Federal judge expected to decide on special master for Trump documents l ABCNL

Former President Donald Trump’s attorneys compared the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago to “overdue library books.”

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Author: Rafael


29 thoughts on “Federal judge expected to decide on special master for Trump documents l ABCNL

  1. The guy had sensitive, highly classified material that he treated with willful negligence and intentionally hindered it’s recovery. He endangered National Security. His attorneys lied for him and said he didn’t have ANY classified material. If it was you, you’d be serving your sentence by now.

  2. For 4 years Trump built up a wall to protect himself with politicians, judges and lawyers. On 9-5-2022 it paid off again as a judge he appointed, Aileen M. Cannon, ruled that there can be a special master assigned to his case in Florida. That was expected, but experts express alarm to the decision. Trump will always fight against the laws he's broken since he stacked the cards in his favor. Remember Jan. 6, 2021! Vote for Democracy to save America or Trumpocracy to continue the lies, hatred and division.

  3. Chief, Mr Trump of medical teams in USA?
    I think world war 3 took place each day since joe biden Nancy Pelosi scam. But the heroes like you and the support keep saving lives.
    Each day joe starts the flames and the sea puts out the fires
    Amen for heroes
    It's not a game.
    Life is important
    What's the use in playing around when you might get killed.
    Instead we should all pay attention to what joe biden plans to do next and stop joe biden if he's going to do some kind of insane thing like a war zone in tiawan ukraine usa Canada Africa Israel, holy smokes that's almost all over the world.
    People better smarten up.
    No fighting you highered thugs.
    You have no where to run nor hide
    Satalights sati light satellite images

  4. Corruption in our government and politicians representing our people. Any politicians should go to jail for corruption. Nobody should be above the law. Former President Trump should be charged with the classified documents taken off the white house or archives. Many politicians should go to jail not only former president. Americans make a list. Many politicians lost and run again and again.

  5. The GOP for the foreseeble future will continue to exist in some lessened capacity. But it will wither and die off at some point. People's grandkids will have to deal with one party rule.

  6. I bet Trump is selling documents on the black market, or he plans to. This guy is a first-rate CRIMINAL. When is he going to jail already??? He really COULD shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it!! The damage this guy has done to this country, and in fact the world, is just staggering. I don't think he's anywhere near finished, and the damage will continue after he's gone. You know he is trying to profit off of the information he has….he's selling state secrets to line his pockets. This makes Hillary look like Mother Theresa.

  7. Donald 'Bone Spurs' Trump incited a mob to attack the US capitol, schemed to overturn a lawful election, failed to promptly respond to a global pandemic, slandered law enforcement, slandered former presidents, slandered the press, slandered civil servants, engaged in multiple fraudulent and illegal enterprises, pardoned traitors – fraudsters – conspiracy theorists, routinely expressed his admiration for dictators and his contempt for democracy, lied to the public on hundreds of occasions, made empty promises to desperate Americans in immense poverty, retained classified national security documents which he did not return. The list goes on and on and on. Bone Spurs embodies all things that are antithetical to patriotism and morality. He is the worst president in US history.

  8. No problem, judge, take your sweet old time: It's only our national security and the lives of our agents and assets at risk. How much were you paid to stall?

  9. To the tune of the song " Key Largo"…
    " I took them all, even hung some on my wall"..
    " Now jail is the place I will go"..
    " For stealing docs I tried to hide in Mara Lago"…Oooooooo 😂👍

  10. Well The President Trump been pardoned himself and been declassified the documents and he got video of the illegal search grand theft larceny including the safe cracker so the balls in his court so quit with the distractions and get back to The Ice Cube's Contract with Black America and The President Trump Platinum Plan including the Schools Choice vouchers or stfu

  11. You know you are in a CULT when you look at the raid on Mar-o-largo and you think there is a kabal of satan worshippers, in conjunction with the deep-state, that are out to get the man that is destined to save the world. Meanwhile, rational, normal people look at the same raid and ask questions like: 1) "Why did Trump have 100's of top secret documents" lying around at his club in boxes or in his unlocked desk? 2) What did he plan to do with these documents? 3) Why did he keep refusing to turn them in? 4) Why did he (or have his lawyers) commit perjury and say there were no more documents at Mar-o-largo? 5) Or "what happened to all those top secret documents that suppose to be in those empty folders that are marked "top secret"? {While the normal person might sneak a peek at a top secret document, the normal, sane person would be fearful of possessing a top secret document that they don't suppose to have (and have no use for)}. The likely answers to each of these 5 questions are very disturbing. Perhaps, that is why Trump supporters continue to live in an alternate reality and refuse to see the faults and decisions made by this man. Unfortunately, I know the True Donald and I know he is not part of a holy Trinity (aka God, Jesus, and Trump). I have no doubt that the real Donald would gladly trade this top secret info to Putin (without even thinking about how many of our soldiers and our spies he might jeopardise) in exchange for "a little bit of dirt on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, etc.". Whether he has done this already, I don't know. However, anybody that knows anything about Trump knows that this could easily happen. IMO, Trump deserves the same fate as Julius and Ethel Rosenburg!

  12. Trump trying to delay trial until after 2024 so he can get a Presidential pardon.
    Judge: "Do you really want a Special Master … think carefully?"
    Trump: "….. uh …. yes"
    Judge: "Fine …..meet Hillary Clinton!"

  13. The president has authority to declassify documents. I believe Trump said he did. This seems political. What happened to uniting the people? Please President Biden do good for America. Encourage Americans. Come up with real solutions instead of creating problems with bad policies. The Green New Deal agenda is harming our country. We stopped producing all of our own oil (we produce the cleanest fossil fuel in the world and are purchasing it from dirty producers – who are countries who don't even like us). Now our gas prices are expensive, causing inflation because gas affects the price of everything. California is banning all gas vehicles while they tell the people not to charge their electric cars or use air conditioning because their green energy cannot provide for the electric needs. And in the energy crisis they are voting to shut down a nuclear power plant. Not helpful. Nuclear energy is clean. We need to take care of the American people. Use common sense. We have all the oil we need. We can use nuclear energy too. And we gave oil reserves saved for emergency war time to China?! Stop illegals from coming over the border, stop giving oil and money to other countries. Yes, we always have helped other countries in need but Biden has given to the point of America's harm. We are in a recession, inflation is high, housing unaffordable, the American dream is dying, and were headed to a depression with rolling blackouts in our future. Our future doesn't have to be bleak. It's bad policies causing all the problems and our president is being divisive. We need good solutions, not more bad policies. This is the most negative administration we've ever had.

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