ABC News Prime: DOJ reviews seized Trump docs.; NASA scrubs rocket launch; Teacher shortage impact


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44 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: DOJ reviews seized Trump docs.; NASA scrubs rocket launch; Teacher shortage impact

  1. Abusing Academic Freedom by two Brute Military Boys, "BMB" Horev and Alon.

    First time ever exposing coverup of abusing academic freedom by military in relation to Iran made by Amos Horev as Technion President and a Reserve-Military Subject of the boss Igal Alon, abusing it also as Foreign Minister at the critical time the US president Carter caused replacement of the Shach of Iran with Khomeini regime.

    During 1976-1977 Prof. Benjamin Gal-Or, as first director of the Institute of advanced studies of the Technion University, conducted National Workshops on "Academe Industry and Government", with representative of the three sectors, when the future of close cooperation with Iran arrived at the door, causing him to go there and meet with top academics in Iran, proposing to keep academic exchanges even if the regime change.

    To retain academic freedom of mutual exchanges was accepted enthusiastically by leading academics of Iran and by Ambassador to Iran, Lubrani, the top consultant to all Governments

    on Arab-Persian relationships, and Ambassador there.

    General Horev ordered no academic exchanges with the Technion and urgently organized a meeting with his military boss Alon, seeking Alon's Order to stop any academic exchanges with Iran.

    LUBRANI letter in support of informal academic exchanges, was read in a dark, narrow room in HaYarkon Street In Tel Aviv by Ms. TSEMACH to participants organized-ordered by Horev:

    1) A Tired and bored MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, at that time, unexperienced Igal Alon

    2) Alon's subject in reserve MILITARY, AMOS HOREV,

    3) Vice President A. GINTZBURG loyal to Horev

    4) GAL-OR, the rebel, as first director of Technion's institute of advanced studies,

    a professor of aerospace and philosophy of science,

    and a former professor at JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY.

    OUTSIDE, Gal-Or informed Horev that time would show that His-Lubrani attempts to retain as far as possible pure academic exchanges is a must academic mission and is internationally and academically right, and under the brute military control of academic freedom, he must resign.*


    * Utube Collections describe ambushing Alon in January 1968, which has resulted in "Milgot Alon". RECORDS from GENOSAR HOTEL and CEO OF AVODA MINISTRY ///\

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  3. The Viet Catholic Church news said they love everybody but they also say let's kill these men, let's bomb that land, let's destroy who I don't like. So what do you think about them???

  4. Nazi democratic party Nazi democratic judges KGB CIA Gestapo FBI SS damcrats Nazi judges Nazi persecution of political opponents exacted a terrible price in human suffering. Between 1933 and 1939, the criminal courts sentenced tens of thousands of Germans for "political crimes." If the police were confident of a conviction in court, the prisoner was turned over to the justice system for trial. If the police were unsatisfied with the outcome of criminal proceedings they would take the acquitted citizen or the citizen who was sentenced to a suspended sentence into protective detention and incarcerate him or her in a concentration camp. On the eve of World War II, concentration camps held about 25,000 inmates, most of them political prisoners.

  5. Biden. His administration. And the democrats and mainstream media are lying to the American people. Day after day. They have and continue to place America and it's people in dire situations. Placing hard working tax paying citizens in more and more debt.Dangerous situations. Wake up folks. These people are destroying America. They don't want to represent the people. They want to rule over the people. All they want is power and money.
    Southern border = Failure
    Afghanistan = Failure
    Covid = Failure
    Energy independence = Failure
    Cost of gasoline = Failure
    Cost of food = Failure
    Cost of building materials = Failure
    Crime and public safety = Failure
    Safety and education of our children = Failure
    Transparency = Failure
    Unity = Failure
    Ukraine = Failure
    Biden/Harris. The Democrats = Failure
    Inflation and spending = failure

  6. The only thing Trump is guilty of is Making America Great for all Americans in four years. Biden’s destroyed it all in two. The documents the crooked DOJ and FBI want are the ones that would prove Obama’s, Hillary’s, Hunter, and “The Big Guy’s” corruption. If the “swap” isn’t drained this Country is doomed. Wake up to the truth people.
    P. S. IT’S NOT YOUR BODY. It’s the body of an individual soul Almighty God has put in your care, and you want the choice to destroy them. How about choosing tubal ligation?

  7. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Exploited ex-wife's death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes

    The MAGAT shot dead for attacking the FBI was just your average simple-minded American Fox TV viewer

    It's funny the Australian Murdoch family can fool simple-minded Americans into what to think and believe

    The rest of the world use 'American' for stupidity e.g. What? are you joking, that sounds American.

  8. What is with these companies that make the AR-15s selling them to kids who have grown up on stupid games that shoot everybody. I know all the schools have got to train teachers and kids ALICE talk about anxiety for the poor children. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

  9. P so check this out we can make an Alaskan pipeline right we can make all kinds of things out of plastic that need to be recycled how about just a big tube that siphon's off flood water and takes it from state to state where there's a drought…. Doesn't need to be complicated just make huge cylinders that screw together and they can stay above ground stack them make them so they can come apart and then put them together when it starts to storm and store them it doesn't even have to go underground just big plastic cylinders to collapse Duncan screw together to make tunnel size tubes to safe and water to where it's needed that didn't take a rocket scientist did it I'm just a chef what do I know but I'm sure it can be done stop putting the plastic bottles and containers and sending them to China to make telephones keep them here and help areas in drought

  10. Teachers are generally smart problem solvers and can easily see that being a teacher sadly is no longer a desirable career. Politicians and school administrators salaries are increasing while hard working teachers are not. Good teachers are so important to our life long thirst for knowledge, our education system has become a horrible situation.

  11. So there's another play by the left. No launches happening so now they got the attention of all these nerds devoting their attention to this which is taken their eyes off the real issue here in America right now. Nice try left but you're not getting me

  12. Americans must vote for leaders with integrity who are willing to protect our constitutions, democracy, and the rule of law. The integrity, core value, and principle of the leaders and the United States should be absolutely more important than any political party and policy. Decent US citizens should unite our country and minimize violence and chaos in our country. Our foreign adversaries would want to see our country leaders initiate violence and divide our country. Our rule of law should hold whoever breaks the law accountable. Without accountability, human rights will be denied, crime will flourish, and impunity for past conflict-related crimes will persist, undermining legitimacy and prospects for reconciliation. Do we want the next generation to live a life without any integrity and kindness? Do we want our society to allow crimes and violence? Do we want our country ruled by a dictator with no integrity for decades who used the presidency for his self-benefits and who pleaded the "fifth" more than 400 times on 8/10/2022 during his deposition for tax fraud? Trump's actions, decision-making, behaviors, and words have demonstrated that he is unethical and has no integrity for decades. He puts the life of the US spies in danger when he declassified the documents without following the proper procedures and if the documents are in the hand of our foreign adversaries. 1. Investigation of Trump violating the Presidential Records Act. 2. Investigation of Trump regarding his involvement in the US Capitol riot. 3. Investigation of Trump about his tax and bank frauds. Trump pleaded the "Fifth" more than 400 times. 4. Investigation of Trump about Election interference. 5. Investigation of Trump's Sexual misconduct. 6. Various lawsuits by police officers regarding Trump incited the 6 January attack in which they suffered injuries. 7. Lawsuits by Trump's niece, Mary Trump, and Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. 8. His past lawsuits before and during his presidency.
    The foreign adversaries and Trump will be benefited from the violence and division in America. How can a decent person support and defend Trump who is unethical and has no integrity with a criminal mind?


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  14. Are you enjoying the higher prices at the gas pump. Do you enjoy strangers at school telling your kids that they're not boys or girls. That they're wrong to think of themselves as either. Are you happy with the neighbors referring to you or your family by a racial slur or an insulting word or term.
    🇺🇸 VOTE REPUBLICAN 22 🇺🇸

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