‘Not surprising’: Legal expert on DOJ appeal win | ABCNL

ABC News’ Linsey Davis spoke to ABC News contributor Kan Nawaday after a panel of judges granted a request from the DOJ to use classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.

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Author: Rafael


35 thoughts on “‘Not surprising’: Legal expert on DOJ appeal win | ABCNL

  1. THE WRONGS OF MAN – 2022 !!

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  2. The other non-classified documents were presidential papers generated in the White House. All presidential produced work while in office is the property of the United States. All presidential produced work is kept and guarded by the National Archives in the presidential library for former presidents. Which Trump also stole.

  3. Funny that trump's accounting firm dumped him and said that trump's financial documents weren't worth the paper they were printer on. LOL

  4. Federal judge Cannon was a Trump appointee and not the judge who granted the search warrant for Mar-A-Lago. Trump’s lawyers were “Judge Shopping” for the least intelligent GOP MAGA judge to hear their case.

  5. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Over-valued assets to inflate net worth then under-valued to save tax.

    Stupid exploited ex-wife's death for funding then buried her on a golf course to save tax.

    The MAGAT who was shot for attacking the FBI was a simple-minded Fox TV viewer.

    Stupid expects the American public to pay for ALL his court cases.

  6. I encourage more whistle blowers, to come clean with this very sick, corrupt FBI. The country is just so sick of bent cops, corrupt judges and crooked politicians. We need these globalists in prison, PERIOD !!! Vote Republican, and we will fulfil our promise of cleaning up the US . Look at the establishment like an onion. So vote Republican, and this onion will be peeled, layer by layer. God bless the USA, and President Trump.

  7. The MAGA🤡 is slapped down by his own appointees! 😂😂😂 when will people learn… the majority of Judges are NOT partisans they care only about the law. Lady Justice wears a blindfold she doesn’t care about whether they are appointed by GOP or Democrats. She only cares about the Law

  8. Fake news! More Russia! Russia! Russia! The Jan Brady’s of the real world are “experts, professionals, scientists, journalists and politicians”. All because of one man. Jesus Christ! None of these accusations stick. Give it up!

  9. Oh my oh my the legal team of yet another left wing or to use their description of any opposition "extreme dash wing" is still, after failing so many times and being caught in so many lies on there very own makings still trying. Oh my oh my. Need I say more. Have I said anything. Oh my am I sounding like a Democrat/leftist.

  10. We are all hoping that you guys try to arrest him I think it is time to truly find out who is in control of this country and arresting Donald Trump will definitely bear consequences to our corrupt government I believe they have not charged him with anything because they know that there are well over 100 million people that are ready to fight The people are sick and tired of our government stomping on our rights and stealing our money to give to known criminals from different countries and we are over here struggling while our government steals our money and gives it to whoever they want so please please please do us all a favor and arrest him already We are just a bunch of deplorable’s nothing to be afraid of so hurry up and do something already

  11. Even IF trump gets indicted…

    He can still run.

    Do your homework dems. This is nothing more than a psy-op to try and sway conservatives away from voting for him. Too bad it’s doing the exact opposite.


  12. At least the criminal investigation into Tre45on's theft of US government documents in order to obstruct the other criminal investigations into Tre45on's conduct may go forward. T0o bad Judge Loose Cannon, your perversion of the law to assist Tre45on escape criminal liability has not been that effective.

  13. Lol, documents that are so secret, the fbi takes pics and leaks it to the internet. Another witchhunt and the idiot dems took the bait to focus all on Trump.

  14. It’s a BS yet again!! Banana republic! The FBI has to prove they were classified not the other way around. You know innocent before proven guilty. The left don’t get that when it comes to Trump. It’s guilty. Let’s find out what we can get him on. 7 yrs of nothing.

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