‘We have to be very concerned’ about China military threat: Taiwan foreign minister | ABCNL

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff spoke with Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu about the threat posed by China amid escalating tensions in the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island.

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Author: Rafael


43 thoughts on “‘We have to be very concerned’ about China military threat: Taiwan foreign minister | ABCNL

  1. Taiwan, a losing party in a civil war, having been kicked out of the UN since 1972, is now proud of itself ‘allying’ with those who see China as the enemy, and call for the world to unite against China. Does he even have a clue of the situation and what’s coming?

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  3. Fun Fact – All of the democracies in the Sinosphere have a sun representing their flags… Japan, South Korea, and Democratic China (a.k.a. Taiwan).

  4. It is impossible for Taiwan to get a legal seat in UN,which means that Taiwan cannot be legally independent; Taiwan used to be the legitimate government of China, and was defeated by the CCP government,and retreat to Taiwan, so even if China go to war withtaiwan it is definitely a civil war, and any country interfere it means claim war to China



    LET'S D0 IT!!!

  6. Most people here don't know what is going on except from what is being presented in Mainstream media. It is not about democracy people, dont be fooled by that. it is about weapon industry, global domination. Tensions created so politicians can ask for purchase order for weapons to feed weapon industrial complex. Go study history and you will know.

  7. The Americans shared with their friends, and their enemies around the world, are the chinese going to do the same, what do you think? can they take the place of the USA 🇺🇸, for the good of the world. What have you learned from a Chinese you know? just meditate on this.

  8. In 1968 Trump avoided military service by claiming so called heal spurs. It was never treated because it was a bogus claim. Over time he said it healed up on its own. He was a coward back then and he still is today with his big lies. He's even attacked the military and gold star families. You need to vote for Democracy in November. Trumpocracy is a cowards big lie.

  9. The United States has to stop it's hegemonic ways, this will lead to catastrophe. This is all half trues about China, do your research!! You can start by listening to Cyrus Janssen, Jeffrey Sachs, Einar Tangen, Martin Jaquess and many more.

  10. Any military conflict between USA/Taiwan vs China would destroy the world economy within a couple weeks. Set aside the loss of life and destruction for a second. China would have to be willfully ignorant to decimate their own countries manufacturing because everything relies on semiconductors for chip making and Taiwan has cornered the world market on those. It's not the same situation where you're dealing with a power/legacy hunting lunatic like what's happening in Ukraine so tamp down the inflammatory rhetoric.

  11. We must engage China. They are our friends no matter what untrustful government and disturbed lying media say. We love China!! We love China!! China forever!! 🇨🇳 🇨🇳

  12. Starting to feel more and more like the end is near. It's amazing how such a small percentage of people are destroying this entire world. Such a small percentage it would probably even be hard to write down. What maybe 0.000000000002% How can we allow such a small percentage to destroy this world??? They're leading us to a disaster and we're not doing anything to stop it. I don't even know what to do. I wish I had someone to tell me what i can do, what we all could do together. But the entire world is too busy arguing with each other to stop and realize we're arguing over nothing and we're all the same we want the same things in life. It's just sad.

  13. Some of these news stories sound like out and out lies. Reminds me when in 2007 my mother claimed her brother died in July but she wasn't crying and I asked to go to the funeral and she said no!!! I suspect it was a lie to create an excuse to give me inheritance money to live on while someone continued to keep me unemployed to falsely create a cause of action against two white collar criminals. Further proof I've been used.

  14. Taiwan won't need to be so worried if the US would just stop using Taiwan as a pawn to annoy China. The recent series of escalations were entirely the fault of US. Just leave us along and let us live in peace already

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  16. Exactly. China will find any reason to justify their aggression. Whether the American House Speaker visit Taiwan or not, this is bound to happen.

  17. Nice to see so many people still having cold-war mentality, just that need of a 'enemy' is there for all civilization (democratic or not).

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