EXCLUSIVE: Zelenskyy to David Muir: ‘Russians using Zaporzhzhia as nuclear weapon’

The president of Ukraine spoke to ABC’s David Muir in Kyiv about the current state of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

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Author: Rafael


36 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Zelenskyy to David Muir: ‘Russians using Zaporzhzhia as nuclear weapon’

  1. The Russia and Ukraine conflict is overblown. Look at Japan, the only country ever got nuked by US and now they are supporting us. People's memory are short-lived. We had slaves just last century and now we are a righteous country as seen by all NATO allies. It's where you will be 50 years from now, not yesterday and not today.

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  3. OK, let's step back and look at this with an open mind. Zelenskyy is dressed in camo pants and uniform t-shirt. This gives the impression he is on the battle front. If you look around, he is in a palace. Also, the unshaven look. I think this guy is a good actor and is trying to drag us further into his conflict. He is also unwilling to negotiate. With no negotiation, how does it end? The normal options would include: a settlement by both sides, conditional/unconditional surrender of one side, or the Russians just withdraw and they and we did in Afghanistan. We need to be very careful and skeptical. I bet a good chunk of the foreign assistance is going into corrupted politicians pockets.

  4. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? RAISE PUTIN BOUNTY & STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why hasn't Trump been charged with treason yet? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why do Americans ignore 1,073,016 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

  5. I appeal to all the people of the US. To investigate Corvid19 fully, is remove all the leadership of the FBI. To do this and to catch the killers, is to vote Republican come November. The Neo Libs run a very tight ship, so this is the only way, we can catch these very sick humans !!

  6. This interview is not gonna fool the American public Zelensky is a propped up actor by the Globalists to protect their common interests PUTIN on the other hand just like President Trump are disrupting the establishing of a New world order they are failing at their evil deeds so they are trying extra hard to disrupt President Trump from running but people please know this we’ve got to protect President t Trump if it cost us ourselves the future of our kids and their kids is in jeopardy, keep in mind that there are more of us than them

  7. Muir is in Kiev, like many other Western "celebrities", for his obligatory career-enhancing photo-op with Zelensky, who is demonstrably one of the least trustworthy people on the planet. Everything Muir reports is a lie, coming from a basically pseudo-informed man who simply transmits to his clueless audience the approved narrative about world affairs the US ruling elites want to disseminate, and Zelensky is plainly a puppet of Washington, doing Washington's bidding at the cost of his nation's and many people's destruction

  8. You can tell Zelenskyy counter offensive is not going well by the way he talks. This his last push before winter comes and the European protests has already begun and the news won’t talk about it

  9. FACT: Zelensky is just a Vulgar puppet from the USA government full of atrocities, Russia is killing thousands of nazi soldiers from Ukraine supported by the USA now in decline.

  10. Fact Check: First question should have been why the F are you shooting at the station. Ukrainian army did not make any progress in their counter attacks, actually they have lost 3,000 men and have more then 7,000 wounded. They have also lost half of their tanks for their whole army. It is a total embracement for them. Ukraine news are not allowed to report on their counter offensive. Every morgue and hospital in that region is over capacity with Ukraine soldiers. Ukraine special ops that tried to take control of nuclear power plant were killed, around 300 of them, now the dead bodies are found floating down dnipro river. Total disaster 😪… Zelensky is a puppet dictator, who is in charge of the most corrupt goverment in Europe, that is undisputed fact. Ukraine goverment's only concern is to make as much money as they can no mater how many people die.

  11. Great job David Muir! A candid and objective interview! The people who haven't followed the invasion of Ukraine 194 days, starting the 24th of February, don't know that Mr. President Zelenskyy has been very vocal and clear since March that the occupiers should not be allowed to take the NPP and use it to store weapons, artillery and troops. The fact is that in order for the IAEA to inspect the plant "Putin" and not the President of Ukraine had to authorize the inspection. Now to my knowledge I don't remember an election where "Putin" was voted to be President of Ukraine. The fact of the matter is that the occupiers have been seen entering and leaving the facilities with artillery and troops. There have been exclusive interviews with former employees of the NPP that have told the news outlets of the constant duress, stress and intimidation of the occupiers at the NPP. Odd that people say the Ukrainian Armed Forces are the ones shelling the plant and yet to date not one Russian soldier has been killed??? Now the Russians have been recorded killing Ukrainian troops and removing their uniforms and camouflaging as Ukrainian troops to flee Ukraine. I never saw a President of the USA go into a conflict and actually fight alongside his troops in this century. People criticize President Zelenskyy for wearing a Ogden tshirt while the occupiers have been in Ukraine, do tell ? Should he be in a suit and tie? Would that make your eyesight better? Sounds to me like the brain of some isn't in full gear. This man was offered a ride out of Ukraine, instead he said " I don't need a ride, I need ammunition". The President of Ukraine has shown the world what true leadership is not in words, in actions. Glory and Victory to Ukraine it cannot be any other way! Remember Ukraine,
    " You'll Never Walk Alone ".
    Slava Ukraini 💙💛🇺🇦🙏

  12. he stays dressed in military gear and clothes as if he is on the frontlines. theater. they should be on the table negotiating to stop this fight asap. the world is suffering.

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