Former Trump White House lawyers testify before grand jury in Jan. 6 probe

ABC News investigative reporter Katherine Faulders joins from Mar-a-Lago to discuss the testimony and the expected decision from a Florida judge on Donald Trump’s request for a special master.

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36 thoughts on “Former Trump White House lawyers testify before grand jury in Jan. 6 probe

  1. Think more about the current state of the world!Savior as soon as possible
    Bring back Trump Pompeo!
    Russian military and Russian mercenaries who destroy hospitals, houses, schools, power plants, use foreign mercenaries (Chechens/Koreans), and rape Ukrainian wives and children are absolutely unacceptable! Ukrainian soldiers! We love our families and our country and may be fighting desperately to protect them! Glory to Ukraine! Don't lose to Russia! Good luck Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! Blast Russia! My chest gets hot.

  2. Joe Biden and the Democrats are communist fire Joe Biden get our country back with Trump it you stupid people what is wrong with the Internet and you government people fire 🔥 joe bidon oue contry and kids and tiwon needs you stupid people in our country to do what would happen to us if we lied about a job we would get fired he lied joe bidon to get the bigest job in the hole world 🔥 Him we the Americans have told you stupid people fire 🔥 him and trupm was running against him he is the one put him back ware he was


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  4. The Russian Defense Minister is still lying today about annihilating the Ukrainian army at Kherson! Russia turns jailed criminals into soldiers, buys 1000 drones from IRAN, and kills Ukraine civilians! As long as the evil axis of Russia, China, Korea, and IRAN exists, the future survival of mankind is impossible!

  5. I imagine, that behind closed doors, that the Democrats are discussing what the military plan of action is when Don the con attempts to wage war on the United States government, at the time of Don the Con's arrest.
    For instance: Where will the arrest be made?
    On what day will the arrest be made?
    Where will Don the con be escorted to, upon arrest?
    Where will Don the con be held until Don the Con's trial?
    Will the military drive tanks around in the middle of the streets, in the "RED STATES", to maintain the peace?
    Inquiring people would like to know!

  6. January 6th probe. LMAO
    Will you ignorant cockroaches ever realize that people ARE simply laughing at you as you make up lies about Trump. AND TRUMP GETS RICHER AND RICHER AND RICHER

  7. The Whitehouse lawyers due to testify Pat Cipiloni and his deputy are not above the Law they were paid by the American Tax payers,not Donald Trump,so time to stand up and be counted they swore allegence to Constitution,We the People not we the chosen few.

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  9. USA is in declining and the Media is obsessed in Trump.
    How about Hunt Biden Laptop?
    How about Border illegal imigrantes cria ? So many things they should focus to safe America 🇺🇸

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  11. Check Ivanas casket.
    She weighed about 90 pounds and was cremated and put in an urn.
    Her CASKET, buried on trumps property, was heavy enough for the poll-bearers to struggle with it.
    Paper is pretty heavy… Just sayin'.

  12. So many Russians & Ukraine people are killed because of Putin's lies and propaganda..

    Many Americans are criminalized and killed because of Trump's lies and propaganda..

    We must stand all together against power driven Trump and Putin and their supporters..

  13. So after the democrats must see soap opera and didn't get Trump ! There trying again ? Maybe democrats could try a must see game show ? Like let's make a deal ? Do you want the small box ? or what's behind door # 1, 2, or 3 maybe they would have a better chance ? Maybe see hunter working his Crack pipe ! Or even Joe playing with his Easter Bunny ?

  14. We hope & pray 🙏 trump is in prison soon 👍🏼. Ultimately Rupert Murdoch can share a cell with ‘little donny twit’ & the guards can spit in the food.👍🏼🙏👍🏼

  15. "When the people are afraid of the government that's tyranny , but when the government is afraid of the people that's Liberty." Thomas Jefferson and i believe him.

  16. That should tell you something right there, how do you make it all the way to the white house to be a lawyer just to get dismissed, & brought back to testify against those you used to represent??
    How did y'all miss this??
    They dirty af!!
    They clearly got paid under the table, this is why America looks like a bunch of sellouts..
    No one would trust us with power, it's corrupted.. 🤣🤣🐰🔵🦁

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  18. You guys remember how much money Donald Trump owe his creditors. Yes, that's where all those secret documents that are missing went to. They became cash.
    "Hello comrade Putin". Do you still want to know the current location of our American nuclear submarines? 👀. "Yes and by the way Comrade, if you're interested, I still have some naked pictures of my wife shaving her butt".


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