Department of Justice releases redacted Mar-a-Lago affidavit

The documents citing the reason why former President Donald Trump’s residence Mar-a-Lago was searched, was released.

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24 thoughts on “Department of Justice releases redacted Mar-a-Lago affidavit

  1. Smash and Grab?! You should never have taken any of that confidential records with YOU! You know where all! is supposed to go back to the government! He's going to get away with THIS too! 🤣

  2. Have to be totally ignorant to believe when something is not presented wholly…protection …seriously…protecting who ??? from what
    Claim NO facts..

  3. it is time to put all the people in Trump's residence in prison, but that will not happen Trump is GOD, and get away with everything, and that will happen in the next few months

  4. the justice department will protect Trump more than we people, Trump will get away with everything, and the government and the Top secret groups will protect him, there are no equal rights in our country, Trump and the NRA, KKK, and other secret groups will protect him and that is the case.

  5. Liberals are retarded. You have been chasing this guy for 7 years with horseshit, each time making a big deal out of it. This is more wasted time and energy.

  6. Since 2016 As Donald J. Trump Win President Vote Ellection ,What Look Out For Presidentcy Position (?) Its Look Under Others Feet Official , Is This The Right Federal Lawrules, _ Thanks All, …. Cheerio.*****.

  7. Hope React From Every Prof Law Teacher From Every University All US Country To Give Comment About This Maga Case On DOJ Act Acouple Times Ago.Becouse What Legal Standing Operation Of This Case. Thanks Sir, Madam, …. Cheerio.*****.

  8. So where’s Hillary distroying all the emails where’s all the evidence against Bill Getting caught in the the plane with over 8 tons of dope from afghan where’s the FBI your all pathetic

  9. THOSE DOCUMENTS WERE NOT CARRIED out to the moving VAN by PRES. TRUMP and they were in CARD BOARD BOXES with loose lids on them.. Past Presidents have done the exact same and their Homes were not Raided… and had the RIGHT TO DO SO…THEY KNEW WHAT DOCUMENTS HE had and were VIEWED and GIVEN BACK…IF this was an Urgent matter whey didn't they REACT back in Feb. THESE DOCS. WERE DECLASSIFied… THERE were only OPINIONS and the AFFIDAVIT HAS TO STATE THAT… THESE DOCS WERE ALREADY VIEWED and GIVEN BACK to him and He was told to put them in a locked room GOING from one place to the other and in the middle of A Primary Election THEY CONCOCT AN OPINION… WERE DOCUMENTS planted? IN TRAVELING BACK AND FORTH OF THOSE BOXES… COULD there be a person who BELIEVED all the Lies and Half truths that have been orchestrated and NOTHING WAS DONE and ALL DISPROVED….Maybe someone who really dislikes Pres. Trump and is BIAS may have planted DOCS in the process of them moving from place to place.. We all smell BAD in all of this…WHY DID THEY WAIT If they had those CONCERNS BACK IN FEB> then why wait to just before a Primary Election… WERE the JUDGES BIAS? THE WITNESSES MAY HAVE BEEN INVOLVED in all of this… THE CAMERAS were ROLLING SO that should shed the light on the TRUTH.. ALL DECeption!!!….

  10. What's Next? More Drama More Lies? What are they planning next! Be prepared and Stay peaceful, Don't join in the Division they are trying to Create…Our very Laws set to keep us all safe and the Boundaries within those Laws give us certain Freedoms, All the Deception that is being enacted is to instill fear and cause you react… Don't participate in any marches, or protest. Stay home, Stay Peaceful….Do what's right for you and your family…Be aware that all of a sudden when the plans they have made to sway Votes did not succeed they will be on the OFFENSIVE to Cause a Sway in your very Values or Sway your VOTES …. Know the Truth … No Weapon Formed against you will prosper…. KNOW that they know they only have a short time… Good will CONQUER EVIL… VOTE this November as if your Life Depended on it and it DOES!! Do SOMETHING GREAT FOR YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY.. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!

  11. All this is Deception and Opinion, if their plan doesn't work they will try again with more Drama, MORE Marches, MORE all of a sudden Campaigning… to win Votes. And More leaning towards DEVALUING VALUES ….THOSE DOCUMENTS WERE a WORK IN PROGRESS and they lost patience BC they seen the numbers going up for TRUMP and used OPINIONS to FORMULATE an AFFIDAVIT to RAID PRES. TRUMPS Home THE DOCUMENTS would have been made PUBLIC eventually anyways…THOSE documents were already Viewed Previously… In the past other Presidents have taken more documents in the thousands and their homes were not Raided… THis is clear BIAS…THEY told the PRESIDENT what to do with those Documents (Lock them in the basement and place a LOCK on the Door) Pres. Trump complied….and was compliant to what they have requested… NOw they took his passports…THose were NOT mentioned on the list in the AFFIDAVIT and that's misconduct and unlawful… THey want DIVISION as PRes BIDen just asked "WHAT SIDE ARE YOU ON?" THIS IS making people take a side. THAT IS THEIR PLAN to GAIN CONTROL…. BACK IN JANUARY they knew what PRES. TRUMP had as it was VIEWED… SO just before November a PRimary year they pull this never been done to any President Before that did the same exact thing…. DID THEY RAID PRES. OBAMA's HOME or Hillary CLINTON's HOME or HAVE THEY LOOKED into something more important like Laptops… THEY WERe not in a hurry back in FEB of this year… THIS is all BIAS and is only being done to sway votes and CAUSE DIVISION in our country… Look at our BORDERS, (3 million and counting illegal immigrants that Sanctuary Cities are now complaining they can't support them… so the common sense thing to do is close the BORDER…Look at the DRAMA and DEception we have seen and given only half truths. look at the GAS prices Are you tire of all this..? THEN don't REACT or JOIN in any marches, or civil disturbances,, no matter what happens you must vote as if you life depends on it and it does…. So wait it out.. Come November , make your voice heard….ITS time to clean the House and Sweep out the DIRT….GOD BLEss ALL OF YOU!!!

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