I don’t hear ‘Republicans squawking’ about billionaires: Sen. Bernie Sanders | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on “This Week.”

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42 thoughts on “I don’t hear ‘Republicans squawking’ about billionaires: Sen. Bernie Sanders | ABC News

  1. the government printing of money is putting a tax on everyone thru inflation, but yeah the evil billionaires are somehow stealing your money via.. ways.. k bud.

  2. It seems that this fraudster is unaware that the overwhelming number of billionaires and corporate executives support the Democrat Party. This fraudster also pretends to have sympathy for nurses. I doubt he worries too much about nurses who refused the dangerous injection.

  3. Come to San Francisco Bernie and watch how great socialism works. 🙄 Complete unimaginable chaos as Billionaire Nancy Pelosi and Paul drunk Pelosi get 24 / 7 security in her mansion on the hill in Pac Heights. All the huge Democrat donors live in such places Pacific Heights San Francisco while homeless grovel in their own vomit / P and 💩 and hard working tax payer citizens pay for this chaos people like you make. F off. The crime and fentanyl deaths are just beyond what anyone can comprehend. The police have given up. By the way F J Biden. I was a Democrat.

  4. I remember when Bernie used to constantly blame millionaires until he became one now all he says is billionaires. I guess the bar changes when you become a millionaire who owns 4 houses.

  5. Stop with the billionaires already. The top 1% in this country pay somewhere around 43% of this countries taxes. This student loan debt will cost every tax paying American another $2000. Not to mention Biden lacked authority to do so. All this is is political theatre. This will get rolled back after elections.

  6. We're worried about student debt as the super rich don't pay there fair share. As they ride their 5 to100million dollar boats and say the working class needs to pay more. Wake up people.

  7. Of course. Corp. media loves to protect the establishment. Money going towards working class people is always hard to come by. Such a joke. This Greek dude should be happy to still have a job.

  8. republicans have NEVER given up one thing! what the hell are they angry at! they always act like victims when it's the american working & poor who give everything and get nothing…VOTE BLUE!

  9. Lawyers and Drs realized truck drivers and welders make more than they make. A good teacher at a good trade school can lead you to a successful career. Learning how to invest can change your life like sooo many other people.

  10. Why would conservatives be mad about the people that tell then how to think? They're stuck kicking down instead of punching up. Fox doesn't tell them to pissed off about billionaires getting tax breaks, they tell them to be pissed off about poor people getting stuff they can't have.

  11. I am always amazed that people keep supporting the Republicans who don't do anything for working families, but give tax breaks and money to billionaires. The facts are people who get their advantage for one thing won't need an advantage for another. Supporting Republicans doesn't make sense for working families.

  12. I think socialists that own 5 mansions should have to pay a 90% property tax rate on each one
    I think people who work for the government,( not hiring anyone or providing any products or services) should be taxed at 90% on their income
    I think environmentalists that fly around in jets should have to pay a 100% tax on their jet fuel consumption.
    I think members of congress that opposes securing the border should not be allowed to have a wall or any security around their home
    I think anyone who supports gun control should not be allowed to have private security protecting them and their family.
    I think anyone who supports college debt forgiveness should have to pay the $200,000 salary they got for teaching at a college back to the lender.

  13. This man is a billionaire do you really think he pays his share. This people are not going to hurt themselves. So if you think he trying to help the poor people, you need to really wakeup

  14. So why are Americans not listening to this man your country is getting ran into the ground. It seems they have you so confused and mixed up you’re even creating changes that would benefit the masses

  15. When feasible, consider voting 3rd party. I'm partial to the Green Party. They advocate for the type of policies Bernie wants. Democrats aren't even close.

  16. As a member of the rest of the world (yes, we exists), it blows my mind that the Dems, didnt move forward with Bernie. I would love to have him as the president of my country! LOVE!

  17. I like Bernie but I disagree with him on student loan forgiveness. He talked about nurses working two jobs to pay their student loans. I do tax returns for many nurses, and they all make six figures (and good for them), but they can easily pay their student loans. I paid off my student loan over 15 years. I got married, my wife went to school, and we just finished paying off her loan. This student loan forgiveness initiative rewards ivy league wealthy students and the most irresponsible students. It is an abomination to anyone who has played by the rules. Bernie (fuckhead that he is) should be ashamed of himself for endorsing this irresponsible bill. Bernie thinks of himself as a progressive, but the truth is, his policies don't address the needs of real people.

  18. It's obvious the corrupt politicians/republicans always have a problem with leaders like Bernie, Buttigieg, O'Rourke, AOC that constantly place this country and its less fortunate people first.

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