Ukraine widens counteroffensive

Ukrainian forces are making gains in their counteroffensive against Russia while President Vladimir Putin claims his army is winning.


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41 thoughts on “Ukraine widens counteroffensive

  1. Putler's comments only goes to show how unhinged from the actual realities on the ground that he is. This is getting ever worse than we could ever imagine, Ukraine will win this war for sure but the peace will be closer to pre-Feb 24th lines of control than a compete recapturing of all lost territory. Slava Ukraini!

  2. See the moment it's absolutely confirmed to be used as a nuclear armament then NATO might want to get involved. But that's a hard "might" since Russia is a huge nuclear power player

  3. Putin is just has bad as Hitler. When will the world put a stop to him. When you have a rapid dog, you put it to sleep! Time to stop the atrocities and end this war!

  4. Someone should tell the Russians the Soviet Union fell apart 30 years ago. The countries are now independent and they want to stay that way.

  5. Putin is looking for the Last Nukes that the UKE held back… city by city, hoping for Public Relations to work themselves out… before he Pushes the Uke to make a "City Dissappear" in the S. UNION… By keeping it "Conventional" as far as warfare goes, he Putin Doesn't SEEM the "Bad Guy."
    He Realizes that "The World" forgets quickly., gets "Bored" and "No Longer Notices Things".. like the World did about what the Nazis did in WWII…
    The ONLY Difference is… the UKE still has a "Nuclear Stinger."

  6. If he actually said this, "We have not lost anything and will not lose anything"…then he doesn't consider thousands of Russian lives blown to bits a loss. Or billions of Rubles wasted on missiles, aircraft and helicopters grounded into rubble, tanks that tossed their turrets 50' in the air, the Moskva and other ships resting at the bottom of the Black Sea. How about the thousands wounded that will have to live with their brain scrambled, blind, with missing limbs. It is abundantly clear who is at fault, and what must happen to the narcissist to end this war. Peace and prosperity to Ukraine!

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  8. If Russia has the plant it stands to reason that it is Ukraine who is shelling the power plant; Russia would not bomb their own positions. Ukraine is trying to create a nuclear emergency in order to pull the world into conflict.
    This is NATO's war of relevance…they were appropriately called out as parasitic grifters and they need a new cold war to keep extorting us all…wake up.

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  10. @Rybar’s SitRep of the Izyum Theatre (Balakleya-Kupyansk-Izyum Triangle), as of the end of September 8, 2022.

    ▪ By the evening of the third day of the Ukrainian offensive in the Kharkov region, Russian units left Balakleya. Russian Armed Forces and Rosgvardia fighters left the town in an orderly manner through a corridor on the eastern outskirts [GB: Reserves, it turns out, according to various reports, were earlier brought to Balakleya to punch through the corridor and to facilitate the withdrawal of the operationally encircled Russian units, not to support a battle for the control of the city.]

    ▪After capturing Volkhov Yar, Ukrainian forces advanced towards Shevchenkovo, where a part of the Ukrainian forces’ grouping blockaded the settlement, while other units continued towards Kupyansk.

    ▪ Late in the day, Ukrainian forces split up: some units reached the Kupyansk-Shevchenkovo highway near the village of Grushevka, occupying the settlement and starting preparations for a further assault on Kupyansk.

    ▪ Another part of the enemy grouping made a dash to the east, engaging in fighting near the village of Senkovo on the bank of the Oskol River. There is a bridge in the village, the seizure of which will make it possible to cut off Izyum's supply from the Kupyansk side.

    ▪Southeast of Balakleya, the Ukrainian army is attempting to advance towards Veseloye and Kunya, but enemy units were repulsed near Zaliman. Veseloye is a key transport interchange providing a link to Izyum.

    ▪ To the north of Slavyansk, the Ukrainian command plans to launch an offensive against Russian forces in Izyum in order to constrain their actions and prevent them from manoeuvring. Russian artillery and aviation are working intensively through the surrounding forests.

  11. I strongly believe this is the beginning of the end of Ukraine.

    They have thrown everything they have in this but they don't have capacity to maintain it long term.

  12. You're very welcome for all the money you're receiving from America I sure hope you can pay it back because you're taking food out of the mouths of hungry people

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