NPK Season 5 Race 8 Recap From Tulsa Raceway Park With Murder Nova

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An emotional Tulsa NPK recap

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Author: Rafael


41 thoughts on “NPK Season 5 Race 8 Recap From Tulsa Raceway Park With Murder Nova

  1. What’s up Shawn. Tuff luck bro I feel for ya , Ino you guys have a badass car and will eventually get a handle on it. Well I was thinking, when you and Justin were together you were the man to beat. You two should team up again and finally give Ryan a run for his money. Because when you two we’re together there was nobody better and that’s a fact. Well maybe it’s a pipe dream. But imagine that. That would be something to watch for sure.

  2. Hey Shawn what’s in the big cups of whatever that Shawn’s always drinks.. Drpepper? Sad about the news of the producer hopefully you can get that thing in the winner’s circle soon im pulling for the187 team .Goget them in your next race keep the faith and it will come .lots of love from CT

  3. And just an FYI since I’ve subbed a long time ago YouTube will
    Not let me clique the bell notifications so it tells me when you post I have to literally go look at your channel to see if y’all posted seems like that’s some BS

  4. The difference between Friday to Saturday is Shawn has had 1 too many redbulls or mountain dews, either way he comes across a bit anxious between his races, but I have only noticed it during the NPK season and the last Americas list especially for the late night races at least!!! Then again, anybody in their shoes would or maybe should be a bit anxious before driving a machine that goes 200 in the blink of an eye….. so hats off to them all and condolences to Mr Mike's family, RIP 💔🕊

  5. Damn sometimes life just sucks and people are taken to early from this world but y’all handled it with class man the show went on like he woulda wanted and condolences to his family

  6. Not trying to seem rude but the guy with the fire was my dad and I was there and that’s not what happened😂 we don’t even have a mag on the car, idk how that got started but just letting you know!! Thank you for your time if you see this 🙂

  7. Phantom you and Sean are the greatest f**** team that ever been like you guys are great like I love to watch your videos I love to watch videos of you guys working on things I have been a fan for quite a long time and watch your videos like probably since your channel started keep making all the great content I love to watch you guys thanks

  8. It’s called a game face… as a parent you’ve learned how to game face. Sometimes it sucks and leaves you feeling worn out and empty, but it needs to be done.

  9. working with a tractor can be very therapeutic when you don't do it daily or for a living.. I have an R/c track dirt track we work with a Kubota and I'll turn laps for hours dragging and rolling that track and that's my happy place..sorry y'all lost a friend its tough..

  10. Shawn, given this video was shot a month ago, I’m going to stick strictly to racing.

    First off, I love Phantom seems like a great dude but, I just don’t think he’s great as a crew chief. Every really successful team on NPK also has a great crew chief. I’m not a Swanstrom fan by any stretch and I’ve been ride or die 405 since the start but, Big Country is a crew chief, Javi’s a crew chief, Adam is a crew chief. I’m not saying get rid of Phantom at all just let him do what he’s best at, social media, wrenching on the car etc. You guys don’t know how bad all of us want you to win one of these and be a consistent threat bc if I’m being honest here, you guys have become a very desirable first round draw and I HATE that for you guys.

  11. I’m sorry for your loss of your Producer. I love the fact you are so cool with the fans. I have met you twice and talked to you and you were awesome both times. I’ve met several famous/celebrities and one thing you can’t fake is your personality and you have a very outgoing personality. I loved your reaction to the video my 6 year old daughter made for you wishing you luck. You can’t fake the reaction you had. You’re awesome and your whole family is awesome. Wish you nothing but the best!👍👍👍👍

  12. @187Customs don’t mean to sound like an douche but on the first pass in the invitational you looked to far to the right when you backed up. If that rear rear tyre spun would that have caused you to go left?. But again if I’m a douche then feel free to tell me. Love what you do. Stay safe dude.

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