Fight between DOJ, Trump heats up l GMA

The Justice Department said it has reviewed the documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s home and set some aside as potentially attorney-client privileged..

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49 thoughts on “Fight between DOJ, Trump heats up l GMA

  1. The entire Republican party right now is compromised and wishes to turn this country into an oligarchy fascist dictatorship and they have succeeded no seated 90% in doing so.

  2. Funny thing is after all the naive (mainly white) triggered people realize this is once again theatrics … Trump won't be touched and they will still believe the NEXT "current thing" just like this came and went and he "paid someone off" or "he's above the law"

    It's actually comical at this point even Im not blinded by hatred when it comes to the orange clown.🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. KGB SS FBI gestapo CIA Nazi Democratic party justice system Nazi persecution of political opponents exacted a terrible price in human suffering. Between 1933 and 1939, the criminal courts sentenced tens of thousands of Germans for "political crimes." If the police were confident of a conviction in court, the prisoner was turned over to the justice system for trial. If the police were unsatisfied with the outcome of criminal proceedings they would take the acquitted citizen or the citizen who was sentenced to a suspended sentence into protective detention and incarcerate him or her in a concentration camp. On the eve of World War II, concentration camps held about 25,000 inmates, most of them political prisoners.

  4. Still waiting for Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and Hunter Biden’s lap top investigation…one sided. That’s why you’re dividing America.

  5. The search was conducted without a Trump attorney present, and all cameras turned off. They had all the time they wanted to plant evidence. Nothing from the raid should be usable in court, as there is no chain of evidence.

  6. Mr. Stupid, hasn't yet grasped the fact that the longer he Milks and drags this out, the far worse it's going to get FOR HIM! 😂😂😂😂
    My old Italian grandma used to say, " God grinds slow, but He grinds sure..
    Ahhhh, wisdom of the ages!
    I suppose that's why Solomon asked for wisdom over a Gold Toilet! 😂😂😂

  7. All this morons become all communist enemies of America so sad . Trump is the problem not Biden not the democrats all freakin liars how disgusting. Biden like to give money he don’t have . For all tax payer idiot you are the most worthless disgusting corrupt president. Think America wake up we got all this communist run America enough BS ⁉️⁉️

  8. Y a enither russis collusion and other g on hu nten bfinion snthevstee dossyu ..just ask Hillary ir biden1 😉😉🤣🤡or reach and gone add clown on SAWANT IS A JOK

  9. So often Republicans lie and spread propaganda that I now don't trust them.

    I'd review their past and not believe what Republicans would do if they were elected.

    I'm Independent. Definitely voting and voting for Democrats.

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  11. I love it how his whole presidency they were the party of law & order and now there saying defund the fbi. There is no law & order without the federal bureau of investigation.

  12. As any of you might have read, Trump has been banned from Google because of his violent rhetoric postings. You would think that Trump would learn a lesson after being banned from other sites, but he thinks that he is above everyone else. You are no GOD Trump. You have a very shallow mind. The hate you spew people are getting tired of because they know you're a big liar. We might as well call you demon Trump.

  13. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Exploited ex-wife's death for funding and buried her on a golf course to save on taxes

    The MAGAT shot dead for attacking the FBI was just your average simple-minded American Fox TV viewer

    It's funny the Australian Murdoch family can fool simple-minded Americans into what to think and believe

    The rest of the world use 'American' for stupidity e.g. What? are you joking, that sounds American

  14. Trump's secret weapon are rumors and conspiracy theories. Because these makes those less educated feel as if they are smart and well-informed, and can't be argued down.

  15. you didnt get what we did. he wanted to play aka war when do you understand why we bring things to life. trees steel man worse enemy besides humans breaking laws.

  16. Why didn't Trump "just comply" like he expects US citizens to do? Why hasn't Trump said why he took or why he needs the classified government documents?

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  20. I can't stand to listen to George Stephanopoulos. His interview with Obama was disgusting, because he tried to steer Obama away from telling the people about his Muslim faith… just watch that interview.

  21. This man literally used God Bless the USA as his theme song for entrances, I doubt he was going to do anything harmful with those docs. Because unlike Biden and this administration, he was for the people

  22. Alot to be questioned in all aspects. Thank you ABC for keep keeping this report focused, & neutral so people can focus on facts vs bias opinions and judgement to manipulate viewer as many are being watchful as this unfolds as a historical moment in time.

  23. What ally will ever want to share information after finding out Trump kept these highly sensitive documents in a unsecure room at his country club…we can guess what he has..or intended to do with them…

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