Raging wildfire turns deadly

At least 2 people were killed in a blaze that tore through more than 130 homes in Northern California, authorities said. ABC News’ Rhiannon Ally reports.


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  2. The sun is closest to the earth for the next 3 years 2022 – 2025 " That is something everyone is going to have to accept * I don't understand why they don't surround the fire with fire powder
    Make dirt hills to block the fire from spreading "
    pour or shovel dirt on the 🔥 fire* surround the fire with water 💧

    If it's not to big of a burn they should see where the fire starts" if it's not to big and start a fire on the other end " so the fire burns out in the middle and also will also be rid of the dry weeds & do a contaimed burn *

    these dry weeds " are so dangerous *
    When the weeds burn they also scatter their seeds and reseed"

    oregon never burns seasonaly and should burn seasonally " oregon is such a dry weed state and needs to burn weeds that are weeds that grow also they are weeds with short life span on top of it all and rested constantly *
    die and dry out * The earth cleanses itself if we don't clean the 🌎earth

    the Earth will clean itself by Earth Air Fire Water * If we do not keep the earth clean free from dry short living weeds & trash * The earth will*

    It's very sad that life was hurt and killed *

    Oregon & california is states that needs to have seasonal contained burns 🔥🔥

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