Justice Department filing outlines allegations of obstruction by Trump’s team

The Department of Justice filed a motion late Tuesday to challenge the request for a special master in the Mar-a-Lago case and offered up new details alleging lies and obstruction of justice.

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Author: Rafael


18 thoughts on “Justice Department filing outlines allegations of obstruction by Trump’s team

  1. More abusive bulls hit. Thus us a corrupt FBI. Same one who let Clinton off for having top secret and classified docs on an illegal server. Hacked and at least three countries got it. She lied to the FBI about. She destroyed multiple subpoenaed evidence and the cherry on top is she refused to hand over the sever! She wasn’t even the president! Did they raid her home or office to get the server or search for more evidence? Nope. They let her off without even swearing her in to answer any questions and blanket immunity to her and her staff!
    Compare that to A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! Corruption beyond compare. They also had a very broad warrant. They were looking for more than just these docs. Possibly the declassified Crossfire Hurricane DOCS that FBI never publicly released and don’t want out? There’s something he has they were scared about. For themselves not the nation.

  2. I'm not an expert, however my limited opinion tells me that a special master role is null and void because every last document collected is evidence. That's the point in confiscating evidene.it became evidence the day the fbi collected it, they don't return evidence. Not only is it now evidence it's also stolen property. They collected evidence in the form of stolen property and they are not going to utilize a special master because the fact that it is ALL collected evidence usurp the need for a special master..amiright?

  3. If Trump is not back in 2024 we are all fooked or are you all that dumb to realize that. I'm fed up with all this bias. If he gets the job done right then what's the issue here. You just want to Hate?

  4. our half-dead president yesterday called me a half-fascist me a Jew whose father fought with Germany and remained disabled

    Biden should be prosecuted for these words Biden called half of the country semi-fascists

    Biden who, through his son, took bribes from Russia, China and earned millions, Pilose whose husband earned billions, Abama became a billionaire, the Clintons

    for which the prison has been waiting for a long time, Biden should be put on trial for the fact that under him and with his work in the Senate, all American production went to China and now America is all in debt

  5. Trump has been 10 steps ahead of the deep state for 6 years. The Trump team knew the FBI was coming. What better way to introduce evidence of deep state crimes into court when the corrupt DOJ refuses to investigate?

  6. @EnoughBS  lol…fun fact..more misinformation fed to you by the mainstream media. Not true!
    I am not for or against Trump. When you let your emotions take over you cannot see the truth. We have massive corruption within our government and governments all over the world. World organizations are working together to become more Tyrannical. Tell me where will the world's people turn when they are oppressed, starving, and sick and ruled over by one tyrannical dictatorship with no way to fight back? Pay attention to world news, people are protesting all over the world because they are being prevented from farming, food processing plants are being burned down, millions of acres of farmland bought up. Ships purposely prevented from coming to port. Humanitarian crisis everywhere. Wars and billions of unaccounted for taxpayers money being funneled somewhere. Stop being so narrow minded. Stop your ridiculous hatred for one man because the media says your supposed to hate him. It's not about him! It's about us! Do you want to live in a CCP communist type of world? Where you have no rights or freedoms? This is what is it's about and they need people like you to believe in their lies to fight against the ones who are standing up against this tyranny. Some day we will say we told you so, just like we tried to tell you about the vaccines but it will be to late. It's no longer a conspiracy theory when it becomes fact. Real doctors, real scientists, real economists, real farmers, real whistle blowers from all over the world are trying to tell people the truth! Are you going to be so closed minded that you not even going to listen, really listen and weigh out what they have to say? God bless to everyone.

  7. FORMER President … FORMER !!! Hate hearing that incompetent fool referred to as the "President" … 😠🤬

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