About US

Hello and Welcome, My name is Angelo, owner and operator for avnblogfeed.com. I originally started this project, so I can put together a rss general video and news blog feed schedule of my choice and the contents to my liking, of the people(Author/Creators) who I follow on the regular bases. I know that there’s many app for such a thing, But I wanted to have full control of the news and video technology outlet, I wanted to view it how I feel that is engaging for me. Not by the inventor or the creator of the apps.I also wanted to do away with ad’s pop up and many other annoying features that comes with a free app. This site does not earn revenue AT ALL. it’s managed and ran with my own personal funds.Honestly its just a hobby for me and the moment. Everything on this site is based off the youtube videos, rss feeds any many other websites of people I follow including tech websites, etc, etc.

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This website is powered by WordPress with paid plugins. Should you have any questions send me email: @ avnblogfeed.com at gmail.com.