-18Sep 1862). Avg # of combatants 121,000. If half of that number (60,500) are descent marksman with a Springfield musket firing one round per minute, each combatant could hit .38 human target resulting of an avg total 23,231 casualties. Now extrapolate that data to today with a M4 Carbine firing 700 rounds per minute, each armed combatant could hit 1,841 human targets for a total of 111,447,368. According to MSNBC report, 53% of Trump supporters want a civil war. Then the Trump supporters casualties will total 55,223,684.


  2. Donnie: "I Have Lots Of Documents, I Have The Best Documents, My Documents Are Tremendous, Why Would The FBI Throw My Beautiful Top Secret Stolen Classified Documents On The Floor?"

  3. The Biden admin has created many horrific disasters since taking office. One of them has created the fentanyl disaster that our nation has inherited. 107,622 Americans overdosed from fentanyl coming across our wide open borders made in China. Americans aren’t safe anymore as “illegals continue pouring across our borders, now being shipped to your neighborhood. The Biden Globalist party doesn’t care about you nor I but only in them selves and then new world order

  4. What a perfect way to distract us away from the Biden administration! Trump Trump Trump… nothing is going to happen to him just like the other politicians that play dirty games! We’re being played to manipulate, divided and introduced policies that ultimately take away the sovereignty of the people! Neither party works for the best interest of the people… it’s a show!

  5. @EnoughBS  lol…fun fact..more misinformation fed to you by the mainstream media. Not true!
    I am not for or against Trump. When you let your emotions take over you cannot see the truth. We have massive corruption within our government and governments all over the world. World organizations are working together to become more Tyrannical. Tell me where will the world's people turn when they are oppressed, starving, and sick and ruled over by one tyrannical dictatorship with no way to fight back? Pay attention to world news, people are protesting all over the world because they are being prevented from farming, food processing plants are being burned down, millions of acres of farmland bought up. Ships purposely prevented from coming to port. Humanitarian crisis everywhere. Wars and billions of unaccounted for taxpayers money being funneled somewhere. Stop being so narrow minded. Stop your ridiculous hatred for one man because the media says your supposed to hate him. It's not about him! It's about us! Do you want to live in a CCP communist type of world? Where you have no rights or freedoms? This is what is it's about and they need people like you to believe in their lies to fight against the ones who are standing up against this tyranny. Some day we will say we told you so, just like we tried to tell you about the vaccines but it will be to late. It's no longer a conspiracy theory when it becomes fact. Real doctors, real scientists, real economists, real farmers, real whistle blowers from all over the world are trying to tell people the truth! Are you going to be so closed minded that you not even going to listen, really listen and weigh out what they have to say? God bless to everyone.

  6. the Presidential Records Act (PRA) states that the president is to take ALL Presidential records which are any records received by the Pres, his staff, or any white house official. Also, The PRA states that Custody of the documents transfer AUTOMATICALLY when the President leaves office. POTUS does not have to individually declassify anything. He is permitted by Federal Law to have them. Documents not Kept with the President are to be kept by the Archivist (National Archives).

  7. Clinton's server was found to hold over 100 emails containing classified information, including 65 emails deemed "Secret" and 22 deemed "Top Secret". An additional 2,093 emails not marked classified were retroactively designated confidential by the State Department

  8. Them mf'n fbi mf's knows damn well they azzes ain't got no rights to be raiding no Commander in Chief and stealing no diplomatic passports so quit with the distractions and get back to The Ice Cube's Contract with Black America and The President Trump Platinum Plan including the Schools Choice vouchers or stfu

  9. One day a meteorite fell from the sky, and there was an inscription on it:MAGA WIN.TRUMP KING! so repeat it with me"MAGA WIN!TRUMP KING!"" MAGA WIN!TRUMP KING!"

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