Seattle teacher’s strike delay first day of school

The Seattle Education Association and school board have been negotiating for months over demands the unions have made to address teacher burnout as students return to school.

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27 thoughts on “Seattle teacher’s strike delay first day of school

  1. Union strikes are a public nuisance. Greed greed greed. But one can expect nothing less from a liberal state. I guess they haven't caught on that the system can only support so much before lay off notices go out and class numbers dramatically increase. No one wins.

  2. Not only the needs of the students and teachers get an education good pay days off that they need as teachers students needing the resources and support for educational and social skills but it's the law that these kids be in school parents are held against this reason their kids are not in school so kids by law are supposed to be in school

  3. The only job where you can consistently underperform, claim that it's because you're not paid well enough, go on strike and get paid more then continue to fail and do it all over again every few years. Shut the entire system down and give the money to parents so they can choose how and where to get their kids educated.

  4. They already make 120k plus to teach kids for 180 days in classroom (6 months.) They're essentially grossly overpaid part time workers (baby sitters.) With the abysmal literacy rates for students in Seattle and Washington in general these teachers deserve a pay cut, not a raise.

  5. I see the schools and all representatives of the schools are not thinking about the knowledge and skills that children need it's all about the money and greed it is in about the time and my question is where's the receipt showing what they're spending the money on and why is Union always stealing the wages of teachers and others I am very disappointed that our government fails the rights of those who work for them and they refuse to pay them their proper wages this is not acceptable when wages are not being paid out this is including the state of land security and all DHS not paying the proper wages to any disabled person neither it's also Rachel and discriminating and it's time to wear a t-shirts that states that the state violated the disabled act of others who has busted their butt should be paid the same wages as anyone else obstruction of justice and out of line control greedy State officials stealing cheating and lying and embezzling off disabling people's money that work for it should be taken out of office for cheating and lying stating they can't do the job it doesn't matter others should be paid the same amount on their wages but when the states take over and violate the disabled act has no rights to violating anyone you taking advantage of disabled long enough you're also using them for money you should not be a union worker stealing from those who are needing to be able to make a living as disability people you have sold and use them for what you can I feel you violated and victimized the disabled rates obstruction of justice embezzling off their money stealing cheating and lying after all the money they earn from their past makes you a robber a thief cheater deceiving and taking the disability for granted I am very disappointed they are a human beings they may be different than you but you sure as hell so no safety or insurance to prove that disabled people count as well as any other person you have left disabled people behind for your own game you also use them as freaks to your advantage when it comes down to money on television praising them making them look good but the problem is is what's behind the deceit of those who steal the wages of disabled

  6. What they're complaining about is there wages not being paid enough and the overtime and having to work overtime with kids who need the extra time could you do something to change and make the difference than stealing their wages while Union is taking more for yourself and barely paying those who work for them this is out of control people are fighting over money like it's running water because it's a great thing going on they're figuring if Union is stealing their wages and leaving them with nothing to live on how you expect teachers to keep going if they're not going to pay him enough to keep them in the schools I feel that this is out of control so bad that all the corruption that's gone beyond the point everyone has gotten so greedy all they think about is there's Hope what about their schooling what about what the children need how are they supposed to learn if you're all going to keep striking what about the teachers wages and where is this money going we all need receipts through taxes and state about where the money is going they've had millions and millions of dollars enter the schools and people are out there buying money through Union to pay for 🏘️🏘️ boats and cars then they go around bragging about what they bought no one has bothered to investigate where the hell is his money going this is not acceptable behavior when teachers are getting paid higher wages and no one knows where the money is going no one knows where the money is going through Union either they've gotten millions and millions of dollars for over the 24 years I'm a little disappointed that our government fails to ask about receipts where is the money going what are they spending it on and why is there so much embezzlement going on every time there's money involved people have gotten greedy or through the unions stealing more than paying their wages they favored the ones they figured that needs more money this has to stop they need to make sure that everybody gets the same share and amount then violating the ones who have put their butts on the line I'm getting a little disappointed because everybody is screaming for greedy money the money is more important than teaching the kids this is what I'm also seeing and this is the way they are representing their self they don't want to be teachers anymore otherwise they wouldn't keep striking every time it comes down to a child's knowledge and skills I would like to see the children being more important than people fighting over money this is b***** it needs to stop you all need to sit down and act like civilized adults to resolve this problem then acting like perpetrators

  7. Burnout teachers get the summer off, try digging ditches all day, or picking garbage up, being a cop on the beat ever day, or a grocery worker making 15 a hour for the last few years short handed.

  8. Kids test show how far behind they are, that's they way to help these kids get back on track go on strike teachers are so self indulged it's unreal. Private schools are booming I am sure, what about the parents who can't afford it. All the money given to schools during covid were did it gooooooo

  9. Hilarious. Please stay on strike. You're harmful to children and the country. Greedy pigs. Children would be better off homeschooling on pragerU and engaging in sports. I remember watching you guys strike a few years ago until damn near Nov. No wonder the driver in front of me chucked a slurpy on you guys. Okay, tbh I threw the slurpy.

  10. Screw these teachers…. Fire them and hire a bunch of retired teachers come back and actually teach our kids core fundamental School curriculums… These kids don't need to be indoctrated by these woke-ass teachers… They had all summer to strike they wait till the first day of school… Our kids are stupid nowadays they're not even worth what they get paid now

  11. POLICE: (People Traitors) have NO LAWFUL DUTY to PROTECT our "CHILDREN" or "HUMAN LIFE": (Police are Income producing agents for "State Profit"!)
    The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled and again in (Castlerock vs Gonzales): Police serve and protect the corporate "States for Profit", police DO NOT serve or protect the people of the states!

    Qualified Immunity must be abolished (Removed) from revenue traitors for honest accountability in favor of the people, and not the corporation!

    – TurtleTruth (Police Often Abuse & Destroy Lives for State Profit!)

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