Protests grow violent in Iran over death of Mahsa Amini

At least 17 people have been killed in protests across Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody and the U.S. government sent a sharp rebuke.


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40 thoughts on “Protests grow violent in Iran over death of Mahsa Amini

  1. 🇮🇷it's just a bad politics..😑 which destroy the religion and Iran.. in history you can see that British and Americans always planning a war to attack a country for the way destroy there culture and religion through there people's.. now Iran is the next target..🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  2. The president needs to quit shiming in on other people's affairs and trying to help m********** out and he can't even help people in his own country. Brown and black people still getting pulled over every f**** 2 seconds by these f**** skinhead f**** cops.

  3. Iranians are challenging the state writ by doing such violent protest. Marality police has the right to make them wearing headscarf. But the people have been taken in by the US and Europe fire of secularism

  4. The media needs to make this all about this girl. The people involved in these protests could care less about that girl. They're pissed off because they don't make any money they have to struggle for everything and they sleep and eat off of dirt floors. That's what this whole thing is about. And that's what most protests are about. Women in that country get the short end of the stick and it's happened since the beginning of time. People could care less about that.

  5. This is the fire of secularism. Protest is totally illegal and against the laws of states. However Mahsa shouldn't have been killed. See what President Biden is saying is the provocation because they want to destroy Iran at any cost. The same is the language of the Israel. Now tell me who is the champion of conflicts and anarchy? Shame on you the US

  6. As an IRANIAN just wanted to say that wearing hejab is not a part of persian(iranian) culture everyone thinks it is but it is NOT! It is the way of the islamic republic regime to keep people down please spread these words IT IS NOT A CULTURAL THING!!!

  7. MKO terrorists have some 70000 agents inside Iran ready for riots and destabilization order from their bosses in the european nation of Albania with the support of US and the american tax-payers. even top US official like US foreign secretory visited their terrorist camp and gave full US government support to them and their operations inside Iran. Former ISraeli prime minister also has hand in this as he called israel will initiate "operation of a thousand knives" in Iran to cause regime change from within.

  8. Regarding the iranian crypto-jews or annosi. There was a very religious and hardliner muslim ayatollah that was very bad to women and if any girls has one hair out his order was to push pins into their forehead and beat them. Well he flee to UK after iranian intelligence agents found about him and saw jewish religious artifacts, torah and kosher food in his home. Before being arrested he flee to UK and now him and his wife who has no hijabs and were tank shorts and western clothing are working for UK MI-6 and do tv interviews against the government.

  9. The source of this planned Israel and US and saudi orchestrated riots was on 2 “annosi” agents (annosi in Iran means crypto-jew (jews who hide their true identity and take the identity of a hardliner muslim). There are 100s of 1000s of them in Iran and majority reside in the holy city of mashhad under the disguise of a religious muslim on the outside but deeply fateful to jewdiasm inside their home) these 2 annosi agents were 2 severly religious hardliner and creator of the morality police by the name of “Kookshi” and “Motahari”. Infact “Ali Motahari” started the morality police a decade ago and he is an infiltrator agent in the iranian government high up. To the fact that “kookshi” came on tv a few days ago and attacked the people and even called those with bad hijabs or against it “criminals” needed to get punished. He is too powerful and the government can not touch him. Ali Motahari even censored ayatollah khamenie speech and order to let the people be and forget about their hijab. He even indirectly attacked the supreme leader. The ayatollah khamenie did a few speeches and one lately telling the government to allow the women be free and forget about hijab business as its not a priority. He said morality is number 10 on the list and there are 9 items before it that need addressed like economy, currency and things like that. But Motahari and his goons are too powerful and the morality police is here to stay as long as they go free without being punished.

  10. This is what happens when you do not stops terrorists and enemy nations agents in your country. Iranian intelligent services reported a couple of years ago that some 70,000 ISIS-type terrorists from the MKO terrorist organization backed by US and supported by US tax payers via US politicians are inside Iran and Tehran and waiting for orders from their leaders in the country of Albania to initiate deadly riots and killing. Well it happened. What first started as a few normal riots saw the hidden agents came out and burn and kill and destroy people, police and personal properties. They burned and destroyed 25 ambulances, 35 fire-trucks, several police cars were burned and religious sites and worship sites and banks and convenient stores, etc. among the 17 innocent killed and several police officers. They even burned one police officer to death and jumped on another officer protecting public property and knifed him to death and they ran over a traffic cop. Iranian police are the most dorsal and the most unarmed police force in the world. Their weapons were Tasers and their feast. They are not allowed to pull guns or use batons and even rubber bullets. The terrorists use MK-47 and shot the 17 innocent protesters to make a killing show for the western media. The estimated cost is 170 billion Rials. This is what Israeli prime minister called operation “a thousand knives” for iran via destabilization from within.

    But today the riots is over since millions of real Iranian poured into cities all-over iran to protest against the rioters and destroyers and those behind this. Videos showed slogans of “death to US and death to Israel” is shouted as these people put an end to the foreign initiated riots. I wonder if MSM will show these anti-riot protests going on today all over iran or not.

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