Zelenskyy to Muir: Ukraine wasn’t certain about scale of invasion before war

In an exclusive interview with David Muir, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said officials weren’t certain about the scale of a potential Russian invasion before the attacks began.


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Author: Rafael


30 thoughts on “Zelenskyy to Muir: Ukraine wasn’t certain about scale of invasion before war

  1. He is officially a President now. But in reality, he is a ruthless comedian who became famous due to his professional acting talent. He is thrilled to be able to do what he passionately loves – playing an actor. The loss of lives, people's misery, and the responsibility for an entire country would be unbearable to him if he had any conscience. Since he has none, he cannot feel what others humans do, he is now controlled by his ego, and the destructive selfish energy is driving him to gain even more power and money.

  2. No matter how you crack this nut open we all know who started this war it was Putin this is something the little psychopath has always wanted and now he's got it

  3. I don't know why this Little lying narco rat wears a military uniform, when the whole world knows that this is his last role, and that he doesn't know how to hold a rifle and that he has no command over the Ukrainian troops.

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  6. 36,000 and counting Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine, Putin has their blood on his hands. What was intended to be a 3 day special operation has become a 6 month war. Putin believed the Russian troops would be welcolmed as liberators by the Ukrainian people but they are hated as conquerors

  7. David Muir Has Reserved a Special place in Hell for Himself for selling their soul off to Propaganda …DUDE just stop sucking off Zelenskyy its not that hard …Wake up and realize he is a tyrant who is destroying his country to hold power…..what Psycho Shells a Nucellar Plant to create an international disaster in order to get the west involved…he even tried to kidnap the IAEA inspectors.,. Its 100% proven and everywhere and yet you all still find your self on your knees,..Mouth open ready to blow……….WAKE UP and READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL

  8. WWII & NOW !!

    As war is fought it takes charge

    And events spin out of control.

    The madness of men can alter the soil

    which nourishes the roots of their soul.

    Many things will forever change

    Far more then wished to be.

    As the wrath of war starts to destroy

    Those things we fight to keep free.

    War is the greatest plague of man,

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    Any scourge is more preferred

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    The harder the conflict we sometimes face

    The far more glorious is the victory.

    Tyranny like hell is tough to defeat

    When it raises its head throughout history.

    When war breaks out, boundaries change

    And all who die are a token

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    Before words of peace are spoken.

  9. Look at his teary eyes saying “please stop this nonsense war” both countries suffer and life lost i think russian soldiers hate to invade ukraine but they have no choice but to obey, russian soldiers have families too, you are so selfish putin think about others

  10. The scale of the invasion is due to the US and allies. It should of been a month at most. The current duration is based on financial gain and other sinister gains, too many to mention. The world should thank America for its prolonging. Search what happened in WW1 according to the US and it’s allies.

  11. The US should not support the totalitarian Ukrainian state. Officially, 126th in the world by economic freedom. It is one of the most unfree countries in the world in terms of business opportunities. It is the pure totalitarianism, I think.

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