What judge’s decision to appoint special master means for Trump investigation

A federal judge granted the request for a special master to review the Mar-a-Lago documents, tasking Donald Trump’s attorneys and the Department of Justice with finding potential candidates.

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “What judge’s decision to appoint special master means for Trump investigation

  1. Do all thieves get an expert that comes in and examines what they have stolen? Or is there more emphasis on the fact that they stole???

  2. Yanks can’t be very bright to choose that Peanut trump to lead them……& to top it off they now have sleepy Joe 🤷‍♂️ are they all idiots 🤔….

  3. We need a framework in place to remove judges whose pronouncements lead to proven, real and lasting damage to the nation's ability to act on the constitution.

  4. Well Well Well
    The President does not need to write anything as of anything for it to be declassified Only to do by action.
    Declared by law and SCOUS precident,
    As such anything at The President residence is declassified. Law.
    However, Interesting thought as of the mid term elections.
    Democratics beware!!!!!, might be in serious trouble.
    If the GOP has the numbers; as only needs simple majority in the house 🏠,
    they can impeach:
    1 The President and then
    2 The Vice President
    And the Senate by 2/3 vote terminates the President & Vice President term of office 🏬
    Which will make the House 🏠 Speaker
    Who will be a Republican;
    The President of USA 🇺🇸.
    What happens if no GOP in congress wants or takes the job.
    Can/ How does Donald Trump get the job.

  5. It would be poetic justice if they got Robert Mueller as the Special Master. After all Mueller does have ALL the necessary security clearances and he does have extensive experience when it comes to handling Trump. Don't forget to order your MAGA SELL AMERICA hats!

  6. Biden administration is in a panic as they will have to return Melania's panties. Someone will have to tell Joe to give them back. He will have to settle for sniffing women and little girls hair for the time being.

  7. Look at the weak mind simpletons in the comments! I’m not surprised how butt hurt these psychopaths are because trump might get treated fairly in this process. You people are an absolute abomination to this country.

  8. It means boo hoo fascist democrats can’t get what they want. Hahahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I heard when he was president that he was looking for repubican, young and inexperienced lawyers to assign as judges. Now I know why.

  10. When the cops put him in the back of the police car they have to remember not to cover his head with their hands so he doesn't bang his head. He hates that.

  11. To ALL of You who agree with Your boy Coo Coo Joe that The Rightists are Trumpees, Tell your BOY that It is BETTER 2 B a Trump Trumpee than a Biden Humpty Dumpty!! When U FALL, pick me up on your way down.

  12. Trump should use the guy that said all the classified information found in Bill Clinton's sock drawer was perfectly legal and that nobody has a right to know what is in there

  13. CHARACTER 2022 ##

    Some of us are as God planned

    Though many are far worse.

    Our characters are not of marble

    So the Devil may work his curse.

    Fame is what we steal or take

    Character is what we give.

    To this truth we must awake

    So we might begin to live.

    There is some good in all of us

    Which may not show at first.

    With good character of heart and soul

    We prepare ourselves for the worst.

    Show me a liar and you have found a thief

    Whose character is controlled by hell.

    They love what's wrong and hate what's right

    And they're lucky they're not all in jail.

    The power of truth helps preserve mankind

    When our angel within is allowed to rise.

    Men, women, children, kings and presidents

    Are blessed by deeds not falsehoods or lies.

  14. This judge has an impeccable record and was confirmed by the Senate with almost half of the Senate DEMOCRATS voting for her nomination! The magistrate who signed off on the Trump Mar-a-Lago warrant wasn't elected by anybody and has a long social media history of bashing Trump!

  15. Judge Eileen Cannon from the Southern District of Florida, who was nominated by Trump to the bench in 2020, is allowed to handle the former President's request for the special master.

    How is this an impartial decision. Of course, she is going to allow for the Special Master because Trump nominated her to the bench in the Sothern District of Florida.

    Judge Eileen Cannon should not be the one making this decision. She should recuse herself. DOJ must Appeal!

  16. Hey Trump haters, this is good right? This will only confirm everything the FBI, CNN and MSNBC having been pumping in your head.

  17. A "special master" to review"King Donald's" numerous examples of criminal incompetence and contempt for the laws that only the "peasants" are required to respond and follow… The vested interest big money corporate aristocracy apparently "know what's best", including here in Australia… If one rocks the boat, no doubt there is always room in the appropriate Gulag/jail/mental health facility…

  18. On May 10, 2022, NARA informed Plaintiff that it would proceedwith “provid[ing] the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President, beginning as early as Thursday, May 12, 2022” [ECF No. 48-1 p. 9]. The Government’s filing states that the FBI did not obtain access to the Fifteen Boxes until approximately May 18, 2022 [ECF No. 48 p. 7].

  19. Don the Con choices for Special Master include: 1) Putin, 2) Kim Jong-un, 3) Saudi Crime Family, 4) Roger Stone, 5) Sean Hannity, 6) Porn Star.

  20. You mean the trump appointed judge, who's she going to appoint Special Masters, Rudy! How much longer are good men going to stand by while these traitorous criminals, that attempt a coup and continue their treason… youtube.com/watch?v=jL5LaLT2BJM Lets not forget the 100+ republican puppets that signed their treasonous document, rejecting the People's Vote. Still dreaming of that Trickle Down… youtu.be/Cy87kzKxkP8?t=93 Open your eyes, your masters don't share and never have. Darwinism: Making America Great, Again? 🤦‍♂

  21. I wonder if this charge understands what treason really is, and how she is being manipulated into performing the same. If I was the DOJ I would object to this and find a way to block it and her ability to carry out her duty which she is not obviously able to.

  22. I told you cointelpro was trying to protect trump not arrest him, bymaking themselves look bad the got what they wanted so he won't get in trouble, to help his chances of winning in 2024

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