992 GT3 Crash on the Dragon – My Rarest Car Totaled

The Smoky Mountains are one of my favorite places on earth – but this will be an unfortunate weekend I won’t forget. Unbelievably lucky that everyone walked away from the crash. RIP PTS 992 GT3
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43 thoughts on “992 GT3 Crash on the Dragon – My Rarest Car Totaled

  1. I think very highly of you guys as an audience – and wouldn't expect this from you guys – but please refrain from any hateful comments directed toward the other party. Mistakes happen – and we are all thankful to have walked away from the crash. Losing the car is upsetting – but cars can be replaced.

  2. Damn man glad u guys are ok but sheshh the poor car it hurts so much to see it like that it’s my dream car too it’s ok though youll get it back just glad your fine

  3. Glad you both are ok! Man that could have been way way way worse. Best of luck on you guys recovering. Take it easy and keep some ice on the hand 🤚

  4. Based on that trucks trajectory only I could think of would be that they were trying to Apex the corner turned into art and started to scrub which led to them just plowing off the road anyways you just happen to be there, probably saved their life

  5. That’s for sharing. I am really curious how insurance handles this with the fact that the car is so hard to value. Even though you were not speeding at the time I hope it’s a lesson for the entire group that the track is where hard driving belongs.

  6. Adam, respect cause I know how hard it is to lose a car you respect and love so dearly! You have a heart of gold, being that you just were so calm and patient with the situation! I’m very happy y’all are safe, and healthy, etc…

    Look forward to whatever you may do next in the GT3/RS world, or may not do in the future!

    Keep up the great videos, and thank you for this one, it’ll help all the speculation and such!

  7. Really glad you two are okay, it really could have been much worse, hopefully the following situation with the car will go smoothly. Cheers Adam and Collete!

  8. So this what that one guy meant. I thought he meant the turbo s. Rip the purple Porsche. As long as you guys are good Thats all that matters

  9. Glad everyone is okay. Sucks about the car but you said it best, it’s just a car and can replaced but people can’t. Regardless of fault of party, walking away is always the best thing. Fan support is always here for y’all.

  10. That's wild. Never in my life would I attempt to go to a pull-off on the OPPOSITE side of the road ESPECIALLY a BLIND corner lmao…

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