Federal judge may grant Trump’s request for ‘special master’ | GMA

Trump’s legal team asked for an impartial party to oversee the documents recovered during the execution of an FBI search warrant at Mar-a-Lago.

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Author: Rafael


47 thoughts on “Federal judge may grant Trump’s request for ‘special master’ | GMA

  1. 4th amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure requires citizen have the presumption for need of special master to insure citizens rights protected against state action. Remember, the warrant was "overbroad and general," which tends to be unconstitutional – the FBI opened the door for the need of such protection for the citizen and does not have standing to object to the SM and the presumption is in favor of the citizen. This is a constitutional Republic


  3. Supose All Republican In Chamber House Must Leave The House. As Protest To Mar _ A _ Lago Raid Viewe Times Ago, _ This Not Health Fairplay In Deep States. Thanks All Sir, God Bless All, … Cheerio.*****.

  4. Harvard constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe told CNN in a statement. "She could either redeem herself by starting to act like a real federal judge unaffected by the identity of the president who appointed her, or earn the condemnation of national security experts and legal mavens by botching the biggest case most judges ever touch in a lifetime and endangering the lives of our spies abroad,"

  5. After witnessing the FBI released evidence from trump's hotel room the only conclusion one can make is that Judge Cannon is complicit to 'obstruction of Justice' in the DOJ criminal investigation of stolen Top Secret docs.

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  8. Too late Conald! Just today Merrick Garland SHOCKS Trսmp with LAST-MINUTE Announcement that they already did the whole special master making Trump-appointed-judge Aileen Cannon's decision moot!

  9. When Trump's lawyers told him they wanted to request a "Special Master", he was expecting a hooker in black leather with a riding crop. So he readily agreed.

  10. Vague explanation of the law. No reference to former presidents and their handling of property after leaving office. This network is biased propaganda meant to get ratings and incite hatred of a political opponent.

  11. True American patriots and law enforcement are aware of Sen. Graham's threat to the DOJ. If legal evidence is found against Trump that will indict and convict him, Graham said that Trump's MAGA crowd will riot in the streets. Law enforcement of all agencies will be ready to arrest and convict anyone that breaks any laws in America. Threats will not scare them off. MAGA will stand for My Apostles Getting Arrested. The far right threats to American will be crushed by honorably men and women enforcing America's laws. God Bless America!

  12. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….nothing will change the fact, that Trump
    not once, not twice, but now 3 times has compromised the security of our great Country and people. Trump only cares about Trump. How long is it going to take for his base to realize this? It’s too late to look the other way. Don’t forgot he was “in love with Kim”, and thought Putin was a “great leader”…ARE YOU LISTENING????????

  13. WTF
    Are these so-called "experts" totally oblivious to the following factual????

    1) Every President has various levels of "inside information" concerning national and international affairs. Plus, said president has personal connections with various leaders of numerous countries.
    2) Every former president receives Secret Service protection for the rest of their respective lives
    3) Every penitentiary is controlled by various gangs (AB, MS-13, Crisp, Bloods, etc etc etc) that run criminal enterprises (extortion, murder, drugs, sex, food etc etc etc)
    within said penitentiary. Every inmate is under said gangs utter control, and untold correctional personal.

    The incarceration a former president would be a, logistical nightmare…
    1) The Secret Service would have to be in whatever penitentiary said former president would be serving his/her sentence.
    2) Eventually, gangs such as AB, MS-13 would be a major threat towards the secret service agents and said president….
    Said president, and secret service agents, would become the most valuable source for exploitation and extortion ever.

    These, so-called, "experts" either don't have common sense to know these obvious facts, or, they are in bed with the "military industrial complex".

    High-ranking members of the government are NEVER be incarcerated for any reason whatsoever

  14. Trump used his tax-free charity "Foundation" to pay Barron's $7 boy scout registration and $264,000 to renovate a fountain at one of his hotels. With a man that unscrupulous, there's no telling what's in the seized documents.

  15. We have seen this before, with Donnie, using Barr his AG to derail the Mueller investigation. With his nothing-to-see-here letter, Barr wrote to the public and Congress. How good is Russian disinformation decades of practice, and Donnie the useful idiot for Putin? Donnie: master grifter, distraction and delaying art, to a science. Tapestry of twisted Donnie, burning our house down to spite his face. Taking bloody revenge against his self-defined enemies.

  16. It appears that Florida Judge Cannon has been bought by Trump. Possibly, a payback for her appointment?
    First of all, the judge is overlapping another federal judge; Second, Cannon is a day late and a dollar short; third, it's citizen trump, a former President; fourth, Cannon is injecting herself into a criminal investigation that may be charge with 'Obstruction of Justice'.

  17. What is more egregious, Donnie appears to shop around for a magistrate or judge to agree to to his ridiculous proposal. Reinhart has no say in the matter. This is very clever and sneaky, to say the least.

  18. The requesst is obvious obstruction by this judge who, let's face it, is just glomming onto the donald to express her gratitude for her appoointment. Plus, if you read the affidavit you can see that they had a person at the search who was specifically there just to perform the exact role defined by this master. The judge should be pilloried loudly by all and recuse her corrupt self for this and the master request just tossed out.

  19. No, bad idea. It is apparent this person's "master" will be independent of the judiciary and not accountable to Judge Reinhart. Will delay and obstruct the FBI, and this master appointed or vetted by Trump will not have the appropriate security clearances. Will serve as the eyes and ears of Trump, who will do everything he can to derail the FBI investigation. Create endless delays and distractions, by letting Trump argue over every single document he wants back. Law enforcement has no say in what can be sent back to that orange grifter. Donnie wants to prevent a trial over his actions and this is his vehicle to do it.

  20. COPY SEARCH GOOGLE IMAGE FORI pray god sends me to hell if I post a lie. news corp owns news corp moves to Russia news corps Russian billboard business Rupert Murdoch and Putin Fox news news corp Russian propaganda The desperate right just cherry pick redacted documents thats totally normal in any investigation and not showing unrelated things. DeSantis top gun ad is STOLEN VALOR he should be arrested. Search headings on google image GOP cuts veterans Trump insults veterans Documents evidence against Trump released FBI documents vs Trump Trump classified documents Trump Trump Mara-Lago documents Trump vs Jan 6th Capitol hill riot Jan 6th texts evidence Trump says pleading the 5th means your guilty Donald Trump pleads the 5th Eric Trump pleads the 5th Republicans plead the 5th Republicans block evidence documents Republicans block witnesses Republicans fuel jan 6th riot Republicans deny jan 6th violence jan 6th violence jan 6th plead guilty jan 6th deaths suicides Supreme court judges wife texts to over throw government 157 Republicans voted against marriage equality 147 Republicans voted to overturn legal elections GOP asked Trump to pardon Republicans Republican found guilty

  21. All I can say at this point is: There WILL BE one day that we will never have to lay eyes on him ever again. And I’m young enough to enjoy that day.

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  23. To all the brainwashed in the US !! The number of People, trying to take total control of the US, is a very very small group of people. This group sees the US, as the jewel in the crown. These conmen, are liars, cheats, and pure evil. These people own the banks, corporations, and real estate.

  24. US District Judge Aileen Cannon, who was nominated to the bench by Trump in 2020 is being asked by Trump's team to appoint a 'special master'. This judge should have recused herself from this request, as she was appointed by Trump! In addition, she has no jurisdiction for the request other than being located in Florida. In fact, this request could be construed as an obstruction of justice act.

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