Zelenskyy to David Muir: ‘Nobody knew scale of invasion’

The president of Ukraine spoke to ABC News’ David Muir in Kyiv about whether he regrets not warning the Ukrainian people earlier before the Russian invasion.

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Author: Rafael


23 thoughts on “Zelenskyy to David Muir: ‘Nobody knew scale of invasion’

  1. Getting really tired of interviewers harping on this issue. How on earth was Zelenskyy supposed to know what Putin would actually do? No one knew for sure. Russia had gathered troops all over their borders many times before and was already attacking them regularly in the Donbas for eight years! He didn't want to send everyone into a further panic prematurely. Their military was very ready to handle the situation as best as they could with the tools they had at the time. Stop blaming the victims!

  2. Zelensky is a joke. He's a clown who's governing through YouTube. This man has nothing to offer Ukraine but only helped Putin wreck it.

  3. Food for oil

    In 1992, Putin was investigated for a deal he oversaw while an official in the mayor’s office. The deal involved the export of $100m worth of raw materials in exchange for food for the citizens of St Petersburg. The materials were exported, but the food never arrived.

    Marine Salye was put in charge of a city council investigation into the deal, and fastidiously kept the documents from that time.

    Papers granting export permits to companies involved in the deal appear to show Putin’s signature.

    Salye told Bureau reporters working for Al Jazeera’s People and Power: ‘The raw materials were shipped abroad but the food didn’t materialise. There’s 100% proof that in this Putin was to blame. As a result in 1992 – when there was no food at all – the city was left with nothing. The evidence I have is as solid as it gets.’

    Salye continued: ‘We also found out that Putin – well, his committee – made bartering contacts to get food for the city. He issued licences. And commodities – wood, metal, cotton, heating oil, and oil – flew out of the country.’

    The investigation at the time did not turn up any evidence that Putin had personally benefited from the deal.

    The Kremlin denies Putin ever signed the documents.

    Salye died of natural causes weeks after talking to the Bureau.

    Twentieth Trust

    Putin moved on from the oil for food scandal, rising through the ranks and being elected president in 2000, after serving in the role for several months following the resignation of Boris Yeltsin.

    Despite his rise, rumours continued to bug the politician.

    In June 1999, as Putin prepared for the role of first deputy prime minister, a criminal case was opened looking into his past.

    Lt. Col. Andrei Zykov, a former senior investigator at the Russian Interior Ministry, was put in charge of criminal case number 144 128.

    Zykov was given the task of investigating a construction company, Twentieth Trust. Officials suspected the company had been used to siphon money from St Petersburg’s city budget in the early 1990s, when Putin worked in the city office.

    The company continued to receive government funding despite being in debt.

    Zykov told the Bureau, ‘The question was, why? A corporation shouldn’t receive any public money if it is in debt. But it was getting more and more funding. The answer is they were bribing the St Petersburg mayor’s office.’

    Unlike Salye’s investigation, Zykov feels Putin did personally benefit from the scheme.

    He alleges: ‘We investigated and found out that the Twentieth Trust corporation built a house for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on the shores of Lake Komsomolskoye, as well as a villa in Spain,’ said Zykov. Putin’s dacha compound on the banks of the lake was set up by Putin and colleagues in 1996.

    However, in 2000, Russia’s prosecutor general shut the investigation down on the grounds of ‘insufficient proof’. Zykov was fired a year and half later.

    We asked the Kremlin to respond to Zykov’s claims. It declined to do so.

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    Header image: Marina Salye looks through the records from her investigation into Putin.

  4. It is not important to have been able to see, foresee that the enemy forces would invade, or that they would carry forward such brutality. There is no prize to be given to an accurate prediction of exactly what evil will occur, when. The goodness in their hopes was holding sense as though the invasion would not actually happen, and then it did. It is not unfortunate or a shame that they, the he had hope of no invasion. Now that the world is here. A hope for Ukraine to win and hold their own land.

  5. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? RAISE PUTIN BOUNTY & STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why hasn't Trump been charged with treason yet? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why do Americans ignore 1,073,456 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

  6. He passed up every chance that was on the table for a peace deal. Biden, Boris and the other leaders stopped any peace deal there could of been. Zelensky daud he did not tell his people because he did not want them to pull their money out if the bank and hurt the economy. Why don’t these reporters ask him why he is renting his luxury Italian villa in Italy for 50K monthly to Russians but expects everyone else to not do business with them at all…? He is a hypocrite liar.

  7. 🇺🇲🪖🪓🪓🪓
    The " LIFER POLITICIAN "… These idiots have never had a job except in OUR Govt! PELOSI 48 yrs in OUR Govt, Schumer 49 yrs, McConnell 48 yrs, Jackass John Kerry 47 yrs… Pathetic Nobody needs to do Anything for FIFTY YEARS… FIVE (5) DECADES!!! LOL 🇺🇲🪖🪓🪓🪓🪓

  8. European mindset (entirely ignorant of their own history, and human nature) was that a large scale war in Europe was impossible. After all, they are the superior "civilized" people, no? I can give Z-man a bit of a pass for deferring to his "elders". but, the elders, not so much. IDIOTS!

  9. Zellesky is a dam liar 🤥 he keeps saying that is Russia it is him that wants more money from people don’t send money to this corrupt country, he is selling the arms to other’s countries

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