Head of Ukraine’s nuclear agency sends warning about intense shelling near plant

Petro Kotin, the head of Ukraine’s nuclear agency, sent an urgent warning about the intense shelling near the power plant, saying it is “one step away from a radiation emergency.”


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46 thoughts on “Head of Ukraine’s nuclear agency sends warning about intense shelling near plant

  1. Uhhh yessa, if'n we lose just one mur deisel engine we's all gonna glow……..and we have sent 50,000,000,000.00 to them. If you think smart people are in charge taking care of you, they are not.

  2. Very scary. I hope not. Ww3? I can’t spell… the exact location of this nuclear power plant in Ukraine, either. (The accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine… is near the Russian border, near Kyiv, the Capitol city.) It’s just heartbreaking. Otherwise!
    Many years of radioactive wastes and ground H20… after it rained. Yup. Holy waters. ☔️🌻🤎🙃🙃🤎🤎😊☔️🌱

  3. They're being misleading, the nuclear power plant doesn't power itself, the power that runs the plant is hundreds of feet under ground with generators ran on natural gas .
    The is the largest nuclear power in Europe, you plan on a failsafe backup that makes sure no power to the plant is interrupted, the generators are under ground and hundreds of miles away.

  4. "From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 4:17

    "Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." Matthew 5:38-39.

  5. how many more billions of dollars will your dear progressive liberal leader Obiden steal from the tax payer and give it to Ukraine? they could have bought an armada of mercenaries to defeat the russians with all the billions of dollars that we WASTED on them.

  6. if Russia hits a reactor, this is what is going to happen, it will collapse in on itself, then begin the process of melting down, and since they are off the grid, they can't start Deluge procedures in any realistic amount of time, the reactor pile will melt down, then release a massive cloud of fallout, that will blow east, (i checked the prevailing winds there) back into Russia, Irradiating his own people.. so play stupid games, win stupid prizes….

  7. If there's a Meltdown…. Only Ukraine will be to blame….
    Russia invaded but that doesn't mean Ukraine should be stupid enough to shoot at a basically a thermonuclear bomb

  8. Remember Murphy's Law: whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible moment . . .

    All western leaders (USA, Canada, EU) need to send a stern message to the Ukrainian military that funding/supplies will immediately stop until the Ukrainian military exits the Zaporizhzhia region and STOPS shelling near the plant! We cannot take this risk with another nuclear disaster. I support Ukrainans right to safety, freedom in their country, I am literally a Ukranian myself, but western NO ONE can support this escalation the risk is beyond comprehension! This doesn’t mean we don’t support Ukrainians; we are not abandoning Ukraine; we are just saying for the Ukrainian military to abandon that one specific region . . . It’s a massive country they can defend everywhere else, but we cannot afford make all of Europe uninhabitable with a nuclear winter. . . Hundreds of square miles of land would be poisoned and the water table would be poisoned for hundreds of years if you didn’t know that already Umm do you want to drink water that gives you stomach cancer in 12 months???. . .. It’s gross that our leaders don’t have enough common sense and we don’t have real conscious leaders they are just vain people that have been spoiled for too long and forgot what it means to be a human and make tough choices like the rest of us. . . I call it the “golden retriever paradox” Golden Retrievers were bred by rich people to be pretty and obedient dogs (trophy pets) the unintended consequence of breading pretty dogs is you get a dumb blonde animal (Golden Retrievers are very dumb dogs if you didn’t already know) I think our leaders are like Golden Retrievers hence the Golden Retrievers paradox, a term which I coined myself. Look at the pretty dumb dumbs in California, yeah, those are the pretty morons running the country (Nixon just rolled in his grave). The Ukrainian military will listen to us if we say something because they need us, we’re all they have left AND WE NEED TO ORDER THEM TO STAND DOWN IF YOU DIDN’T REALIZE THAT YET!!! . . . Again, that doesn’t mean Ukraine is giving up on the war, but this is the only way to protect the people of Zaporizhzhia. . . I don’t think Zaporizhzhians want fighting in their backyard either. . . I’m disgusted with Russia but TBH they are very capable of keeping the plant safe after the fighting stops, so just let them at this point . . . I work full time and I still have time to post this comment . . . It’s like I’m telling the government what their next move should be because they don’t have a clue (as government man/women reads my comment and proverbial light bulb turns on in their brain) . . . . . It’s obvious what we MUST do, not enable a nuclear disaster perhaps? Humm . . . World leaders from the Cold Erra are turning in their graves right now watching these buffoons try to make decisions . . . . Do you like the red curtains or the blue curtains Mr. President?? 😮 If you had the attention span to read the entire page, congratulations you won a prize . . .

  9. Lies, Lies and Lies!
    Ukrainian Nazi regime used US supplied rockets and US guidance to hit the plant and then blame Russia where Russian forces secured the plant since March 2022!
    Stop spreading lies! USA is making another War Crime!

  10. It is way past time to switch to thorium fueled reactors. Incredibly cleaner infinitely safer and far more abundant in the environment. No storage of waste. No need for massive containment that cost a fortune. Time for thorium revolution.

  11. Yeah! Russians have this plant since March 2022 and they shell plant with their forces together?!
    This is most insane lies that this thug fake News could come up with!

  12. the wicked total insanity of all this is clearly revealed when the inspectors refuse russia's invitation to come take a look.
    You couldn't have a greater admission of guilt. You could not.
    They should be queuing up and anxious to get in, it should be hard to stop them.
    Nope. Refuse to go.
    That's like the covid bullshit.
    The lies are so astonishingly large it bends the brain to understand they are believed out there.
    But they are.
    Total, utter, complete, crazy, insane, destructive, anti-human madness.
    Complete. Utter.
    And ALL – as best I can figure out – from the USA. ALL.

  13. The European Union fled America in the direction of Russia and China, and no longer followed the steps of America and England which made it a superpower within the international community. Why does the European Union reward America for its good deeds?

  14. Now let's think. Why would the Russians be shelling a position that they already hold and control. Are they shelling themselves?? LOL……. lefties!

  15. Ukraine: [Attacks nuclear powerplant because Russia has about 5 vehicles and a couple hundred guards stationed there…] Also Ukraine: "Oh no, why would Russia do this! Please send more money and weapons!"

  16. Then maybe the US should be putting nuclear weapons and biolabs next to russias border. How else would they respond you dumbfucks? Remember the cuban missile crisis. You think we would react differently if china put missles into canada? Grow up. American media lies.

  17. Looks like the UN needs to update war crimes. Once within a distance it is surrendered. No question given. If the opposing force arrives and liberates areas around it is done again. A hand shake and it is over. Done. Obviously it can't be that but and dry. I'll leave it to more intellectual people more than myself to cover the details and merits but it seems like a good start to me.

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