DOJ reviewing potential national security risk from documents stored at Mar-A-Lago | ABCNL

ABC News contributor Brad Garrett and former Justice Department official Mary McCord discuss the Mar-A-Lago investigation, including whether stored documents posed a national security risk.

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47 thoughts on “DOJ reviewing potential national security risk from documents stored at Mar-A-Lago | ABCNL

  1. the DOJ were under the assumption they were confidential.
    but surely did not handle them as such as they released public pictures and more.
    The archives keep the originals, otherwise returned documents could
    have been altered to direct to setup sanctuary cities.
    The Special Master would be someone with credentials to examine the material.
    The problem is the DOJ already maliously did that.
    Isn't that right palm beach sooth sayer ?
    is it still legal to present evidence to the court and not present facts that disprove such evidence presented to prosecutors before trial ? or they don't do that any more.

    I would think he got the documents under EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE.
    DOJ opinion is he stole them.
    The DOJ doesn't believe he deleted their classification.
    discretionary opinion.
    DOJ still wrongfully and criminally at this point went thru & read the documents thinking they were confidential.
    The DOJ did not hand over the confidential documents to a special master, till Trump got a court order.

    Such illigal tactics were used by a corrupt press to damage & sabotage upcoming government meetings with President Trump and the President of Mexico on the illigal immigration on the Mexican border. You know what that is ?
    You can't remove a non sitting President from office thru a impeachment.
    That abuse of power and any other reason to commit frauds in government is not only criminal but ludicrous that it is considered a non hostle discussion .

    actually the Congress people trying to impeach a non sitting president SHOULD be impeached themselves, removed from office and they can no longer hold public office in the future.
    what they did goes beyond a misdemeanor.

    They can take their intellectual property with them

  2. The need for a security clearance by the judicial branch or DOJ, is absurd. that abuse of power is to abuse power by the judiciary especially a delusional judiciary that changes the meaning of words to apply to their corrupt political agenda, not law.
    it's not the judicial branch of government or DOJ function
    to examine confidential information
    unless the confidential information is criminal, by then a lot of qualified agency have reviewed the information and it's not confidential anymore.
    But that's not what happened.
    The DOJ & juducuary involved took it upon itself to become political and give themselves corrupt rights for their HOSTILE opinion crimes.
    and delusional argue banter argue for their fraud against the court and more.
    Where's the Beef ?

    Who gave those documents to President Trump ?
    I sure he got them for some executive privilege matter.
    The DOJ was informed he Dr classified the information.
    He may have done it wrong but that's not criminal.
    Who did not give those documents to the intelligence officials after the justice department read it ?
    That's how incompetant or malicious the justice department is.
    It would be reasonable to think it as a matter of Executive privilege President Trump was given those documents. but what kind of unreasonable shyte is going on. its a fact, the nation's security was impacted by a corrupt justice department that read it, which they will now deny.
    and still, after Col. North, The nation's security department still has no idea where are all the security documents they send around.

  3. With intel like this once it's out you have to assume that the enemy has already gotten access to it. This will cost us millions and take a generation or more to try and undo. This criminal traitor has put us and all of our children at great risk!!! His Florida top secret document drive-thru has cost us deeply. He makes the Rosenbergs look like patriots. What happened to them??

  4. Still waiting for Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and Hunter Biden’s lap top investigation….one sided. That’s why you’re dividing America.

  5. These freaks have been trapped. They have completely bypassed the 4th amendment, no legal basis for any of it. The president can declassify any document…not illegal in any way. They have nothing.

  6. Trump always needs money. He can't handle money. He has probably allowed hostile elements to photograph these documents and has a stash of gold bars in return in safe keeping offshore.

  7. So they probably just want to get they’re hands on all the Russia gate hoax info. Remember that?? The fake dossier that was funded by Hillary’s campaign.

  8. Are you still selling this garbage. I d ont know who is worse. Fake news telling the small # of viewers they have left that trump can't have documents he declassified. Or people so dumb the believe this garbage. Are you serious if fox news said Biden has some documents at his vacation house CNN would laugh at them. Lmao. This has been going on for three weeks. The doj has no case. Everyone knows it. Well except you idiots who believe this garbage. He took them for his library. Abc is grying to hold into the last of the people who wi believe this c rap. This is not a crime. The same talking points from three weeks ago. Know why they d ont talk about dementia Joe because no body will watch. Good grief. Oh yea let the crocked doj pick the documents . as a special master.

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  10. Biden did not create Covid-19. He did not create the problems today with climate change. He did not create supply chain issues. He did not create high gas problems. There's a lot Biden did not create that started up when Trump was in charge, but Republicans will always blame Biden for the problems today. Republicans offer no solutions because they have none. Trump has said don't worry about Covid-19 because it's like the flu. Do you really believe Republicans and Trump? All they can do is threaten people and divide. America will be on the ballot in November. Will you vote for democracy or a authoritarian regime? If January 6, 2021 has shown you anything at all, common sense tells you democracy.

  11. Both Jeffrey Epstein’s ledger and Trump’s documents are National Security Threats to this criminal Deep State and their lapdog mass media.

  12. Trump is a Deep State security threat, that’s what they’re worried about. The criminal swamp creatures in this government/corporate/big tech/mass media fascist cabal are attacking him now in full force.

  13. This is a full on coordinated blitz on Trump by the trash bag liberal media propaganda outlets.. Nobody is fooled by these worthless fake news outlets anymore. Nobody trusts them anymore except low IQ liberals.

  14. Obviously they screwed up as there's no mentioning of a smoking gun after their review of the supposedly nuclear codes or national security documents to sell 🤔. That will be their burden of proof. Trump set their corrupted asses up nicely. They're playing checkers with a chess player.

  15. I don’t think Americans understand the gravity of the situation. If the contents of the documents were leaked, it may possibly set America’s national security back decades.

  16. Disgraceful OUTRAGEOUS treacherous act by FBI raiding "Mar-a-Lago," a former US President's home!! Disgusting FBI “Gestapo” , CIA & DOJ & Dems & Fake News all colluded in crimes & spread phony Russia story against Republicans & Trump… and Dems & FBI, CIA & DOJ are ALL totally CORRUPT! Where was FBI when Hillary deleted 33,000 US Gov’t emails! Where was FBI when Hunter’s laptop proved bribes & collusion with Ukraine, China & Russia??!

  17. Well The President Trump been pardoned himself and been declassified the documents and he got video of the illegal search grand theft larceny including the safe cracker so the balls in his court and they even stole his diplomatic passport and attorney client papers

  18. Them mf'n fbi mf's knows damn well they azzes ain't got no rights to be raiding no Commander in Chief and stealing no diplomatic passports so quit with the distractions and get back to The Ice Cube's Contract with Black America and The President Trump Platinum Plan including the Schools Choice vouchers or stfu

  19. Trump and his GOP whores are desperate to avoid becoming witnesses under oath! Some ignore subpoenas while others (Lindsey) use legal tricks to avoid the witness chair. The last resort is proving very popular, taking the 5th amendment! Trump did it and also the turncoat General Flynn. The GOP is now the PARTY OF THE 5TH!

  20. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Exploited ex-wife's death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes

    The MAGAT shot dead for attacking the FBI was just your average simple-minded American Fox TV viewer

    It's funny the Australian Murdoch family can fool simple-minded Americans into what to think and believe.

    The rest of the world use 'American' for stupidity e.g. What? are you joking, that sounds American.

  21. Don’t worry about Hunter’s laptop with child p*rn or pay-to-play emails incriminating his father (aka POTUS) that the FBI and DOJ admitted they withheld from the American people, keep looking over here at trump possibly keeping unclassified materials in a secure location. 🤡

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