A series of stabbings left 10 dead and 15 injured in Canada over the weekend l ABCNL

Canadian police are searching for the two men responsible for one of the deadliest mass killings the country has ever seen.

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46 thoughts on “A series of stabbings left 10 dead and 15 injured in Canada over the weekend l ABCNL

  1. Where are All the Racist and Bigoted commenters ? You People go silent when it is one of your own ! In this story, two of your own ! 😊😀😀 .

  2. It's almost like you don't need a gun to kill masses of people and it's a mental health issue and not an inanimate object problem.

  3. Okay this so called expert is a boob. He' can't even pronounce Regina, Sakatchewan, and he is implying that there is a racial nature to the attacks. The men they are looking for are also first nation. They are not white.

  4. LOL, he can't pronounced Regina ! Also THEY ARE 2 native Indigenous career criminals from the Cree Nation. They're NOT outsiders. One has been found deceased the other likely hiding at a liquor store.

  5. It's a good thing that Canadians don't have a way to defend themselves. A legally armed Canadian citizen could have injured the stabber. Canada doesn't want their criminals to be injured. Only their honest citizens are going to be killed and injured. Oh yeah…the politicians have armed security details to protect them. These are the same politicians who claimed the citizens have no right to defend themselves.

  6. Please Justin Trudeau, PLEASE BAN THESE ASSAULT style Knives! These weapons of war have no place in the hands of people!!!! These KNIVES need to be banned IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  7. Today, in Canada

    • Widespread Crimes

    • Widespread Poverty

    • Growing Violent Crimes

    • Growing Protests & Riots

    • Growing Verbal Abuse & Attacks on Elected Officials

    • Growing Social & Economic Inequalities & Injustice

    • Growing Gaps between Rich & Poor

    • Constant Rise of Costs of Living

    • Constant Rise in Taxes and Fees

    • Failing Health Care systems all across the country

    • Growing Housing Crisis and Sprawling Tent Cities all across Cities in Canada

    • Growing Affordability Crisis

    • Growing Disappearance of Middle Class in Canada

    • Constant Devaluation of Canadian Dollar and Devaluation of Hard work of Working Middle Class in Canada

    • Growing Frustration, Anxiety, and Hopelessness among Youth about the future

    • And Growing Opposition, Difference, Division, Disparity, and Discord among the Canadian public with the Politicians, Lawmakers, Economists, and Central Bankers in the country

    These, all are “the Warning Signs” that the country is going in a “WRONG Direction”.

    There is an URGENT need for a “Serious National Dialog” and to REFORM the entire Social, Economic, and Political Institutions in Canada, and it will start FIRST with “the Bank of Canada act of 1985”. This institution must be reformed and its Priorities must be Canadian Public interests and not the”2% Superrich Special Interest Group” in Canada by “Cutting Rates” to record low and Printing Money on daily basis, and injecting it into the country’s monetary system and creating “ Massive Household Debt”, “Asset Bubbles” and “the runaway inflation”.

    It is time for Serious Social, Economic, and Political Reforms in Canada. The status quo has proven, that system is not working and will be falling apart.

  8. Update. Ten dead and fifteen injured due to stabbing. Only some individual victims were known to the attackers, but others were random. They were last seen in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan but all of the province and the two adjacent provinces of Alberta and Manitoba are on Alert. All sorts of different police forces are on this 24/7. Thank you for this thoughtful report.

  9. "Those responsible for today's abhorrent attacks must be fully brought to justice." per PM Justin Trudeau. Good for you Canada; if a couple of our Canucks did this in a Democrat run U.S. city, no one would look to arrest them. At worse, these thugs could expect no jail time. (Assuming they are not Donald Trump MAGA supporters, or they are then "domestic terrorists".)

  10. It's a good thing they banned guns in canada, cause somebody could have shot and killed that guy, and that kind of gun violence is completely unacceptable in canada. They dont want people to be able to protect themselves, cause that's the government's job, and we all know how good the government is at doing its job.

  11. I'm astonished at the number of dull-witted people who react to any news story with either a glum, defeated notion of "If only they'd had *guns*!" or angry "They're taking our guns! Run for your lives!"
    Your solution to people with guns is more people with guns. Why isn't the solution here "more people with knives"? Why do you think most of life's problems and social problems can be solved with weaponry? Why not move to plastic explosives?

    You're not making any sense but you don't see that because you are responding with what you already heard a million and times that convinced you, never pondering whether other people aren't as easily fooled.

  12. Wow! I thought that when Canada made it so much harder to own guns, they’re would be no more murder in Canada. Who would have thought you could kill people with knives.

  13. Guns are very loud, knives are stealthy to give more time to kill others close by, probably sleeping in other bedrooms ,could be the reason for the choice of weapon. hope they get them fast.

  14. It's not rare according to the indigenous people there they're under attack all the time, not only by ordinary people but by the RCMP and the government. Ant to make it worse the government protects them and will give them a medal and a hero's welcome and a handshake from the PM as well.

  15. In Canada crime in Native Nation communities is a big problem for them and local law enforcement. I'm not sure if the perps are from the same community, Manitoba natives, Tinne' peoples or outsiders.

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