The BRISTOL 1000 Pile Up… My View of the Wreck and How This Will Change the Future of Our Races

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The Bristol 1000 got a little too exciting at one point… about 10 Crown Vics were destroyed in the process of this accident, whether it was a blown radiator or a bent frame, there was some serious carnage!!!
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47 thoughts on “The BRISTOL 1000 Pile Up… My View of the Wreck and How This Will Change the Future of Our Races

  1. You can’t do no more to the cars but maybe penalties on the drivers for overly aggressive driving ie they don’t get to do the next race or there spot goes to somebody else 🤷‍♂️ it’s not like you need them there, riding your coat tails making content off your hard work 👋😂 keep up the awesome work and protect what you’ve built with your boys at the Freedom Factory 💪👊🏼💯

  2. I don’t understand how people are making the correlation between the results of the race and and safety. The accident happened and no one got hurt. Seems to me that safety is not an issue. There is nothing you can do to prevent driver error. That is all part of racing. Am I missing something?

  3. Other than the window net I think you're good. You've made those Vics as safe as you can. It's racing. Wrecks happen. Point being is everyone walked away from the wreck. Pretty sure that's a win in itself. Kudos to Kevin for owning his mistake. Holding oneself accountable seems to be a rare trait these days.

  4. 5.71 rear gears for the 8.8s, 225/45-17 tires, removable window net, plate the floor, to better protect the legs of the driver, and remove a lot more weight out of the cars. There is about 900 pounds of the things that you guys have left to remove from their race ready combos.

  5. The only things extra that I think you can do to the cars is fix the window net like you said and make sure in the drivers meeting that when a caution comes out to get slowed down, there were a lot of drivers that didn’t lift when they should have. You can see how bad Kevin felt in that short couple seconds, he is a good person so I hope no other driver holds it against him

  6. YES don't stop the races…. In order to have good racing there's going to be an element of danger, that's just how it goes. You're handling things right, learning and adjusting with every race.

  7. It sad that the SXSblog guys were so upset even after things cooled down and Keven made his video. There channel is in my top 5 and still will be but what a disappointment. Just bad taste given the fact Kevin was genuinely upset with himself.

  8. To be honest I don't think you could do anything diffrent to the cars I believe people are being jerks I love love the content you make God Bless you and the team to make it happen

  9. Safetywise i think this was just an everyday race incident, and if you go by the consequences, everyone was pretty ok after that big crash. I like the idea of the net being removable, and i think you should perhaps consider pinning the bonnets so people dont get sprayed with coolant like Kyle from the boosted bois. Aside from that… racing is racing.

  10. Pull the aggressive drivers in to the pit for a 1 lap time out to calm down. Do it as many times needed to settle down and have a good race with all the other not so experienced drivers.

  11. That’s why they’re called accidents. They happen. I don’t think there is anything you can do to prevent it. Your cars are great your drivers are great. That’s the chance you take when you get on the racetrack.

  12. Again this crash was nuts. Me and my fiance where on the line right where they hit the wall. I got sprayed with radiator fluid. Super Glad everyone walked away. It was an awesome race all the way from start to finish

  13. You know what? The more I see it the more I think SXS Blog was just as responsible as KSR….He had no reason to be racing that hard at 14 laps….My view. Besides safety equipment, not much more can be done….Drivers need to be much safer.

  14. Just watched the SXS Blog video and they are such sore losers. They make it seem that Kevin did everything intentional but at 4:28 you can see how mad Kevin is with himself

  15. Stuff happens when you go racing. If you get loose and spin a car into another at the drags, everyone knows that's what happens sometimes. If you lose your brakes and smoke someone in a turn at a road course, everyone knows that's what happens sometimes. I don't see how circle track racing crown vics is any different— in fact they're quite a lot safer than some "race cars" I've seen.

    I've been hurt putting fully caged, inspected, FIA/SFI cert stuff into concrete. Sometimes that's what happens when you get in a race car.

  16. I think you need to hire yourself a stunt driver from the film industry, the guys who make movie cars are the best at making cars super safe to do sketchy stuff & keep people alive in high speed situations.

    Look at the movie death proof if you need a reason to trust the judgement of a stuntman Lol the driving scenes in that film were done at top speed..

  17. would love to see a crown vick tour like the srx series does but with cleetus and his crew! .. ik far from perfect idea with where they are at with the racing now but still some food for thought!

  18. Aggressive driving? Accidents happen didn’t see no one driving aggressive it was just an accident 💯 and be thankful that no one was hurt 🙏🏼well there was hurt people but not to badly

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