Judge grants Trump’s request for special master l ABCNL

ABC News investigative reporter Katherine Faulders and attorney Jeff Robbins discuss a judge’s decision to grant a special master to review documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s home.

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Author: Rafael


43 thoughts on “Judge grants Trump’s request for special master l ABCNL

  1. Trump wants a special master, eh? Fine! Given the potential implications, whoever they get should be an attorney either now in government service or retired. They should be familiar with the laws surrounding the Presidential Records Act, National Secrets Act and the proper methods of handling similar documents including the correct declassification procedure and be crystal clear on the definitions of "OBSTRUCTION", "CONTEMPT" 'ESPIONAGE" & "TREASON". They should either now hold, have held or be able to be elevated to the necessary security clearance to view all the documents in evidence and be bound for life by the National Secrets Act. For this role they should be polygraphed coming into the case and once their part in proceedings is complete to guarantee integrity & nonpartisanship. Given that most of the evidence in question is seriously classified the jury is unlikely to see much if any of it. Could a special master be called upon to describe evidence without exposing names, classified content or collection methods? Only 4 names come to mind for this task. All are attorneys, 1 is still in government service the other three are retired. They are:
    Liz Cheney (she's even a Republican!)
    Hilary Clinton (She had a high clearance as SECSTATE & should be familiar with the handling of classified material)
    Eric Holder (former U. S. Attorney General)
    Barrack H. Obama (attorney & former POTUS…BEAT THAT!!)

  2. A special master is a third-party attorney appointed by a court to oversee part of a certain case.

    The special master will oversee the Justice Department's review of the evidence gathered from his beach club and filter out privileged material that may have been seized in the search.

  3. So, send in a team of agents and they'll search and seize stuff from the former president`s 16 year old son? But when it comes to the current President's son, who has all the reasons in the world to be searched and seized , let's turn our heads and pretend that nothing happened. Yup, That's It, let's do it like that. Equal justice, what world are you living in. Come on man, even the news media knows that the above scenario I described is the way to do things there's nothing wrong with it.

  4. Independents and democrats a like need to vote in next republican primary for presidential candidate to ensure trump is not the republican candidate. You can vote in republican primary for presidential candidates and still vote for who every you decide on in actual presidential elections in every state. No one can force you to vote for a certain party candidate. This would help in making sure trump is not on the ticket for next presidential election.
    Keep America safe from trump.

  5. The current DNI should make a criminal referral to DOJ instructing them to charge John Ratcliffe, the former DNI, trump and his attorneys, Habba, Bobbs and Corcoran, for conspiracy to obstruct justice in furtherance of the plot to steal, conceal and allow unauthorized access to TOP SECRET documents in violation of 18 USC §§ 793, 1519, 1924 and 2071. The charges should be filed in the DC Circuit where at least some of the original theft occurred. Garland and Dixon could then ask the DC court to quash the insane special master order to allow for joint prosecution.

  6. America…your reputation is sinking!

    Since when is there a "special master" in an investigation? Why cant this whole crime been argued in a court of law? Those pecedures are only known in states, where the independence of the judiciary is no longer existing!

  7. Who cares if Hillary Clinton had classified documents who cares if Hunter Biden is under investigation anything has got to be better than Trump even if Hillary did the same thing I say they should still arrest him and charge him with treason

  8. We cannot let Donald Trump destroy America again Donald Trump stands for lower gas prices lower taxes he wants us not to be able to give our kids sex changes if we want to this is our freedom to make these choices he wants to get rid of CRT he wants to lower inflation all of these things will destroy America as we know it but yes to hire taxes vote Yes to CRT in our schools hope yes if our child feel like he wants to be a girl I'm here to support my child no matter what oh yes to her inflation vote Yes to student loan payoff vote Yes to the old Monopoly crashing we all should catch buses and city transportation the only people that should have cars and jets is the elite and powerful that is the only way we're going to save our planet

  9. "Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as a gift on my daughter's wedding day" Vito Corleone.

  10. We see why you're hyper-fixated on President Trump…

    Rising food prices due to Climate Change/Green agriculture policies and supply chain crisis

    Baby Formula shortage

    Increase in violent crime

    Increase in violence against our children

    Democrats' Defund the Police Movement that has lead to mass shortages of police, and deadly increase in response times

    *1990 painted on the wall of a school in Soweto, Africa:
    "Disarm the police and kill the boer (white man)"

    Anti white racism and violence and anti US/Western culture propaganda.
    *At Nelson Mandela Celebration of Life, Obama and other dignitaries were serenaded with the Economic Freedom Fighters' anthem:
    "Kill the boer (white man)".

    Impacts if increase in rapes, even of babies, and violent crime connected to unrestrained illegal immigration

    Teenagers no longer have entry level jobs to keep them off the streets due to mass increases of minimum wage, unionizing fast food service, and influx of illegals who compete for these jobs due to lack of documentation

    Crashing Economy

    Untenable gas and utility prices

    Selling our national reserves of oil, gas and weaponry – leaving the US at risk in an increasingly volatile world

    Giving billions to Ukraine, a fascist regime who jails political opposition and reporters, instead of protecting US children at home from the impacts of crime.

    Supply chain crisis impact on life

    Fentanyl and overdose crisis

    Deviant Education forced on kids

    Abortion up to 28 days AFTER birth

    Rampant discrimination against Catholics, other Christians and Jews

    Vilification of citizens, not politicians, who disagree with the administration in power

  11. Are you kidding me?

    Trump wonders where the sun goes down at night.

    Trump thinks the "The Beatles" are bugs you stomp on.

    Trump thinks that Ranch Dressing is just for cowboys.

    Trump thinks that Queen Latifah is a member of the Royal Family.

    Trump's mental battery is in low power mode.

    Trump thinks that "The Rolling Stones" can be found in the desert.

    I hope Trump loves cold water because he's going down with the ship.

    Trump's pearls of wisdom are counterfeit.

    Trump is plunking defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Vote for Democracy, not Trumpocracy….

  12. Socialist democrats Boy Judas Joe tells doj/fbi go after my political adversary
    Put orange bad man in jail
    Judge says wait a minute doj/fbi screwed up and accountability .Proper due procedures prove it
    Woke doj and biased fbi scrambling to find plan z.

  13. I recommend watching fox news
    31 trillion in debt…..inflation 40yr high
    401k retirement plan losing billions of dollars….2 million illegal immigrants and counting…..etc 《 mind boggling 》
    Wow……let's believe everything, what the government says

  14. 😭😭😭😭😭 DOJ in shambles at having some oversight. No guys you can't just grab privileged material and do whatever you like with it. There's no Trump exception to the 4th Amendment.

  15. People crying about this judge being Trump appointed but are just fine with the magistrate Reinhart hating Trump and revising himself from a different case involving Trump.

    DOJ has perjured itself before to spy on Trump. They have no right to complain about oversight. "Just trust us" isn't acceptable

  16. It's nothing more than stalling, wasting time, they're not going to find anymore of Trump's personal property, they're not meant to, all the SM is going to do is take their sweet bloody time, watch this useless move take 2 months to do what the FBI did in a week. The judge owed Trump a favour, Trump knew he was going to take classified documents, he knew there was a chance the FBI might come looking for them, that's why she was put in her position in Florida AFTER Trump lost the election, to gum up the process in case he got caught stealing.

  17. “The DOJ is conducting this investigation in an overtly partisan and corrupt manner. The authorized leaks and selective disclosures discredit their entire basis for withholding other information from valid requests such as ours. There is simply no valid ongoing investigation exemption for the communications we are seeking. The American people have a right to these communications, and the administration must turn them over.”

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