Billy Eichner Adds Another Letter To LGBTQ

Now that Billy Eichner lives in LA, he realizes there’s a letter missing from the LGBTQ community.


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  1. I think the community should change their name for something more like: L.S.O League of the Sexually oppressed; that way, you get to include any group of people who's being denied the right to express their sexuality without suffering any kind of retaliation….

  2. q is for queer. which means anything but straight. and we have t cause we support trans. however, due to this 2 things happen we don't need the other letters. and that we must include straight since we support each other. so why don't we just go with QTS. which we all are.

  3. Can I be the first to say that as a bi person it is so refreshing to hear bisexuality being called a compliment? Most of the time it's (incorrectly) associated with sluttiness, greed, or cheaters by both straight and gay people so this was really nice to hear on last night's show. That's why I came to find and rewatch the clip today. Honestly, thank you for saying that!

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