UNICEF on Pakistan flooding: ‘Imagine the entire northeast of the US underwater’ l ABCNL

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth spoke with UNICEF Pakistan representative Abdullah Fadil about the devastating floods across Pakistan which have killed over 1,100 people and impacted nearly 30 million.

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Author: Rafael


33 thoughts on “UNICEF on Pakistan flooding: ‘Imagine the entire northeast of the US underwater’ l ABCNL

  1. My heart goes out for these poor people. I read they have a very corrupt government who built dams only on papers and swindled all the money that was given to them by IMF.

  2. For about 25 years politicians and corporation are aware of Global Warming. The problem is that politician are corrupt and corporation do not to make changes.
    Alternate energy electric cars will not fix the problem. Solar panels and wind generators have more contribution to Global Warming. See Michael Moore's "Planet of humans"
    The best way to fight Global Warming is to plant trees and stop immediately deforestation. Trees and plants use CO and CO2 and release Oxygen (O).
    China and Saudi Arabia convert desert to forests. It is all here at Youtube.

  3. The Paks will not remember any of our kindness and generosity.
    These things mean nothing to them once they are back on their feet.
    Even now they see us as weak fools.
    They will continue their cruelty to humans and animals.

  4. This is the planet trying to fix our messes. The water will cause sooo much green worldwide and the abundance of plants will help to cool and replenish the oxygen levels. Didn't we all hear how ancient Egypt had water and greenery everywhere?

  5. An honest offer to resonable Pakistanis🇵🇰from 🇮🇳
    1.Give up your🇵🇰 nukes to I.A.E.A and its delivery platforms & close your Uranium enrichment facilities, Give access to 24×7 monitoring to 🇮🇳.
    2. Give us🇮🇳 Pok, Gilgit, Baltistan.
    3. Cut your Military spending from $10 Billion dollars to $500 million, Reduce your military to 100k soldiers(No one will harm you, your Establishment is stoping you from moving ahead)
    4. Stop religious institutions that creates divide and extremism.
    5. Give us🇮🇳 access to overland & Air routes to Afghanistan🇦🇫( we will also give you fee for the access regulary)
    6. Ask 🇨🇳 to get out of Gwadar port, along with their military hardware(They are not your friends, they are sadling you with debt with high interest).
    7. Allow 🇮🇳our Private companies, including our construction companies(who can help rebuild Pakistan) and venture capitalists full access to set up ventures in Pakistan, We will employ your workforce. ( 🇨🇳 even brings its own labour force apart from the materials. They dont give any employment to local Pakistanis)

    If you agree 🇮🇳we will pay you $250- $300Billion dollars minimum, free as assitance, If you🇵🇰 want.

  6. It is horrific. Unimaginable the land size of UK is underwater now and these are the poorest ppl, they don't even contribute 1% percent to carbon emissions of this country let alone the talk of carbon emissions of Pakistan which is less than 1% of the world, while the rich countries are unaffected so turning their backs to climate change. The conference held earlier this year has failed as we have seen after Ukraine crisis that world is desperate to get their hands on more oil and it's production has been increased. They are creating divisions based on money the rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer it will ultimately affect everyone and will become a fight for the survival while billions would eventually die if this climate catastrophy is not addressed. Richer countries who contribute the most to these emmisions stop this fasade and get serious and end this climate apartheid. Pakistan is affected the most from climate change as it has a population of 200M ppl and it will affect the world eventually as alot of food is grown here, it has the largest number of glaciers outside polar regions they are also melting with global warming and it will cause further floods and eventually death and shortage of fresh water in the whole region where half of the world population lives and are fed by the Himalayas which is the main source of water in China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and it's neighbours which is literally around 3 Billion population. Wake up world

  7. God is punishing Pakistan for its support of taliban and cozying up to China. God will punish them 1000x worst than the west could. Afghanistan will be next with earthquake, floods and pestilence.

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