I bought 6 New Cars… Introducing New Car Week!

The universe decided that 6 cars I had purchased over the past year would all show up at the same time. Instead of keeping secrets – we’re going to reveal them every day this week at 5PM EST!
Get up to 29% OFF your Displates by using my code ADAMLZ: https://displate.com/adamlz/?art=63099c0d00a8b

If you’re interested in purchasing this GX100 – it’s priced at $10,900. If you’re interested message Marisa@LZMFG.com



43 thoughts on “I bought 6 New Cars… Introducing New Car Week!

  1. The only thing I would have done different on the rear spats is use adhesive promoter where the 3m tape touches the body as well as using it on the spat too before you put the 3m on

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  4. Missed seeing my boy Johan! Hope he's doing well and happy! Mans grinds, couldn't imagine seeing him go. hopefully the time never comes!

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  6. Hey Adam LZ. I am one of your neighbors on Freedom Road. We need help with our road. Your driveway alone, creates a POND in the road when it rains. Our road needs help! It has huge water holes whenever it rains. We need gravel! And since you seem to like having roads built, it would be great if you HELPED us with the SHARED road.

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