Liz Truss to become UK prime minister

Liz Truss was selected by the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party to step up as prime minister after Boris Johnson’s resignation.


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  1. good afternoon my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up God save long life good afternoon new prime minister Liz peace and solidarity long life up I am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up the documentary king & Queen of England up peace and solidarity up up 🇬🇧❤️💐💐💐💐⛱️

  2. good afternoon my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up good afternoon new prime minister Liz long life work together and stay together peace and solidarity in UK up I am behind my best mum the Queen Elizabeth prince Corgis up the documentary king & Queen of England up peace and solidarity up up 🇬🇧💓💐💐💐💐⛱️

  3. another WEF agenda enabling apparatchik shoe horned into the role of chief facilitator.
    will Sir Nigel Knowles be continuing to act as handler of the PM on behalf of the Pilgrims Society ? asking for a friend.

  4. it is from one frying pan to another.. either UK stand down…with Anglo Saxon term.(lead by USA)on Ukraine issue ..or a clash with the biggest economy China (PPE term) and Russia (the biggest supply of energy in EU )inevitable..UK and EU on the road to an International Monetary Fund bailout?That’s the view of Peter Chatwell, head of global macro strategies trading at Mizuho Securities, as expressed in an interview on Bloomberg Television on Monday.Liz Truss, is a idiotic New PM with no economic foundation ,only can utter deliverance same as Boris Johnson a blatant liar without the eloquence of predecessor,month without real substance, is promising fiscal policy the government can’t afford. And he doesn’t believe the Bank of England can get inflation anywhere near its 2% mandate over the medium term.Likely 22% if an English is in the helm,this problem can only be solved by an Indian complicated brains????

    One is the [European Exchange Rate Mechanism], so 1992. And then I’m thinking about the possibility of an IMF bailout, like in 1976.”If the Truss government is then replaced by a Labor-led government, Chatwell said, then those are the scenarios the markets will increasingly price in, he said.He said the pound GBPUSD, 0.03% falling to parity against the dollar isn’t priced into options markets, and said the Bank of England may need to take interest rates to 5%. Norwegian suggestion giving 2% of all revenue made from energy exports to Ukraine not just during this war but over the entire post war period of reconstruction. Consider Norway is in a all time high on revenue.If Ukraine was on its own it would already have lost by April and been nearly bankrupt at that time. USA sends 2 billion dollars of military supplies that they are also issuing direct money to the Ukraine treasury just to prolong the war and extend enormous hard ship on Eu and UK!!!

    If European countries could grow a backbone, they would actually enforce the sanctions on Russia, not allowing it to evade sanctions by shipping Russian oil via Iran, rebranding it as Iranian oil. Then the world could allow heavily monitored export of Russian oil and gas to keep the Russian economy afloat, keeping 70% as reparations for Ukraine.Poland managed to rebuild after wars. Debt paid off over 50-60 years helped.The Ukraine, eventually, will have no choice but cede part of the nation. My guess is the ceded area will be where the mass of the fight is now. The support nations will eventually slow down or For economies at war the factors of production gets shifted to military support which will have large economic loss.

    Additionally since very little is produced to sell abroad this dry up liquidity. When countries are at that stage they will print money to finance the war an inject money in the economy. The results will normally be high levels of inflation as the currency crashes and if there's capital flight, the country will fall into an inflationary recession. This is the general economic cycle of countries or empires at war. Central banks can juggle the economy with their monetary policies. They can increase the borrowing cost and create pain for the economy and its people or do vice-versa. They can create more jobs by the above process and by buying corporate bonds and by making the share prices of companies go higher or they can do vice-versa. Governments can join hands and can implement policies to make or break you like increasing the price of day to day goods and commodity.

    Its not that when we are rich we become independent. It can even become even more devastating if you rich and you're misinformed or did not take right financial decisions.Then why this narrative fed to us during our childhood to study hard, work hard, earn lot, save lot, die rich, pass wealth.What we need is happiness, peace of mind, good health, save planet, save humanity.They'll come back. Many countries have been in the same position and bounced back the economic abyss.Zero risk to their economy from collapsing, normal economics apply, which goes out the window in a war economy that is supported externally with a population that is willing to endure. You also have refugees that are increasingly employed ~40% with higher wages sending money.

    Moving the grain isn't so much about the money it brings in, it's about continuity. It says if you buy Ukrainian grain, we will deliver and lets the farmer plant the next crop knowing they can sell it. It tells the world that you can invest in Ukraine down the line.On a personal note, I wanted to buy Ukrainian War Bonds, not for the return, but as a novelty and a bit of history. I couldn't so I sent them money.War is only expensive for the people fighting it. Otherwise, someone is making a lot of money from the conflict.As long a the war keeps going in Ukraine, then the economics is not really a concern for Ukraine.Its all about survival.But hopefully when the war is done and Ukraine comes on top then we can finally settle for the real issues, on rebuilding Ukraine and Ukraine reforming itself into the western values..And most of all, a painful dialogue with Russia for the coming years..

    The longer the war drags on, the harder it would be for Ukraine to sustain. European countries are facing increasing headwinds as energy costs increase as they head into the winter. Countries would have to increase interest rates to combat inflation. Factories would have to reduce output to conserve energy. Western countries would be in a worst position to support Ukraine as their GDP declines.As economic woes get worse around the world everyone will forget Ukraine.

  5. Here we go again typical tory cavalier approach the rich will get richer and the poor well need I say
    We will struggle and the tories couldn't give a monkeys the only descent tory mp was Edward heath a good bloke this are like a pantomime show a bloody joke sick of it and if they ever come canvassing to my house when an election approaches they will be told to P**S OFF

  6. British people are white supremacist
    . They will never allow an indian descent to take charge as their PM. They will never change

  7. I thought in Democratic countries, they vote for their leaders??? Why do they always attack China for not allowing citizen to vote for their leaders?? This is hypocrisy.

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