Heavy rain prompts flood watches in 10 states l GMA

Some areas in the Northeast have received more rain in these storms than in the past two months, with several more inches to come.

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37 thoughts on “Heavy rain prompts flood watches in 10 states l GMA

  1. Where are the flood swales that feed into several ponds? Sounds third world.

    Follow Africa and China's green belt lead in water retention to minimise flooding.

    Just ensure Climate Bill funds are NOT stolen by fraudsters like the Covid funding was.

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  3. So water is nearly waist deep and people are attempting to drive through it and they almost seem surprised when their cars stall, or start to float away with them inside. Uhmm? What’s up with that? Where do they gotta go that’s so damn important??

  4. If only someone could have predicted these changes in weather patterns causing all of this flooding, wildfires, and droughts… What did those climate change scientists say again?

  5. Meanwhile I'm chilling in my apartment in Chicago with apartment views like my profile picture in perfect 75F degree weather. No droughts or floods. Just stable Great Lakes climate 🙂 Worlds largest source of fresh water 😎 Lake Michigan/Huron here in America

  6. I feel for them! I remember after tropical storm Irene finding a car in the woods balance upright on its grill. It must’ve floated there and when the water receded, came to rest like that.

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