Uvalde school police chief terminated l GMA

Uvalde school board officials unanimously voted to fire Pete Arredondo exactly three months after the school shooting that killed 19 students and two teachers.
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  1. Listening. To. CHILDERN. EXECUTED .. jail. Law. Licenses. Taken. .. all. Of. Those. That. We're. There. With. A. Badge … I. Hope. They. Sue. Ur. F…..g. Panty's. Off..
    There. Worst. Word. I. Can. Call. U. Is. K.k.kop S.O.B.'s

  2. That footage of the police officers stopping that officer from saving his wife still absolutely pisses me off and has stuck with me. Those officers are absolutely deserving of prison for lack of executing their duties

  3. When is the fugking SCHOOL BOARD going to be FIRED? The school was unsafe and unsecure in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!! No working /locking exterior doors and no LOCKING CLASSROOMS!!! A TEACHER failed to secure an exterior door!! The kids were DEAD by the time the cops entered the school. See for yourself @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3poHE3nOb8

  4. If (free) donuts were being handed out in that school on that awful day each and every one of those coward pigs would have been in there in seconds, not hours! 🙄

  5. He was waiting for body armor place they're already had body armor. I do not know about the law but this man is a coward we was one of the first men on scene he was the highest ranking officer there and he should have done something I personally would not let this man be in the police department anymore I would not let him hold any office I would not let him wear any kind of uniform not even as a janitor or a dog catcher I would not try I cannot trust this man he let the kids down he let the student body down he let the city down and he let the county down I wish that we could put this man in jail for a long time because I believe we could have saved half the kids if he moved quicker. He trained the officers as a active shooter in the school system and also barricaded system he knew in his heart they weren't barricaded he knew there were innocent kids in that room he had to know and he still did not move. Thank you for listening my prayers go out to the family of the ones that lost loved ones and it goes out for the prayers of the kids there at uvalde and the City of Uvalde. And he's not the only one that should be fired somebody should have moved forward and save those kids and not wait 77 minutes that was a lifetime for those kids and I wonder what was going through their heads and the ones that were there watching their friends bleed out and could you do nothing to help him and they felt like no one on the outside was going to help him I think all 400 officers should have some should be fired some should be demoted and something should be put in their files as they disgrace their uniform that day because they stood by and watch 21 innocent kids and teachers die that day and no one and I'll repeat no one made a move to save those kids thank you and like I say my prayers goes out to the families and to the kids all the school and the City of your Uvalde

  6. He was waiting for keys to get into the room they have other ways of getting into locked rooms besides keys he was waiting for Shields shields were already there he was waiting for long rifles long rifles is there within 3 minutes shields were there in 3 minutes.

  7. How can this man this person I can't call him a man sleep at night knowing that he helped kill 19 innocent kids and two great teachers he feels that he did nothing wrong well let's see what he did wrong. You need communication so he left us to radios in his car he stood by why why a teacher and a student called one called her husband and the other one called dispatch to let him know that still survivors in that room alive and he stood by and let him die..

  8. He was THE local police chief, he was supposed to set up an impromptu command post until they could get something better on scene, and delegate so as many lives could be saved as possible. He neglected his duties. He's a total POS.

  9. The police chief states he did everything he could, what a joke, the camera's do not lie, he did nothing, but stand there with all those other officers, they all stood there while children were being murdered, they ALL need to be fired, such cowards.

  10. Guns exist all around the world but mass shootings don't happen all around the world. The problem is Americans.

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day and America is the ONLY country on Earth that has school shootings.

    Uvalde was the 7th school shooting this year. There are currently 27 US school shootings for 2022. Why no news?

    9,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the last 6 months. 7,920 Americans have been shot by other Americans in the past 6 months.

  11. Pete Arredondo did nothing right! He fail miserably! He is the cause that all these children and teachers are dead… He could've saved lives but he decided to waste time…. I hope he never finds peace in his heart. I mean, I'm not a cop nor work in the law but using my common sense i would myself confront the shooter if I had a weapon, I would injure or kill the shooter even if my life would cost me, at least i would've die in peace knowing I took the shooter out… but all this is just my opinion

  12. The Ulvalde P.D. definitely made fools of themselves. Noticed that that they want to go after the gun manufacturer?! Why? The gun did not go walking into the school going off by itself. The manufacturer is not responsible for criminal misuse of a weapon. Otherwise, it can be argued that auto manufacturers can be held liable for a criminal's actions when using an automobile.

  13. Check this guys Bank Account….He was instructed to stand down by the criminal Deep State.
    It's another Gun control effort to disarm the public

  14. Greatest news ever brilliant brilliant this should be done in every rotten scumbag cities that have the same or even a hundred and a thousand times more police Chiefs and theirs look at New York City 1,000 times worse police district attorney and there and Governor defend these guys they found these criminals morons and idiots defend this defund them defund them in Chicago in Detroit Philadelphia Atlanta Milwaukee Los Angeles Oakland Seattle Baltimore and definitely in Washington City these are the scumbag lowlifes of society these governors Mayors district attorneys and police department Chiefs defund them and buy guns by the guns to protect your children by the guns to protect yourself by guns don't trust the morons and idiots

  15. This experience was very informative. Apparently cops are capable of being polite, communicative and respectful. When the situation actually calls for them to exert more force, they just become meek and cowardly. 🤷‍♂

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