Louisiana mother of 3 says she was denied a medically necessary abortion

A Louisiana mother of three was told her baby would not develop a skull and die, yet providers denied her an abortion because of concerns it would violate the state’s trigger laws.


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38 thoughts on “Louisiana mother of 3 says she was denied a medically necessary abortion

  1. This is a heartbreaking situation, however this is a financial and politically motivated case.. the law makers have already stated that she could have legally had the abortion in Louisiana, there are other hospitals in Louisiana that said they would do the procedure. She has stated that the abortion would cost her $5000. She set up a go fund me to cover the cost and travel expenses originally to raise $20,000. That amount was met so she changed the goal $45,000.

  2. For those that heard of a diagnosis that could alter the child’s life or mother’s, that’s where my faith comes in. I trust God. If it comes to pass, I have to believe God would equip families. Honestly? I know more families who heard a terrible diagnosis and chose to continue the pregnancy and absolutely nothing came to pass at birth. Everyone was healthy.

  3. "The unborn" are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike orphans, they don't need money, education, or childcare; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. It's almost as if, by being born, they have died to you. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus but actually dislike people who breathe.

  4. I would not personally choose abortion under most circumstances, but if I was a woman,there is no way I would let the government dictate my course of action.

  5. Several months ago, we discovered at the 21 week ultrasound that our baby had a severe skeletal dysplasia, with a small rib cage and lungs, and would not be able to breathe after birth.

    The clinicians involved in the procedure had to agree to perform it, and, because it was second trimester, the hospitals ethics committee had to review the circumstances of the abortion and approve it.

    That should be enough. Lawmakers know nothing about all the thousands of complications that can arise in pregnancy and fetal development.

    Abortion is a complicated and every circumstance is different. Healthcare decisions should remain between a patient and her doctor.

  6. Technology changed in the blink of an eye
    yet her legs are stil up in the sky
    while the nurse tells her to
    slide down lower
    and the doctor holds his
    vacuum like it's a damned hoover

    It takes a seed and his came by the thousands and it's her who they want to send to prison because she's free
    but not really and it's her body but not really
    so she can't drive and she can't vote and high school's feels like a damned joke
    but here she's got a doctor's note,
    and she is holding her doll
    with her belly starts to poke

    it's not your fault, baby girl
    and it shouldn't be your burden to carry
    when his sentence is to force you to marry
    your abuser and the state
    will accuse her
    because it's her body
    but not really and it's her right
    Don't be petty
    when his seed comes by the thousand and he still gets to walk freely.

    She watches witch burnings on tv
    and she hides in the alley not wanting to be seen
    a hanger in one hand and a needle in the other
    she's not ready to be anyone's mother
    and it's her life but not really
    it's her body don't be petty
    he held her down like so many others
    it's his seed one in thousands
    Must she die to save her child
    who will care for the millions
    he walks the street feeling cocky
    claims his innocent like it's his destiny

    he walks into the office he claims his seat at the table
    he lives his life like Cane met Able
    it's his seed one in thousands
    he feels no shame and no restraint

    so who is trapped in this economy
    when all the world loves new technology
    should she bear society's hypocracy
    when it's her body but not really

  7. This story is not what it seems she falls into the exemption criteria in Louisiana but Medicare won’t pay for it.. she has to pay for it herself. That’s really the issue. It’s not that they can’t get the abortion in Louisiana it’s that they can’t pay for it that’s why she is doing online fund raising and of course ABC news doesn’t tell the whole story they only tell the part that enrages people.

  8. ALERT as many of your student friends or family members as possible about this initiative, urging them also to write letters to their local newspapers against abortion.

  9. Another way to play on emotions to trick ppl to sacrifice their children and have no conscience about it ….wickedness abounding and the love of many waxing cold

  10. Not sure what to think, only because doctors are not God, they don't know everything. Many women have gone on to have healthy babies, despite the doctors telling them otherwise. My own opinion is that she should at least wait a few more months to see what happens. It seems premature to destroy the child.

  11. when half the country say no to abortion, you've pretty much lost the whole abortions/fetus doesn't count as murder argument. abortion is murder ho's. Baby killers unite!!!! …….in a blue state.

  12. I have a question since they’re forcing women to have children, can the women sue the state to pay for all medical and care of the child until they are adults?

  13. This is why people say fake news. They clearly said that it's legal for her to get an abortion in her state but the doctors are to scared to do it when in reality this is all a scheme to get money and the media is reporting on it like this to infect the low IQ low attention span tiktok crowd NEVER bases anything off of facts this is all done on purpose

  14. women talk about abortions and killing their own children like it's just another day, no big deal right, …..there's no difference except on some paper somewhere between a person on death row and her, and except the chances of the one on death row probably didn't murder a helpless innocent child.

  15. This is stupid they said she could get the abortion in the video so why are they even running the video it's pointless except they are doing it for political purposes. Because some people are not smart enough to pay attention. If you disagree with what I just said you are one of those people who were not paying attention

  16. The lawmakers have already said she’s within the exception. As this video said….It’s the abortion providers who were afraid of proceeding with providing the abortion.

  17. You have got to be joking. So instead of giving the child a chance to fight for life she wants to fight to kill it…..for what? To save it from having a chance? Doctors are never 100% right. This is the stupidest SJW scenario I've ever seen. It can only make sense to insane people.

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