‘I wouldn’t personally’ take classified docs from White House: Rep. Michael McCaul | ABC News

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz interviews Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, on “This Week.”

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45 thoughts on “‘I wouldn’t personally’ take classified docs from White House: Rep. Michael McCaul | ABC News

  1. News networks "
    Poisoning Americans with misinformation.
    When was the last time you did true investigative journalism?
    REAL News and what its really happening around the world and in America?
    Now you only spew opinions of "experts " that are only experts at speculation and divination meanwhile you are obsessed with telling viewers what to say and what to think.
    Your job is to only report facts.The viewers draw their own conclusions yet you need sensationalism to draw rarings in order to profit from commercials.You default on the very same principles you are meant to uphold.

  2. NO Mr. McCaul! Trump has the same set of rules as every other president before him. Trump just chooses to ignore them or break them as he sees fit. The real problem is YOU and other GOP Republican have NEVER held him to account! If our democracy is to survive than Trump MUST be held to the SAME STANDARD as any other citizen of the United States and follow the SAME LAWS! After all Trump said, Edward Snowden should be thrown in prison for espionage and called a TRAITOR!

  3. Americans must vote for leaders with integrity who are willing to protect our constitutions, democracy, and the rule of law. The integrity, core value, and principle of the leaders and the United States should be absolutely more important than any political party and policy. Decent US citizens should unite our country and minimize violence and chaos in our country. Our foreign adversaries would want to see our country leaders initiate violence and divide our country. Our rule of law should hold whoever breaks the law accountable. Without accountability, human rights will be denied, crime will flourish, and impunity for past conflict-related crimes will persist, undermining legitimacy and prospects for reconciliation. Do we want the next generation to live a life without any integrity and kindness? Do we want our society to allow crimes and violence? Do we want our country ruled by a dictator with no integrity for decades who used the presidency for his self-benefits and who pleaded the "fifth" more than 400 times on 8/10/2022 during his deposition? Trump's actions, decision-making, behaviors, and words have demonstrated that he is unethical and has no integrity for decades before, during, and after his presidency. He puts the lives of the US spies in danger when he declassified the documents without following the proper procedures and if the documents are in the hand of our foreign adversaries. Trump puts our national security at risk. The foreign adversaries and Trump will be benefited from the violence and division in America. Trump is a double standard and helps the wish of our foreign adversaries to come true. Trump went to his appointed judge for favor. A search warrant is a warrant signed by a judge or magistrate authorizing a law enforcement officer to conduct a search on a certain person, a specified place, or an automobile for criminal evidence. The judge ordered for Trump to have a special master whereas the other search warrants do not get this special favor like Trump. This makes it very difficult for law enforcement officers to investigate and prosecute those who's in power and has money. Trump's involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot caused injury and death. Trump has the money and power to hire a team of attorneys to defend his civil and criminal issues.

  4. You media people are complicit as well in allowing these lying morons on your show. As soon as he started talking you can hear and feel the BS spilling out. I turned it off and blocked your channel.
    Not listening to you all when you continue to promote the big lie.
    You all are partly responsible for all of this. This video is a perfect example.

  5. I wouldn't personally take classified documents from the Whitehouse maybe it's because you don't have the clearance to declassified those documents only the president does .
    Unlike Hillary Clinton who removed over 33.000 classified documents and put them in a unprotected server hidden in a bathroom closet.
    And when questioned about those devices lied 8 times to congress. Then started destroying subpoenaed hardware and phones.
    Hillary set the president of how serious the law is on classified documents, when she walked free.

  6. How many times do people have to be tall United States is not a fucking democracy via the definition do United States is a republic my God haven’t you ever said Pledge of Allegiance do you know where they call it a republic there’s a big difference and if 60 to 70% of Americans do not believe Joe Biden‘s presidency is legitimate then it isn’t that is a democracy that many people don’t believe it is odds are they voted too. For Trump which means the overwhelming majority voted for Trump not Biden

  7. Only one side stormed the Capitol and is full blown embracing lies, which is nuts because the rhetoric of Trump will lead to more violence if he isn’t stopped. Hopefully when all the info comes out in court with Trump as a defendant, some eyes will be opened. A lot of people are choosing the crazy train, so I don’t know if facts will make them get off.

  8. Every American President has take classified documents. They all work with “officials” to return some of what they have taken. It’s not anything to be upset over. If you were President there would most likely be some documents you’d want to take. It’s all hypothetical unless you are actually President

  9. Same people who made up Russian collusion story is heading the DOJ and attacking Trump. Democrats are now communist. All you gotta do is look at a Biden and Trumps rally and you know who won the election

  10. Shame on you ABC for not showing President Biden’s Address to the Nation speech on tv. Your oligarch owners which are foreign owned also are traitors to the United States. You show more of fascist Trump. Your loyalty is with fascism.

  11. Yea Obama should give back all his documents he took. Plus show his
    true 👍 birth certificate. And Hillary
    scrubbing and bleaching her files on
    her phone 📱 she should be indicted

  12. Trump supporters will never believe the truth because they're part of the old Confederacy. Their shallow minds can only visually picture the hanging trees from back then. You can't break down their wall of white supremacy like Trump. Remember Jan. 6, 2022 which was the darkest day in America history. Vote for Democracy come November, not Trumpocracy..

  13. “Republicans have become an authoritarian faction fighting democracy. There’s a perfectly logical, if deeply cynical reason for this. Democracy is working against Republicans” (Dana Milbank). Republicans "have only carried the popular vote once in eight presidential elections since 1988." (Charles Kaiser).

  14. Russia's 20 year war with Afghanistan ended long ago. America's 20 year war ended last year. Now a new 20 year war of Russia begins in the Ukraine.
    Both America and Russia have military industrial complex's that need to be fed. Wars are not about justice, democracy or republics, they are all about the $$$$$'s.

  15. "You know, I have lived in the classified world most of my professional career, I personally wouldn't do that. But I'm not the president of the United States. But he has a different set of rules that apply to him." McCauly should be grateful that Biden's speech was a "slap in the face" and not a kick to the "but."

    As for threats to democracy, I worry more about the one at home wanting to regain power and keeping state secrets in his basement, rather than the one out there. You know latter is against you but the former pats you on the back with one hand while the other hand surreptitiously pushes your head down to worship him.

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