MAGA agenda has ‘no place in our democracy’: White House senior adviser | ABC News

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz interviews White House senior adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms on “This Week.”

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46 thoughts on “MAGA agenda has ‘no place in our democracy’: White House senior adviser | ABC News

  1. Okay I got something to say about this woman the woman who trying to be black the one in the pink shirt s communist person she doesn't like Republican people she doesn't like when American people who actually stood up and there's enough enough with the Democratic corrupted now let me clear the understand what is m a g a stand for making America great again and we are bad people because we believe in in the Constitution and let me also kind of educate the Democrat people using the word democracy is for the United States of America land of freedom the American dream to Constitution was asking Bill We the People it mean taxpayer who are not government Association the Constitution was May to protect we the people from the corrupted government so Trump comes out with a word making American great again put in America first makes him a racist person? Democrat have exposed themself because they don't want the America to be great they don't want to put their America first they don't want to put We the People First that will pay a lot of tax money into the bull crap and they take it and blow it like crazy all I can say is all Democrat figure out what this word is k m a figure it out because y'all supposed to have friends oh that's right you're corrupted president sleeping Joe said that but can't you the computer they don't have an ID and they're too stupid to figure it out there you go

  2. As Senior Advisor you should know that communication is only 7% verbal. So “reading” the speech is worthless.
    Communication is 38% vocal and 55% visual.
    93% of speech is NON-verbal.
    So say whatever you want; but the damage is done. Americans LISTENED to that speech and is was more of the same divisiveness. Run on unity and all we’ve gotten is the short end of the stick. Millions are leaving the left because of this exact behavior. He’s done nothing but divide a nation. So disappointed.

  3. Shocked comments are still enabled. Glad to see such a decisive person brought to the White house. No shock from this administration.

  4. These democrats are the people who divide the country. A vote for Biden is a vote for authoritarianism. This woman is lying to you. Biden liberals want to bring one party socialism. Don’t give up your freedom. This woman is clearly lying to you.,.vite against every democrat on the ballot. First time I have ever seen an ABC reporter push back…wow

  5. Lance Bottoms is delusional in thinking we believe anything she says. Whoever wrote that hate-filled speech that Biden read should be canned. Just awful. This administration has no interest in unity. But I applaud Martha for having some integrity by asking questions that every journalist should be asking.

  6. ABC News’ Martha Raddatz is also part of the deep state, and didn't even try to challenge Biden advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms on the original question. The original question was that tracking software says American people think Biden is trying to start a civil war against Trump voters (MAGA supporters).

  7. I just want to point something out that I don’t think people always realize. The media has this nasty habit of making people think that one side is bigger than the other, I see this mainly on the 2 heads of each side… you know which ones I’m taking about. The reality is that the majority of citizens aren’t left or right, they are center. The silent majority is one of the biggest f u when it comes to public perception. If Trump runs in 24 it is highly likely that he will win because that’s the way the silent majority is leaning, a significant amount of those people will not be telling people they voted for him but will in fact vote for him.

  8. if trump remained president for 10 years and then gave the presidency to his son, magas would still say the US is a democracy. It's a cult. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. The senior advisor is filled with hate. She thinks that the people supporting the idea behind the Make America Great Again Movement are as the POTUS said, “ A clear and present danger to democracy!” These are clearly words meant to precede a evil foregone outcome.

  10. I saw Martha getting slammed on the pretend liberal ideal world called Twitter on some other channels and so looked up the actual video on here. She did her job. Period. And we shouldn’t even be patting her on the back for it either but it’s leaps and bounds more then her socialist-minded coworkers on this network and others like it are doing. This “advisor,” the woman in the pink is simply a biden apologist who doesn’t think anyone has the balls to push back even slightly. Especially someone who she assumed was “on her team” so to speak. The entire biden regime and all it’s affiliates are craving liars, too old to be in office, and/or actively ripping this country to shreds with all their antics. Why should she be getting attacked like this for pointing out the truth?

  11. We are here now with this "extreme right" because of the extremism on the left pushing 99% socialist agendas across the country. The left is a bunch of hypocrites who just push propaganda. I have never rocked a MAGA hat but I am all for making America great again from the way that the left and the right wing politics have screwed it all up.

  12. Millions have had their brains eaten away by Covid. They refuse to see the bigger picture. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. No matter which side you are on. If you are advocating violence and tyranny, I can do without you. Wake Up!

  13. I am consider myself a conservative first and Trump supporter second. When I hear this ridiculous old and senile war criminal Biden, call out 71,000,000 million American citizens as a threat to democracy, I just laugh. Does Biden seriously think calling MAGA Trump supporters semi-fascists', (don't even know what that means) is going to change Trump supporters into Biden supporters? Every time I hear a Democrat say this I am more and more inclined to support Trump policies and other Trump supporting Republican's.

  14. Wait?? when did Keisha Lance Bottom-of-the-barrel end up in the White House??? Lol So apparently, the ONLY required “qualifications“ to work in this administration, are to either be A cross dressing freak, a gay man, or basically ANYONE who agrees to say whatever the establishment tells them to say?? Oh..ok got it!!

  15. Why are people losing their minds over questioning Biden? Biden, just like Hitler did, was othering. He wants the people who call out his lies and HORRIBLE performance/agenda, to be harmed. If any one does ANYTHING the full force of the Government will be wicked on all MAGA Rep. I get some want this. What they don't get is that they are being used For their ignorance. Aka Useful idiots Once People start getting Round it up no one is safe.

  16. Come on Martha Raddatz! Don't back down. Now is the time to step up. You know perfectly well what is going on here. It's time for anyone and everyone whom pride themselves on being REAL Journalists to step up.

  17. I distinctly remember her allowing political violence in her own city as Mayor, when BLM burned down a Wendy’s then setup an “autonomous zone”, where they then shot up a car a woman drove through their “autonomous zone” killing a little kid. She has ZERO credibility to lecture anyone.

  18. Only time the left ever says America is great is when they are in power. Notice how they hated America just 18 months ago. Remember "America was never great".

  19. Agenda??? Secure borders, secure streets, thriving economy, energy independence, love of country, keeping China, Russia, Iran, North Korea in check, no wars……… Wow MAGA supporters are devils………. Morons

  20. Stupidity is more dangerous than malice. Stupidity is unpredictable. Stupidity has little remedy. Malice can be confronted, addressed, and remedied. Stupidity, on the other hand, spreads like a forest fire. Once it has taken off, it's almost impossible to do a thing about it. That's where this country is today. The people who can put out the fire are too scared to do anything. Free speech is a thing of the past. Jean-Pierre said as much when she stated that anybody who disagreed with the majority was an extremist. Democracy means this that the majority rules. Biden's approval rating is an embellished 38%. So, tell me this. Who is the majority? These people play the "democracy" card all day and night as they spew propaganda and endless lies, while they are the minority. How is it democracy when 70% of the people want marijuana legalized, 69% want Medicare for all, and a majority wants a $15/hr minimum wage. Homelessness is rampant, violence is out of hand and that's not because of guns, the border has been decimated, we can't afford fuel, we are spending billions on war, healthcare costs are not affordable to anyone who isn't in the upper echelon. Fentanyl is killing people left and right. That hit my son and I when we had to bury his mother last year. If this is democracy then the only thing it proves is that my theory is correct. Democracy is a bad idea. Period. Prove me wrong.

  21. Wow Martha, You almost seemed like a real journalist for a second there! You pressed back for a moment but in the end you just provide another opportunity for someone of half your intellect to regergetate a bunch of prefabricated word salad. You should have publicly disemboweled her so others would know they will not be lobbed softballs to get a base hit. Martha, you are selling your well earned integrity to your handlers so they may mislead our countrymen. You used to have a pair. Stand up for our country

  22. What did trump do to bridge the divide? This one sided discussion is old. The President was right. I also don’t like the idea of Dems supporting these off the wall candidates with Dem money

  23. I seen nothing more hateful than the media race baiting and burning and looting and murder of 2020 that democrats not only condoned but bailed out offenders. Save the righteous BS about people that want secure borders and fair justice being Nazis

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