Prankster Pulls Reporter’s Pants Off


Jay the jokester and his watermelon head (updates)

Jay and his funny ways will always make you giggle source

Jay The Jokester And His Watermelon Head-SamanthaNoltingTV3

Jay an his funny watermelon head will always make you giggle. 😀 source


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Mario/Luigi Jokesters Part I

joking around source

Funny Turkish Ice cream man Jokester

This street vendor makes this guy work for his dessert! source

Frank Sinatra is Surprised by Don Rickles on Johnny Carson’s Show, Funniest Moment

Frank Sinatra is surprised when Don Rickles suddenly appears in one of the funniest moments…

Youtube the jokester

very late around 6am when you know you should be sleeping you notice something weird…


Oopoo source


A quick project using CrazyTalk Animator PRO source

Maya the jokester

Tehdaar coyote source

My pops the jokester!

Dad trying to make us all laugh! always succeeds!! source

The Jokesters

These people (dumb and dumber) have some pretty dumb jokes for you source

The Prankster

A movie made by my sister Abby, my friend Sammy and I!! Enjoy! source


Justice/creek source

Happy Birthday from the jokesters!

Can you believe this was the first take?!? source

Alen the jokester!!!




Breko on The Bolt Report: Q&A Prankster

@Breko the ‘its just a theory like gravity’ guy analysed on Network Ten’s The Bolt…

Miss Jokester


Unnecessary Pranksters

sick pranks bro… Tweets by JimmyTatro © 2011 Jimmy Tatro. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use…

Funniest Runway Model Falls of All Time!

SHARE ON FACEBOOK: Epic catwalk falls on the runway from charity fashion show models…