Bodycam Shows Police Shooting Suspect After He Charges At Officers With Metal Pipe

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The San Jose Police Department released body camera footage showing an officer-involved shooting of Jose Antonio Delossantos, 32. that occurred on Saturday, January 4th, 2020, at 7:16 a.m. at the Arco gas station, located at 2375, Quimby Road. Patrol officers were dispatched to the location, after a gas station employee called 9-1-1 to report a man was standing at the gas pumps holding a lighter. The station was open and customers were using the pumps around the time the police were called. Prior to the first officer arriving, a customer who was pumping gas observed the suspect, trying to light the pump on fire and then moved away from the suspect. The suspect had removed one of the pump nozzles and was holding it in one hand and the other hand he held a small lighter that he was using to try to light a wad of paper, he had placed into the pump nozzle.

The first officer to arrive at the gas station was Officer Santana, who could see the suspect standing in the area of the gas pumps. Officer Santana understood the danger posed by the suspect’s actions of trying to light an active gas pump on fire. Santana immediately began an attempt to communicate with the suspect and move him away from the gas pumps. The suspect was not responsive to the officer and did not comply with directions. But he did continue attempting to light the paper in the gas pump nozzle with his lighter. The suspect also had a long metal pipe with a red handle tucked under his arm. Officer Santana continued giving commands for the suspect to put down the pump and lighter. The second officer to arrive was Officer Cazarez, who attempted to disable the gas pumps while Officer Santana continued to try and persuade the suspect to move away from the pumps and drop the items.

Both officers had retrieved less lethal stun bag shotguns from their vehicles. As officers continued giving commands to try to get the suspect to drop the lighter, the suspect continued trying to light the paper without acknowledging the officers or attempting to comply with their direction. The suspect then suddenly dropped the pump, raised the metal rod over his head and charged Officer Cazarez. Officer Cazarez moved backwards and fired one round from his stun bag shotgun striking the suspect but having no apparent effect. Officer Cazarez continued to retreat away from the suspect, who was running directly towards him with the pipe. Officer Santana also fired two stun bag rounds of the suspect, which did not appear to have any effect on him. The altercation continued around the police vehicle into the street and back into the station. As the suspect charged the officers, he continued swinging the metal pipe.

Officer Santana transition to his taser and fired the prongs at the suspect. The Taser deployment was also ineffective. It did not stop or slow down the suspect. While in his retreat, Officer Santana fell to the ground on river rocks as the suspect continued charging officer Cazarez with a pipe in his hand. Fearing for his safety and that of Officer Santana, Officer Cazarez fired one shot from his pistol, striking the suspect. That shot did not appear to be effective as the suspect continued his assault. Officer Santana also fired one shot at the suspect. That shot also struck the suspect, but did not stop him as he continued charging at Officer Cazarez with the pipe. Officer Cazarez then fired an additional shot which caused the suspect to fall to the ground. This ended the assault on the officers by the suspect, and he was taken into custody. The officers immediately called for medical attention for the suspect, and he was transported to an area hospital where he was treated and is expected to survive his injuries.

Officer Santana sustained a minor injury to his knee in a result of this incident. He has eight months of experience as a police officer. He was placed on routine paid administrative leave. Officer Cazarez was not injured. He has just over one year of experience as a police officer, and he too was placed on routine paid administrative leave. The suspect is Jose Antonio Delossantos, a 32 year old. San Jose resident who is on parole for assault with a deadly weapon and is a gang registrant with San Jose Police Department. Delossantos will be booked into Santa Clara County Jail for assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and attempted arson. Delossantos does not have a history of mental health holds. His criminal convictions include auto theft, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger fighting in public, resisting arrest, hit and run with injury, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

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  1. After shooting his non lethal shotgun round he pulled out his taser instead of his handgun, two non lethals out with no direct backup at his side. Obviously this is the reason why you don’t do that. Luckily the perp went after the other officer when he fell down. Also running backwards is usually not a good idea for this exact reason. The result was two officers on their own, being chased by the perp into the street and over curbs and rocks. They should have approached in tandem non lethal with lethal backup. I know officers do everything they can to not shoot someone but standing your ground is very important. Too often officers are attacked after falling down from moving backwards.

  2. Effeminate, wimpy Cop keeps talking to the guy. Another Cop or SOMEONE should just come up behind him and clubbed him in the head, or jumped on him.

  3. When the cops have a justified shooting like this, they release the footage quickly. Like in this incident. When they are in the wrong, god help you getting that video.

  4. I feel like the stun bags are under used in most cases but if there was ever a case of warranted deadly force I think this would be one. These guys did a good job and only resorted to deadly force as a last result.

  5. If that retard lit the lighter and thought he would of been able to just spray gas at the lighter and it was light the whole place on fire if would of been mistaken. Gas itself isn't flammable its the fumes so his dumbass would of put the flame out on the light if he just sprayed the lighter lol

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